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Exquisite Details Create Signature Wedding Bands

Wedding jewelry stands apart from other items because of its significance and for this reason the designs of wedding ring bands are crafted with special care to detail. For most people a wedding band is the epitome of love and romance; symbolizing all a heart desires.

One of the most beautiful designs feature an inlay which adds dimension, contrast and visual interest to this beloved piece of jewelry. Inlaid wedding bands can feature several different metals, gemstones and other decorative accents to enhance the beauty of the ring.

By using outstanding metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium as the foundation of these exquisite wedding ring bands, the design retains its beauty throughout years of wear. The strength of these metals makes it an ideal choice and a sound investment.

Jewelry made from titanium or tungsten carbide allow you to fully enjoy wearing your jewelry without fear of damage that can be costly to repair.

These industrial grade metals are extremely lightweight and a jewelry designer's dream for their flexibility in creating original styles.

For individuals who prefer a classic signature to their jewelry, tungsten carbide inlaid rings are crafted with traditional jewelry elements from nature, such as mother-of-pearl, sterling silver, diamonds and 14K gold.

In the contemporary signatures, the titanium and tungsten carbide inlaid wedding rings feature ceramic, stingray leather, Riverstone gems and carbon fiber. Each style can be personalized to your taste with laser engraving: the perfect way to convey your deepest sentiments to the person you love.

These advantages are not limited to couples who are planning their marriage: they are also ideal for couples who want to celebrate their anniversary or renew their vows. These innovative designs are an excellent way to reaffirm commitment to each other and the future.

Your wedding band should be beautiful, comfortable and reflect your personality. The extensive collection of tungsten carbide and titanium styles offer some of the best choices in wedding jewelry today. Inlaid ring let you pledge your love straight from the heart in style.