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Let the Wedding Romance Begin on a Rose Petal Carpet

Every couple has an idea of how they want their wedding to be; some couples prefer fun themes like Western or Las Vegas style, others choose dramatic glamour that is straight out of Hollywood. But for those who have their heart set on a wedding ceremony that reflects everything romantic, a rose petal carpet leading the way to the altar is one way to make an emphatic statement about love.

Red roses have long been the symbol of love; when one single red rose is presented, the meaning is translated as “I love you.” And the association with love is well-placed; the fragrance of rose oil is known to soothe and open the heart. What better way to imbue the atmosphere for your special day than with hundreds of rose petals carefully sewn into a magic carpet? This provides a beautiful view and lends a wonderful fragrance for all of your guests and members of your wedding party to enjoy.

As there are many different varieties of roses, the designs of these fabulous wedding accessories can be created in a unique colors or patterns to suit your preference; for instance, in colors that match your bridal bouquet or in a design that has a special meaning for you and your partner such as the infinity symbol.

A rose carpet makes a more dramatic statement as opposed to a sprinkling of petals along the aisle. The fragrance and beauty of flower petals arranged in an organized fashion is a lovely way to decorate your wedding location adding to the significance of the ceremony.

In addition to the rose petal carpet that lines the aisle, you can also have one made that marks the area where you will say your marriage vows and exchange your wedding rings. The use of this wedding accessory is only limited by your imagination; some couples have also used these beautiful creations to lend romance to their first night together as a husband and wife.

If you would like to have a rose petal carpet designed for your wedding, be sure to place your order well in advance of your wedding date as they take a considerable amount of time to create.