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Create a Fantasy Wedding Adventure: Historical Period Themes

Beside the numerous traditions associated with the marriage ceremony itself, there is much to be said about the way a wedding celebration was held during different periods in history.

While you can easily spend a pretty penny of the bare basics of a modern wedding; your attire, jewelry, invitations, ceremony and reception, the most important factor that ties them altogether is the theme or style of your wedding.

Quite naturally, formal weddings reflect images of ancient times. One can easily adapt a formal wedding to reflect an Elizabethan or Shakespearean atmosphere.

On the other side of the spectrum is the opulence of a wedding during the Medieval and Renaissance periods as well as the beauty of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Whether your style is elegant or gothic, there are dozens of ideas you can use from these periods to make your wedding celebration a memorable event.

If the idea of a historical period wedding tickles your fancy, the first question to ask yourself is: which period of history captures your imagination? The second question is how many aspects of this period do you want to include in your wedding? To answers these questions accurately, you need to take a journey back in time and learn more about the way the world was during the period of time that fascinates you.

An all-out replication of a historical period wedding would include a wedding in a location befitting its depiction with all of the details coordinated to how a marriage ceremony took place. Castles are perfect for a wedding based in the Medieval or Renaissance period. If you prefer not to travel, explore which locations in your area could be adapted for your wedding adventure.

A simpler way to capture the atmosphere of a historical period is by using music, ceremony accessories and decorations during the exchange of vows and at the reception. Gregorian chants and Chamber music are two ways to set the emotional tone of your wedding.

Choosing wedding bands with design styles reminiscent of the period you choose is very easy today. You can find gorgeous millegrain or engraved titanium and tungsten carbide wedding rings that are ideal for a wedding with a historical period theme.