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Enjoy Your Harvest of Love with an Autumn Wedding

Every season brings its own magic to a marriage ceremony; autumn is the time when we celebrate abundance and fulfillment, a very appropriate theme for two people beginning a new life together. For couples who want a wedding with a romantic and vibrant candlelight glow, the autumn season is a wonderful choice.

A few of the locations that represent this theme especially well include a vineyard, a country inn, an orchard or a rustic farmhouse. Whether you decide to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, you can use the elements of the season to bring warmth to your ceremony and reception.

You can use the colors of autumn in numerous ways; a gold velvet pillow adds a regal touch to the ring bearer’s duty of presenting your wedding rings, autumn flowers such as Amaranthus, Baby’s Breath, Delphinium, Camellia or Allium can provide a lovely carpet to the altar, and delightful wedding bouquets can be made from wild flowers, dried herbs, berries and fall leaves.

During this time of year, Mother Nature supplies you with a beautiful tapestry that creates a lovely photography background. These breathtaking hues are the perfect compliment to your wedding attire and accessories.

Autumn provides an earthy theme for your decorations with tones of gold, maroon, emerald and purple.  You can make elegant table centerpieces using pumpkins, berries and leaves with accents of gold and the iridescent colors of the season.  Cinnamon scented, apple-shaped candles or hallowed pumpkins carved with wedding symbols with vanilla-scented, gold candles inside, can provide a charming effect that underscores autumn's glow.

Your  wedding reception menu can be a fabulous assortment of delectable foods available at this time of year. These  heartwarming meals  feature rich and creamy flavorful soups with main entrees such as Cornish hen, quail, venison or pheasant.

Vegetarians will be in culinary paradise with the hearty assortment of wonderful choices of  soufflés, casseroles and roasted vegetable delights.

Hearty breads made with pumpkin, zucchini, carrot or apple along with platters of fruits and  cheese,  topped off with warm apple cider or mulled wine will complete an autumn wedding feast that your guests will always remember.

Thank your guests for attending  with special wedding favors that could include small jars of homemade jam or jelly, caramel apple kits or seed packets wrapped up in autumn colors with a personal message from you.