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Five Questions to Ask a Wedding Videographer

It's not unusual for couples to spend six months to a year planning their wedding; there are many details to attend to and choices to make. One of the most important is how you choose to capture these precious moments.

Unfortunately, more than one couple has experienced the shock of arranging the ceremony and reception so that everything is perfect in the big picture; the decorations are lovely and the musicians are playing their favorite tunes. But suddenly they realize that something is missing-how are they going to remember all of this?

Wedding video captures the action and fun that takes place around your photos. Every couple has an idea of how they want their wedding to be; the essence of this should be captured in the video.

First, check with your church and reception venue to be clear on their rules about filming. Second, to be sure that every moment from the exchange of wedding rings to your honeymoon departure is portrayed in the way you want, ask the videographer the following questions:

Once you are satisfied with the answers they provide and the pricing, give them all of the specific information that they need for your wedding. Then you and your partner can relax and enjoy all of the activities of your wedding day and relive the moments of your wedding video for many years to come.