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Have a Luxe Wedding on a Lean Budget

You may not be able to put a price on happiness, but the businesses that comprise the wedding industry come pretty close: the average wedding costs in the United States is $15,000.

As a result, more partners in love have decided to flex their creative muscles and maintain a balanced bank account. You can indeed  have a totally wonderful wedding day without going heavily into debt, if you take a closer look at the elements you can use to create that million dollar event sparkle.

Many times it's not what you do, but how you do it that makes the difference between a rave review and raised eyebrows.  One of the best ways to keep your wedding expenses under control is to focus your guest list on the most important people to you and your partner. Then choose a venue which can accommodate a few more than the total number.

To choose your theme, start with your expectations; the more fantasies you try to fulfill,  the more time and money you will need. Try this litmus test. Ask yourself: what is it that would break your heart not to have or do on your wedding day? Once you discover this, you have the essence of your wedding theme.

From this point you begin working on the details and you will be surprised how many you will discover. Using your imagination and creativity, everything from the decorations to the wedding favors can be created with the focus on your theme. Plus you will save time and money simply because many of these items are not wedding business commercialized.

By expanding the scope of the wedding theme, you give your wedding guests a rewarding experience reveling in the understood keynote of the day. Translate "Love and Romance" into a feast for the senses with fabrics like lace and velvet, candles and potpourri, romantic art prints, simple but delicious food and beautiful music.

While you and your partner could spend hours searching and a small fortune on your wedding attire, you both can save substantially by hiring a seamstress/tailor to help you create your dream wardrobe for your special day.  Start by considering your physique, choose the basic style that is most flattering for you and then work with the seamstress or tailor to create the layers and details you want.

The feeling of creating something is hard to describe but this along with the money you saved lends a definite glow of confidence that is perfect look for the day you marry the person you love. As you walk down the aisle to give and receive that precious wedding ring, you both can relax and enjoy this long awaited moment.