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How to Look Great in Your Wedding Tuxedo: Style and Fit

Deciding to wear a tuxedo for your wedding means choosing which style of tuxedo you want and that's where things get "formal."   Traditionally, a tuxedo suit has a bow tie and cummerbund in addition to the jacket and pants.

The classic, single breasted jacket with one or two buttons tends to give the illusion of length which will make you look slimmer. The dress shirt for a tuxedo should be white or black, made from either cotton or silk, they can be detailed with pleats or ruffles and accessorized with cufflinks.

There are different styles of tuxedos; notch, shawl or peak lapel. Technically, the peak or shawl lapel are considered the most elegant and classic styles of tuxedo, although the notch lapel has gained in popularity.

The color of the tuxedo is either jet black or midnight blue with the white tuxedo worn in summer or warm climates. Be sure to wear matching silk socks with your leather lace-up or patent leather dress shoes.

Once you have selected the style, next on the agenda  is to have a personal fitting for your tuxedo, because this is what determines a flattering appearance.

A custom-tailored tuxedo "fits like a glove" when the details are in order. When you try on the jacket be sure that the shoulder pads fit snugly against your arm otherwise the jacket is too big. The sleeve of the jacket should be hemmed to the wrist bone, allowing for one-half of an inch of the shirt to show.  Be sure that the jacket collar lays perfectly flat on the sides and the back.

There should not be any place where the material bulges. The hem of the jacket should fall below the hips to cover the butt and vent in the back should fall straight without pulling open. Choosing pleated front pants will add bulk to your figure, flat-front pants give a more slimming appearance. The hem of the pants should be just to the top of the shoelaces.

Follow these tuxedo selection and fitting tips and you will be able to step up to the altar in style as you say “I do” and place the wedding band on your partner’s finger.