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Let the Fun Begin with the Traditional Wedding "Money Dance"

Marriage celebrations in every culture are full of significant traditions that can be endearing or perfect ways to bask in the glow of love. Language and music are both part of the marriage ceremony itself, but where these shine brightest is during the wedding reception or dinner that follows. Traditional wedding dances are not only one of the most entertaining parts of the reception they can also give guests an additional way to help the bride and groom start married life with a nest egg.

A large, family style wedding reception gives a couple the opportunity to incorporate different activities in their festive celebration. The first dance of the newlyweds after they exchange wedding rings is one that always brings a warm glow to everyone in attendance. However the "money dance" or "dollar dance" is also a popular wedding tradition that can be a lot of fun and create lasting memories.

Everyone can participate in this dance no matter what their age, and the amount of money given doesn't matter. The guests adorn the bride and groom with paper money in amusing ways which add to the joy of the event.

Especially when there are a lot of guests, the money dance ensures some quality face-to-face time with the bride or groom which allows each guest to share their heart-felt sentiments and admire the wedding ring up close. In large wedding receptions, it's best to have a banner that explains the significance of the money dance and how it works. Couples should also schedule the start of this dance early in the reception to afford enough time for everyone to participate.

Coordinate the music with the DJ and have them announce that the "money dance" is about to begin. It's a good idea to assign members of the wedding party to help organize the guests for this special dance. Choose different selections of music that the DJ can play to signal it's time to change partners and vary the tempo to keep the dancing lively and fun or smooth and mellow as you desire.

Be sure to inform your wedding photographer that you want pictures of each guest who takes part in the money dance, these make great enclosures for your wedding thank you notes when you return from your honeymoon.