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How to Choose Your Decorations for a Beautiful Marriage Ceremony

Couples who have decided to make their union official by tying the knot, face an exciting array of choices in how to perform their marriage ceremony and celebrate their wedding.

Very often when it comes to decorations, the first thought is about the reception, because so much time will be dedicated to the festivities. However the decor for the place that you say your vows and exchange wedding rings is just as important.

The trend of choosing a "theme" for your wedding is very popular and provides the most important clues to your wedding stationery, attire, favors and the decorations you choose. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the choices, start by making a list of the essential points about your wedding to help you organize the number of items you must have.

The affiliation, location, time of day, formality and of course your budget will all contribute to how you decorate the place your ceremony is held. Choose your primary color(s) for your attendants and then a color to use to add the accents you would like to have for the items that support the ceremony such as the aisle runner and seating decorations.

For example, think about the affiliation or type of ceremony you having; ethnic, traditional or secular style weddings each have certain requirements. Canopies and wedding divans are used in many ceremonies and can be a powerful focal point that dominant the entire theme. Cultural influences make impressive statements and set the foundation for many of the accessories that are used during the ceremony.

The location for the ceremony also plays a role in your decorations; weddings that are held inside of a facility differ in many respects from those held in natural surroundings such as a garden or at seaside. If you want your wedding to include elements such as candles or flower garlands, you need to consider the impact of wind as well as the potential for rain. While garden weddings can be absolutely lovely, care should be taken to make sure the tiny creatures that live there will not make the event uncomfortable.

Next you need to consider if it's a formal or informal ceremony. Some of the decor items you can use can really create the ambience you want to convey the emotional tone of your special event. In a formal ceremony you can include every detail under the sun whereas if you're planning an informal ceremony some of these items could look out of place.

Weddings are all about people and deciding whether or not you will have a full bridal party; ring bearer, flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen is one of your most important ones. In terms of decor, the color scheme you select will be most prominent in the attire of your wedding party.

Each of these points are inter-related which can make wedding planning a bit complicated. By using the most important aspects as your foundation, you will be able to choose the most appropriate decorations that will make your marriage ceremony a truly memorable event.