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Non-Traditional Wedding Invitations: Announce Your Date with Flair

When Cupid's arrow zings the heart, attraction can be hard to resist. And if the chemistry is right, romance can lead to pledges of love. For couples who decide to take the leap into marriage, the announcement of an engagement can set a delightful chain of events in motion.

When you are ready to spread the news about your wedding day, you have an enormous selection of ways you can use to accomplish the task.  There is a form of wedding stationary that is perfect for every memorable step in your journey to the altar and beyond.

Two people joining their lives together is a marvelous event and it's a great time to celebrate what makes the two of you and the love you share exciting. So much of wedding planning is tied to traditions that started centuries ago, that many couples feel reluctant to do something different.

Yet it's important to keep in mind that a wedding is held to be a "once-in-a-lifetime" event - so let your true personality shine! Why not revel in the creative ways you can express your feelings about this special time of  your life?

Developing your wedding theme begins here and the wedding invitations you choose will set the tone for the experience you are asking your family and friends to share.

Allowing enough time is the key to successfully organizing all of the details of  your wedding theme to be sure it's reflected in the wording and design of your invitations.

So, what makes an invitation non-traditional? Beyond the wording of the invitation and the style of the typeface, it's the innovative use of different types of materials to create the invitation and it's presentation.

Wedding invitations have been kept as mementos by families and friends for ages. Non-traditional wedding stationary designers are using this fact as the focal point for their creations. The idea is to announce the date with flair in a way that makes it a work of art that can be displayed.

Your non-traditional invitations can feature the images of love closest to your heart;  stars, flowers, wedding bells, love birds or artistic renderings of  wedding rings and still make a statement that is exclusively yours.