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Publishing News about Your Ultimate Social Event: Wedding Fan Pages on Facebook

In the minds of many people today, the Facebook social media website is the central hub of where they keep up with the life events of their family, friends and the people that they love to watch. So it's a natural fit for a couple who is planning a wedding, to spread the news and keep everyone updated on the details.

If you and your partner want to create a wedding fan page, familiarize yourself with its different features and decide if you want to document the entire wedding experience or just the events of the wedding day.

And for certain, weddings have a lot of details, and with the recent change in the Facebook fan page format style, organizing your information is a bit easier. The "iframe" format reduces the number of steps in creating your wedding fan page, but organizing your content is another story.

Images are very important to give your readers a clear understanding of your comments. While you can upload images from different sources, test and see which one give you the best results, digital photos uploaded directly from your camera will look entirely different from photos that you scan onto a disk. Make sure that whichever way you choose to upload your photos is easy to do, so that your fan page will have a consistent, photo album look.

While many still regard weddings as the epitome of romance and use their Facebook fan pages as an ode to love, there are other couples who combine their wedding news with their business/career objectives; including adverts, links and promotions for related wedding items.

As the saying goes: "It's not what you do, it's how you do it" which seems appropriate in this case. For example, notifying your invited guest of your wedding registry is appropriate, on the other hand, telling an invited guest outright what you want them to purchase for you, (unless they ask) is a bit over the top.

Using a Facebook fan page to countdown to your W-Day is a great way to build excitement, however it can involve a considerable amount of time daily to make it interesting to your readers. From displaying pictures of your engagement ring to pictures of your wedding ring and honeymoon destination, your can share and preserve not only your joy and happiness as you prepare to get married, but the sentiments, love and support from your family and friends as well.