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Marry with Unique Style in an Enchanted Winter Wedding

For couples who want their wedding to stand out from the crowd, choosing the winter season to marry is an option worth considering. As white is the traditional color associated with weddings, the right location can envelope  you and your partner in a sparkling atmosphere to exchange marriage vows. Many couples love this season and there are several themes that can make your wedding a unique and memorable affair.

For most people, the beauty of falling snow is awe-inspiring, just like the emotion of love.  Love is magical, romantic and exciting; the very essence of a fairy tale wedding filled with dramatic capes, horse drawn carriages and glittering diamonds.  With all of these elements combined, the result is an elated feeling as guests toast your marriage at a royal style wedding feast.

But enjoyment of  the cool embrace of winter can also be the icy diamonds and Hollywood glamor theme for Christmas or New Year's Eve. Here the bride in shimmering silver or white silk gown and luscious faux fur, while the groom wears the ultra-polished look of high top and tails at a candlelight wedding ceremony. This theme can be the epitome of chic and a lovely way to show off the luster of your new wedding rings.  Invite your guests to a black tie winter wedding “ball” and make your marriage celebration “the” event of the holiday season.

On the other hand, some couples may prefer to take the whimsical approach to the season by using a more lighthearted theme that incorporates winter sport activities such as skiing or snowboarding. A marriage ceremony at a mountain top ski chalet in front of a cozy fireplace followed by a wonderful array of delicious food to warm the soul is an ideal way to enjoy a more down to earth winter wedding theme.

There are several practical reasons to have a winter wedding; you can save a tremendous amount of money, venues are usually more accessible and your family and friends may have more time available in their schedule.

As this is a major holiday period,  it’s important to plan carefully if you want your winter wedding to be well-attended. Before you set your date and location, discuss your idea with your family and closest friends to see which period of time during the season will work best for them.