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Dress Up Your Bridal Bouquet with "Bling"

Today’s bridal bouquet has evolved with the times as much as the designs of bridal gowns and tuxedos. Although there are many different types, styles and shapes of bridal bouquets you can consider, one hot trend today is to add a bit of “bling” or jewelry to your bouquet to give it a rich, elegant look.

There are several different variations from glistening crystal sprays delicately arranged with the flowers to rhinestone studded ribbons that encase the stems of the flowers. Before you decide which style is right for your special day, think about your wedding gown and the overall theme of your wedding to fit the perfect complement.

The bridal bouquet is a lovely accent to your wedding gown with a very romantic history. Many brides who decide to have a Victorian theme select their wedding flowers according to their meaning from the "language of flowers" to send a subtle message and then decorate the finished bouquet with a cameo necklace.

Your bridal bouquet can be a blend of old and new ideas, to include time-honored traditions. For example, in Celtic wedding bouquets heather, ivy and thistle are included and then the "Triskele" symbol for everlasting love is added to the ribbon streamers. These bouquets also incorporated edible herbs such as dill (known for its aphrodisiac powers) that were consumed during the wedding feast to stimulate romance.

Gothic theme weddings use deep, dramatic colors and black opals or crystal studs to contrast with the ribbon that is wrapped around the stems.

For the bride who wants a completely ultra modern look in her bridal bouquet, it can be made with silver wire and white crystal flowers instead of fresh flowers.

Structured bouquets with the flowers arranged in a circle, box or heart shape and then decorated with the initials of the couple in crystal or rhinestone letters is a beautiful way to accent the color of your flowers and make a lasting impression.

While your wedding ring will be the most admired jewelry of the day, adding a bit of “bling” to your bridal bouquet extends the feeling of an extra special occasion. But this is one bouquet that is so beautiful, you might want to have your florist create a special bouquet for that lucky lady to catch.