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Choosing Stylish Expressions of Love in Fall/Winter Weddings

Couples who are planning to wed in the cooler temperatures of the autumn and winter seasons now have an abundant number of attire choices as well as accessories to make the weather work to their advantage.

While the warmer temperatures encourage a carefree attitude in attire especially in garden or beach weddings, exchanging wedding rings and vows after summer ends holds its own mystique. Autumn provides the most colorful palette imaginable as the perfect backdrop to celebrate the bounty of love, while winter snowfalls surrounds you with the symbolic color of weddings and provides a canvas that works with any color you choose.

Beyond the colors you select for your wedding theme are the accessories that add that little something extra which can transform the attire for the bride and the groom into an unforgettable fashion statement that produces spectacular photographs.

For the groom and his men, probably nothing is more distinctive as an accessory than wearing a hat. Although traditionally reserved for weddings taking place before 3pm, this rule is often circumvented when the wedding theme is based on a historical period or concept such as Steampunk, where hats were considered part of the standard dress code for men. Particularly in Victorian themed weddings, it’s not uncommon for the bride to also wear a wedding veil hat as well.

As much as a marriage ceremony is about love, it’s also a reflection of the personalities of the two people who are being joined when they exchange wedding rings and vows. A wedding marks the beginning of a new life; a completely different entity when two people begin to think as “we” instead of “you” and “me.” Many couples begin expressing this mindset by choosing matching designs for the wedding attire.

Autumn as the season of harvest is the ideal time for weddings with a reminiscent theme filled with the nostalgia of the two families that are being joined. Here the bride is fitted with the wedding gown of her mother or grandmother while the groom dons the wedding suit or tuxedo that his father wore the day he married. The exchange of heirloom wedding rings is the perfect complement to this marriage ceremony.

Choosing to wed in the winter season encourages people to get closer and choosing outerwear accessories to match the wedding suit and dress. With the bride wrapped up in faux fur with a hand muff to keep her fingers warm along with the groom in an elegant set of gloves and hat, your wedding photos taken outdoors in the winter wonderland can be cozy and romantic.