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Groom's Guide to Managing Emotions on Your Wedding Day

It's not uncommon for men to have difficulty expressing their emotions publicly especially when it comes to saying their wedding vows as they place the wedding ring on their partner's finger. For many years, men have been discouraged from this type of display, but the day you get married is THE day to let your partner know how much they mean to you. This moment when a man declares his love for partner has caused many men to choke up and feel embarrassed as tears well up in their eyes.

Even though men are more involved in the wedding planning process today than in the past very little attention is given to this subject. All of the preparations and decisions that lead up to the big day notwithstanding, most grooms are surprised at their reaction when they first see their beautiful bride walking toward them down the aisle.

It's no secret that men can be dumbstruck at the sight of a beautiful woman and can completely forget what they have to say. The answer to this dilemma is to first come to terms with it being okay to show your emotions. Playing the strong, silent type will definitely not work on this of all days: it will send the wrong signal to your partner and your wedding guests.

Whether you and your partner write your own wedding vows for your marriage ceremony or use the traditional vows, it pays to rehearse saying your vows aloud several times before the rehearsal dinner and your marriage date. It is when a man first says these words that their true meaning hits home and their emotions come to the surface. Rehearsing with your partner or the officiant for the ceremony will help you get a handle on your feelings and manage them.

Learning how to breath and pace yourself is another technique that will help you stay calm, cool and collected as you place the wedding ring on your partner's hand. The flip-side of being speechless is to rush through saying your vows, which again can send the wrong signal to everyone present. Instead take a deep breath, smile at your partner and slow down: take your time in saying your vows and really focus on what you are saying. This is an important moment in your life so appreciate the emotions that your love for your partner stimulates: take it easy and savor the experience.

Be grateful for your emotions, it’s the emotion of love that has inspired you to marry the special person in your life. As you express your feelings during the stating of your wedding vows you can be sure that they will remember this special moment when you exchanged wedding rings and treasure it for a lifetime.

You can be more at ease with your emotions by following these simple steps before your wedding day. Your partner will know you’re sincere and appreciate you even more as you keep yourself together to start the next chapter in your life.