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Make Your Ceremony More Memorable-Stage a Wedding Play!

When it comes to drama, comedy and romance, weddings have it all and some couples have discovered that one way to bring all of these elements together is to stage a wedding play that poetically tells the story of how their love came to be. Think of the power of Shakespeare’s immortal love story of “Romeo and Juliet.” The tradition of reading this type of poem at weddings at one time was the usual custom.

Throughout history the wedding play was performed for the bride and groom and their guests, accompanied by a single musician playing an instrument. At the end of the play, the guests would join the performers in the dance.  Today this elegant tradition is enjoying a revival especially at garden weddings.

Usually the performers are the family and friends of the bride and groom; sometimes the wedding couple participates as well. Everyone in the bridal party can play a role, including the flower girls who hold the cards that announce the scene changes such as “The First Date,” “Declaration of Love” or “Accepting the Proposal.” Although the plays are scripted, the participants do not need to memorize their lines.

This is one of the most memorable ways to share your love story with all of your guests before taking your vows: it captures their full attention and brings heartfelt meaning to the moment that you seal your union with the exchange of wedding rings and those special words “I do.”

Wedding plays always include music and single instruments such as a flute, guitar, piano or those that reflect the cultural traditions of the couple such as a sitar, violin or harp can adds just the right touch. Usually the reading is only ten to fifteen minutes in length but the production style can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Some plays make use of costumes or unique scenery effects.

The play is written to encapsulate your love story from its beginning to the present moment and there are many “wedding bards” that are available to interview you and your partner by telephone or email. After the play is written you will have a rehearsal reading with the members of the bridal party and any changes you want can be made along with the dramatic touches you wish to incorporate.

Hiring a professional wedding bard should also include a copy of your play designed and printed in a professionally bound keepsake that makes a wonderful gift for all of the members who participate in the play.