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Four Creative Floral Ways to Beautify Your Wedding

After you have given and received the wedding ring that unites you with your partner, it’s time to celebrate your blessed event. Flowers and candles provide delightful ways to enhance the atmosphere at your reception and couples have several creative ways to pair these two traditional favorites.

  1. Miniature candles made from beeswax have been used as reception table decorations as well as hung from trees for outdoor weddings. But combining them with flowers can be a challenge because of the heat generated from the candle. To overcome this obstacle, “flameless” candles are being used as a way to create centerpieces with fresh-cut flowers.
  2. Petite votive holders with long-burning candles arranged as a centerpiece display can be a striking way to illuminate your wedding reception. In this case using a garland of flowers and leaves entwined with the stand makes for a breathtaking focal point for your guests.
  3. Some couples are using individual votive candles on a stand surrounded by miniature silk flowers as the holder for the guest place card. While others use tapers inside of hurricane glasses and surround the base of the glasses with a wreath of flowers.
  4. While a cluster of votives in the center of the table is charming, you can create an elegant rainbow effect by using different colors of frosted votive candle holders in a circle on a small round table or if you are using a long, rectangular table, arrange a center row on the table with votives pressed tightly together.

Consider the shape of the flowers you want to use in your centerpiece arrangements. Today the trend is to have a fresh-cut, unstructured look instead of a tightly organized shape. Always look to the season for your first cue to choosing the right flowers that have generous blooms like amaranthus, orchids and roses that can be arranged loosely and look fabulous because of their sleek shape. Offset the color with delicate green sprays of airy fern to add to the ambience of your wedding celebration. In addition to greenery, you can also use feathers or crystals to add sparkle and flair.

The color of your flowers is just as important as the shape of the bloom and here the season in which your wedding will be held is the key to choosing the right flowers. One color that is making a comeback in the wedding floral revue is the pretty pink tones which are replacing the 2010 favorite of chocolate rose. Pantone® has chosen "Honeysuckle" as the 2011 color of the year, but this beautiful color is being used in more than just the pastel shades. This year fashionable weddings will be wearing everything from gorgeous vibrant coral shades to the bright honeysuckle as well as the cosmopolitan blush tones of rose.  Accent these colors with warm grays, antique gold and sun kissed yellows and your floral arrangements will positively glow with romance.