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Engraved Wedding Rings Keep Romance Alive

For centuries in every country of the world, the circle has been the symbol of eternity, what better symbol to represent the ideal union of two people. Beyond the folklore and tradition of wedding rings passed down through generations, many couples have engraved their own unique sentiment inside their rings.

One story from the 1940's tells of a couple who wanted their favorite verse from "Andrea del Sarto" by the poet Robert Browning engraved in a way that only they would know the meaning. Rather than opt for Latin or Greek they chose to use Egyptian hieroglyphics-a language of symbols that best described their romance.

But this is only one couple of many who have inscribed their heart-thoughts inside the ring that is treasured above all others. Although the trend of engraving wedding rings subsided a bit during the 1960's, it has continued to endure as one of the romantic details that make a wedding day unforgettable.

Beside poetic verses, jewelers have engraved the names of the couple and their wedding date inside making it easier to remember each anniversary. For some couples, engraving their favorite term of endearment for each other inside their rings is the perfect way to make their marriage vows more meaningful; for others it has been to have part of the sentiment engraved in each of the two rings to make a complete statement.

Today instead of a simple band of silver or gold, couples are rediscovering this tradition with the stunning beauty of laser engraved tungsten carbide rings.

Of all of the elements that make a marriage ceremony memorable, the ring is the one that remains long after the celebrations have come to a close. It is a daily reminder of the day two people joined together to share all that life has to offer.

Every couple is unique in their perspective and as our definition of marriage continues to evolve, the most outstanding reason for the wide variety of styles available today.

For couples who want uncompromising beauty without the anxiety of damaging their rings, choosing tungsten carbide as the metal for your symbol of love is ideal for its extraordinary strength.