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Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Event

Although weddings are always a reason to celebrate it's the unique expression that each couple brings to their festivities that make it memorable. The ideas that couples use to create their special day come from their personal experiences. However what's going on in the world plays a role in how the ceremony and reception shapes up as well.

So how do you create a memory of your wedding day for your guests beyond simply the date? By doing something different that fundamentally impacts the wedding. For example, choosing an unusual location such as a landmark or creating your marriage ceremony from different traditions than your own. In both of these instances, getting to the goal will require special arrangements; you may need to get a permit to use the landmark facilities for your wedding and reserve the space well in advance. Ethnic traditional weddings usually involve specific accessories that may need to be ordered from abroad.

Wedding attire from another historical period in time is another great way to make your wedding day unforgettable. Exchanging your wedding rings in a ceremony that reflects Medieval times, the ‘Roaring 20s’ or a Steampunk attitude is sure to give your guests a fantasy departure from their everyday lives. This is even more the case when the guests are invited to wear attire in keeping with your wedding theme as well.

As with most things, allowing yourself and your partner enough time plays a major role in keeping your stress level at a manageable point. If your schedules do not permit you to handle the details, there are dozens of competent wedding planners ready to assist you. Of course there are those who after reviewing the details required to make their dream wedding a reality, decide to simply run off and elope in a romantic location instead.

Beyond creating a beautiful environment and theme, guests remember their participation in a wedding. Activities that engage and involve guests in an entertaining way such as the popular "Dollar Dance" receives high marks in this regard. Another highly popular activity is the "Conga Line" dance: here the bride leads the line of female guests and the groom leads the males around the reception area in unusual twists and turns to the delight of all.

Regardless of which theme you and your partner decide to use, connecting the dots of the details is what brings the event together and makes everything work seamlessly. If you and your partner take care of the major decisions early on after you make the announcement of your engagement, such as the purchase of your wedding rings and attire it will allow you more time to work on your wedding vows, speeches and reception activities.

Giving a DVD recording of your wedding day is becoming the ideal way for many couples to thank their guests for celebrating with them and relive the romance and fun of the day. The DVD format has replaced the bulky video cassettes with better visual recording quality and CD-quality stero sound.