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Selecting the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams

Of all of the lovely traditions related to weddings, perhaps none gives more delight than selecting the cake that will represent your first 'taste' of married life together. Choosing a wedding cake deserves as much attention to detail as the selection of your attire and the other foods you will eat at your reception.

Some couples make the mistake of waiting until only a few weeks before their wedding to order their cake which can result in disappointment, especially at bakeries that are famous for delicious confections.

The best time to order your cake is at least six months prior to your special day; ideally if you have a particular baker in mind, you should call them as soon as you set the date and reception site.

Most bakers are pleased to accommodate your decoration ideas to coordinate with the theme of your wedding. The decorations can range from the traditional wedding bells and replicas of your wedding rings to more contemporary themes such as hearts and flowers.

In addition to the traditional structured cake with many layers in a round or square shape, you can order it in a design that has special meaning for the both of you. Tiers of double hearts make a fabulous statement of your love and happiness.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you order your cake is to be sure to order a cake that will allow your guests to take a small piece of cake home with them. Some people who attend wedding think that this is the best part of the celebration feast, so talk to your baker about the best way to handle this.

A novel idea that make this easier than slicing individual pieces and boxing them is to have the cake made with one or two layers for cutting and then tiers of cupcakes that are a breeze to serve, or box for your guest to take home. Each cupcake can have a replica of your wedding rings as decorations or be showered with edible rose petals.

There are a million ideas for beautiful wedding cakes that can make your celebration a real sweet affair, just be sure to allow yourself enough time to get the perfect cake for your special day.