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Honor Your Past and Your Future at Pre-Wedding Parties

As the countdown to the day you will exchange wedding rings and vows begins, your family and friends will plan to celebrate your upcoming marriage with all types of festivities. Bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and bridesmaids' luncheons give you time with all the people who love you and your partner.

Marriage marks an important turning point in a person's life; honoring your personal history and that of your partner as well, creates the foundation for your future together.

One of the best ways to be sure everyone is on the same page is to organize a "Remember When" party. Pull out your favorite tunes from your youth and invite everyone in the bridal party over to take a stroll down memory lane with you and your partner. Roll out the refreshments and get in some serious dance practice for your upcoming big moment at your wedding reception.

What's important about this pre-wedding festivity is that it's focused on the personal history of the groom and bride. By opening up and sharing information about how you both became the people you are, you increase the closeness of everyone involved in the wedding. Happiness can be infectious and making sure everyone is comfortable is a great way to spread the joy of the occasion.

In fact, many couples are choosing to have their send-off parties together rather than separately. This gives everyone a chance to let their hair down and celebrate the coming of their special day in style.

However not every one of the pre-wedding festivities is a group affair either. For a couple that getting married for the first time, taking a time out with family members who have been married for many years can provide words of wisdom about handling the challenges that married life brings. Inviting elders for tea or coffee to talk about their experience can shed light on what it takes to have a long lasting relationship. Most couples who took their marriage vows 20 years ago will tell you it's not easy.

However for the bride as well as the groom as individuals, a heartfelt, one-on-one discussion is also important for getting a better understanding of private matters. More than likely the elders in both of your families will be glad to share their experience with you. Taking the time to organize this get-together shows respect to these members of your family who are examples of how a marriage can endure and they will appreciate you for your attention.

Another way to get ready for your wedding day is treat everyone to a day of personal care that can be relaxing and invigorating. No longer is this just for the bride; grooms benefit from the professional attention to their hair, face and nails to be sure to look polished in their wedding suit or tuxedo. A relaxing massage and facial will help keep you calm and collected as you celebrate your marriage.