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Fashion Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands

Although there are no rigid rules when it comes to the style of men's wedding band, there are several trends that are influencing men and have made these styles most popular.

Certain designer names are highly prized when it comes to selecting a ring. From the huge number of wedding website advertisements from leading designers,  one of the most important trends today is the use of modern, industrial metals.

Since titanium was introduced to the jewelry industry more than a decade ago, there have been remarkable developments in the technology used in the crafting of fine jewelry designs. The craftsmen who began creating wedding bands from the traditional metals of platinum, gold and silver, are now using these metals to accent their designs in tungsten carbide, stainless steel and titanium.

The use of precious and semi-precious stones< in men's jewelry has a long history; however stones were very rarely seen in the styles of the 20th century rings for men.  The leader in the new wave of ring styles set with stones is not just white diamonds, but black diamonds which have become the elegant new way to dress up a man's ring.

For men who prefer the unique accent of jewelry with a more subtle enhancements there are several different textures as well as inlays of different materials to choose from. Textures add visual interest and a tactile experience; rings crafted with wood grain and leather or cable inlays are also extremely popular in 2010.

Men are selecting custom designs in titanium, tungsten carbide and cobalt alloys are competing toe-to-toe with designs made from gold, platinum or silver. Each one of these modern metals has its own unique character and choosing the one that is best suited to your needs and lifestyle will ensure that you have a lifetime of enjoyment from your wedding ring. Creating your own design ensures you that it is one of a kind: as unique as your personality.

Purchasing your wedding band from a reputable jeweler is especially important when choosing industrial metals such as tungsten carbide, titanium, stainless steel and cobalt. The strength of these metals makes them extremely well suited for rigorous activity, but the way these metals are prepared for jewelry purposes involves combining alloys to make the metal pliable.  Be sure to discuss the composition of the ring with your jewelry; the metals should be hypo-allergenic to avoid any problems.

If you are new to wearing rings, ask your jewelry about the “comfort fit” design which are internally round and curved at the edges to make them easier to put on and take off.  From your attire to your jewelry, being comfortable on your wedding day is one the trend that will never go out of style.