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Extraordinary Wedding Gifts for the Bridal Party

During the entire process of planning a wedding, there are special friends of the bride and groom that help make the marriage celebration a joyous event. The bride has her maid of honor and bridesmaids, while the groom has his best man and groomsmen. From all of the centuries old traditions that form our current way of getting married, presenting these special people with mementos of the day is one well worth honoring.

The guests at a wedding reception receive 'favors': small gifts from the bride and groom to share their happiness and, the gifts for the bridal party serve the same purpose:  the main difference between these, is that bridal party gifts are much more personal.

The best gift is one that adds value to a person's life; fine jewelry and accessory gifts made from precious metals and jewels always brings joy and happiness to the recipient.

Depending on the size of your bridal party and your personal relationship with each member, there are many lovely gifts that can be personalized such as a beauty compact for women or a money clip for men. Each time one of your bridal attendants powders their nose or picks up the tab for a meal these gifts will bring back pleasant memories.

Both of these everyday items are transformed into extraordinary treasures when created from 14k gold or sterling silver. An even more personal way to say 'thank you' is with jewelry; fine Italian gold charm necklaces for women or rugged titanium bracelets for men are two popular choices.  Fashion accessories such as decorative hair ornaments made in silver or gold with gemstones or a set of tungsten carbide cufflinks are two reasons to dress up and look fabulous.

As you can see from these examples, wedding rings are not the only jewelry items that are created from titanium and tungsten carbide. Several jewelry and accessory designers have created a stunning array of items in these metals that will be highly treasured as a token of your wedding day. With the brilliance of titanium you can give the lustrous look of platinum for a fraction of the cost. Let your bridal party members know for certain that you appreciate their friendship and support in making your wedding day unforgettable.