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Men's Wedding Band Styles for Double Ring Ceremonies

While the focus of weddings traditionally place more attention on women, the increase in double-ring marriage ceremonies has inspired thousands of new designs for men's wedding bands. Today's selection goes far beyond a simple band of gold.

Contrary to what many believe, the double-ring wedding ceremony is a very modern invention. Unlike some of the traditions that surround marriage that cannot be traced to a specific time, men's wedding and engagement rings have their origin during the World War II period. These timeless symbols of love were treasured by the military service men who were separated from their sweethearts and wives.

Choosing the rings that will seal the bond between you and your intended should suit your personalities as well as endure as a beautiful symbol of your marriage. In addition, your lifestyles must be considered when selecting the metal, style and finish of your rings.

Today as the double-ring ceremony has become the standard, men's wedding ring styles have expanded from a plain solid metal band to design choices that include ribbed, inlaid and carved motifs. When opulence is desired, there are rings encrusted with diamonds, rubies and sapphires as well as garnets, topaz and amethyst.

Men's band styles can also be accentuated by the type of finishing applied which include; polished, hammered, florentine or brushed.  With the rise in double-ring marriage ceremonies, it was only a matter of time before the tradition of the men's engagement ring would be revived.

Now just as women can have a band that complements her engagement ring, the same holds true for men. And for the couple who wants their wedding jewelry to be completely coordinated, they have the option to choose matching bands or custom design their own.

Aside from the selection of designs, the other major improvement in men's ring styles is the assortment of metals from which they are made. Historically men's rings have been made from gold or silver and more ornate than women's rings, however these rings could hardly withstand the active lifestyle of the 21st century man without damage.

The outstanding strength of titanium rings for men combine beauty and durability to give them the best of both worlds.  Selecting the perfect ring for your marriage ceremony is much easier with these collections that are crafted to suit every preference from classic opulence to understated elegance.