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Selecting Music for Your Marriage Ceremony

Mention the word “wedding” and the idea of music will not be far away. As much as flowers and weddings are inseparable, so it is that melodies that inspire love have been a part of this tradition for centuries.

William Shakespeare’s well known phrase: “If music be the food of love, play on” seems to be most fitting when it comes to the marriage ceremony, with several composers dedicating outstanding and memorable works to encompass the depth of emotion it inspires.

Although there are countless articles that discuss how to choose the music for your wedding, it might be more in keeping with the concept of love to allow the music to choose you: rather than use a wedding planner selection, allow the emotions and personalities of you and your partner to guide your choice for each phase of your marriage ceremony.

Think in terms of what is happening and how music can support the activity and emotion of the moment. No matter whether your wedding is formal or casual, there are certain elements that they all have in common. Vocal selections as well as instrumental music can be used at different points in the marriage ceremony, such as when the wedding rings are exchanged to add more emphasis and make it more memorable for you and your partner as well as the guests.

Whatever theme the two of you have chosen for your wedding day can easily be supported through the music that you choose. Or you can go all out and create a wedding play where the songs and music become the ceremony itself as seen in numerous opera scenes. Performing a marriage ceremony on this scale can involve just the bridal party or in the case of ceremonies with a small number of guests, a participatory event that includes everyone who has agreed to play a role in advance.

The music at the wedding reception ideally is an extension of the marriage ceremony which heightens the experience for the guests who witnessed the exchange of wedding rings. Once the wedding reception begins you have the opportunity to create the festive atmosphere that continues the celebrations in the way that supports your personalities as well as your wedding theme.