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Honor Mother Nature with an Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor

Today everyone is thinking of ways to preserve and protect our environment by choosing to use things that work in harmony with Mother Nature. On the day a couple pledge their love with their wedding rings, the natural thought is to give their guests a unique way to remember the day that is eco-friendly, here is one that truly fits the bill:  handmade paper cards with embedded flower seeds.

When you want to give your guests an extra special way to remember your wedding, this favor is an elegant symbol of your love and respect for nature as well.  Instead of a wedding favor that might be tucked away in a scrapbook, your guests will be delighted for many years to come with the wildflowers that bloom from these seed cards.

These favors are extraordinary because the seed are embedded in handmade paper, lending a rustic and charming accent that compliments their underlying purpose.  Flowers are known for their beauty and fragrance; this is a gift that will remind your guest of a happy occasion and give them joy long after the day you were wed.

Choosing a specific type of wildflower seeds favor cards can also send a subtle message as well. Inscribing your personal note with a sentence that explains the meaning from the folklore language of flowers is a charming way to convey your appreciation to your guests in a very personal way. There are many different varieties of flowers to choose from, so each of your guests can receive a seed card that speaks to their personality or color preference.

As we know that paper is made from trees, there are also tree seedling favors you can give. This eco-friendly favor is artistically presented in a tube tied with a ribbon and includes a personal note from you.

When your guests plant either the flower seed cards or the tree seedling, they are actually 'recycling' materials in an extremely creative way without any extra effort on their part. They simply place the card in prepared earth and water appropriately: each seed card or tree seedling comes with the specific directions to ensure the plant will grow as expected.

Show your wedding guests how much you care with a gift that brings beauty to their world.   Flower seed cards as wedding favors are a perfect way to create a lasting remembrance of your marriage celebration.