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Keep Romance in Your Marriage with Wedding Accessories

When a relationship evolves into a long-term commitment such as marriage, the challenge is to keep the excitement of being together sparkling. Daily life brings with it a certain amount of predictability and routine, but selecting your wedding accessories with an eye to the future can keep passion and romance tingling. Instead of tucking these items away in your treasure chest, weave them into your life to keep the memories of your special day front and center.

Wedding accessories just like wedding rings come in a variety of styles, but many times couples overlook the opportunity to use them to celebrate their love throughout their marriage. One unique way to remember the day and the guests who attended is to have them sign the photography mat for your wedding photo. By choosing these items with their functionality as a priority you make an investment in your romance. From wedding garters to votive candle holders with your wedding date inscribed, there are countless ways that you can defeat the marriage blues.

Many brides-to-be keep a planner journal that converts easily to a marriage journal, a wonderful way to mark the milestones in your relationship. Bookmarks that hold a wedding day photo or engraved with your names and marriage date is a heart-warming reminder of your own love story. Or you can prepare your morning coffee with a scoop whose handle states your message of love.

Instead of keeping your wedding photographs only in a book, select one photo that can be framed and placed in every room along with candid photos of you and your partner since your relationship began. A replica of the bride's bouquet and the grooms boutonniere can be made of silk flowers or preserved in beeswax and set in a three-dimensional frame. The bridal bouquet holder used at the wedding reception coverts easily to a the role of centerpiece for a romantic candlelight dinner where your unity candle holder helps keep wedding night romance shining bright.

Wedding reception food is sometimes out of the ordinary but preparing this meal at home to celebrate your anniversary is a sentimental way to take a trip down memory lane. Some couples also sign their wedding guest registry every year to commemorate the event as well.

Using your bridal champagne flutes covered in lace is the perfect way to toast the start of a romantic evening. You can relive your first dance all over again by keeping a recording of your wedding music. And when things warm up a bit, you can pull lovely piece of lingerie from the bride's purse, a delightful way to bring a smile to his or her face. On the casual side, monogrammed hoodies or tee-shirts is a cool and chic way to keep your love affair moving forward and in focus.

An engraved wedding keepsake box used for letters and notes is an elegant way to keep your desk organized. The bird cage money card holder is a beautiful way to show off delicate items such as your wedding invitation, placeholders and favors.

Having your wedding accessories in use in your home gives a subtle reinforcement to your marriage and can help ease the path to resolution when disagreements occur. They are a great way to keep your love in focus as much as it was on the day you exchanged wedding rings and said "I do."