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Popular Wedding Themes for 2011: Steampunk

Couples who are planning their marriage celebration in 2011 have a variety of themes they can choose from to express their personality and provide a wonderful event for their invited guests. While romance rules the day at every wedding festivity, there are some themes that have dominated the scene for quite some time, such as Las Vegas or Western but if you and your partner are looking for something a little more interesting, we will take a look at some that are beginning to become more popular in the 21st century.

Truly one of the most unique themes for a wedding comes from the subculture called “steampunk” which could easily be described as vintage with a whimsical edge; it combines the classic look of Victorian period with modern technology: think H.G. Wells or Jules Verne.


Colors are rich and textured in this theme and there is an enhanced focus on the mechanics of the way things work. Top hats that incorporate the lace-up front of a corset, earthy brown military style jackets with bright green contrasting trim for the groom, mechanical cufflinks, cream-colored brocade fabrics for the wedding gown, velvet riding coats, parasols and fans, plus old fashioned pilot goggles are just a few of the items that can be worn by the wedding party. Bronze, copper and gold are the predominant colors you will find in use at a steampunk wedding, where individual creativity is accented with everyone wearing the attire and accessories which suit them best as opposed to matching outfits.

In keeping with the Victorian era, this theme tends to be ornate and opulent; reception tables are covered with lace and frosted glass candle holders for romantic ambience. Quite often there will be recycled materials used which a focus on sustainability as well as fun and unique styles.

A steampunk themed wedding truly exemplifies “something old, something new” and many couples encourage their guests to participate in the fun of dressing up in an unconventional way that interprets the Victorian class with a modern technology influence, right down to the wedding rings and jewelry.

One reason why this theme is becoming more popular today is because of the freedom it allows the couple in all aspects of the wedding celebration from the attire worn by the wedding party, the reception and the invited guests; no two steampunk weddings look exactly the same, but the fun factor is definitely increased with the whimsical aspect of this wedding theme.