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Ideas for a Truly Romantic Wedding

The occasion where the union of two people is celebrated with the exchange of wedding rings brings the theme of love and romance to the forefront.

Although wedding planning can be focused on a particular season, location or fantasy, without a doubt the thread of romance is woven throughout, no matter what additional theme is expressed.

For many couples, love itself is so encompassing that this alone is what they want dominate the occasion. The question is: how do you translate this elusive feeling into the tangible items needed for the marriage ceremony and reception?

Answering this question begins with the comfort zones of the two people who will be the center of attention. Although men and women may have different perspectives on romance, history shows that men can be extremely romantic nonetheless.

From serenades to daring feats of bravery men have been moved by the powerful emotion of love. On the other hand, not every woman is swayed by hearts and flowers alone, but poetry may cause her heart to melt. The key is to identify what both people are comfortable with and then select items and activities that demonstrate the idea in the best way.

Because love has been celebrated around the world in every culture, there is a wealth of inspiration to be found in various cultural traditions and historical periods of time. Begin by thinking about the setting: where the ceremony takes place, how will you arrive there, your attire, the rings, vows, decorations and the music. Here's some food for thought:

Location: One couple decided that instead of a garden wedding, they would marry in a forest clearing under magnificently tall trees. The bridal party arrived on horseback with the bride riding side-saddle.

Ceremony: Not every one of your guests may know what brought you and your partner to your wedding day; a lyrical story of how you met and fell in love can be read before the ceremony begins.

Presentation of the Rings: Although your vows and wedding rings are required parts of the ceremony, you can add your own creativity to how they are presented. One couple wrote their vows in verse and recited them in the manner of 'call and response' with the groom reciting one verse and the bride responding. Having your rings engraved with your heart-felt sentiments and borrowing the folk tradition of 'hand-fasting' is another very romantic way to seal the bond of marriage.

The Reception: Of course certain music played during the ceremony and reception along with some dances are more romantic than others. Here again history shows that more than the Waltz, it was the 'Court' dances that brought an air of romance to weddings.

Wedding Favors: For your guests, a wedding favor of the recorded music that fills the room with soothing melodies is one that will bring the memories of your wedding day each time it's played.

For certain when you decide to incorporate creative ideas, for instance having a moonlight garden ceremony with candles lighting the area, there will be several things you will have to be prepared for (like rain). However, the rewards of making your marriage ceremony uniquely your own will make the day you and your partner exchange wedding bands even more memorable.