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Create a Precious Wedding Guest Book in Sterling Silver

When a couple marries there are so many little details to consider that are important to the success of a wedding because they become memories for the years ahead. Wedding guests contribute to these memories and finding ways to show them that they are appreciated increases the happiness of the celebration.

The list of expenses associated with a wedding can be quite long and when a couple is searching for ways to make their budget go further, it can be tempting to exclude some items. But the beauty of this event is in the fine details. The amenities wedding guests are provided is the one true way to show them that they are important,  garner their good will and begin married life on the right foot.

Beyond ensuring that the reception food, music and unique favors that the guests will take home with them are fabulous, what can you do? Turn the simple act of recording their attendance at your wedding into one they will certainly talk about: by using a sterling silver serving tray with an engraving pen instead of a traditional stationery guest book. Engraving pens are easy to use and reasonably priced, but for your guests, signing their names in this manner will leave a lasting impression that is priceless.

A silver serving tray handed down from parents or grandparents makes this an especially charming way to make your wedding an event that will always be remembered. By the end of the reception you will have a wonderful way to remember each of your guests by their signatures.

While stationery wedding guest books can be beautifully designed, all too often they are packed away with other wedding mementos and soon forgotten. On the other hand, after the wedding, your inscribed silver tray becomes a precious keepsake that is a wonderful way to serve tea or coffee to guests or when you want to reminisce about the day you exchanged wedding rings with your partner.

Purchasing a sterling silver serving tray may appear to be a bit extravagant, but although it can be considered a luxury, it has a practical use that will bring you a wonderful return on your investment throughout the years of your marriage.