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Will a Celebrity Style Wedding Work for You?

When people who are in the public eye announce plans to wed, the media literally has a field day in documenting every second that leads up to the big event and even beyond to the couple's honeymoon. The pressure on the rich and famous to make their wedding spectacular has caused many to spend thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars for the festivities.

On one hand it's really amazing to see the type of wedding that result when money is no object. On the other, it's not so thrilling when a couple goes into serious debt trying to compete with resources that are way out of their league. For many individuals, the truth is that money CAN buy them love or at least a semblance of it. A beautiful engagement ring has swayed many a heart for both genders.

Wedding rings and marriage vows have both evolved over hundreds of years. Many complain that weddings have become too commercialized, but none of the merchants that produce the associated goods and services are at fault. If a couple wants to go all out and celebrate their marriage there are plenty of ways it can be done without going into debt.

From another perspective, there are several things that celebrities do that are quite puzzling. Consider the investment that has to be made in the character of both people when they say "I do" that fulfills the promise of sharing a lifetime together. For most people this is the idea, which makes marriages that last only a few months before divorce appear more like a financial transaction than a love affair.

The idea of getting married and being married are related but not one in the same. So much excitement revolves around a wedding ceremony that after the honeymoon is over couples may find themselves suffering from ‘post-wedding blues.’ The key to avoid this situation is to take the same approach to each year of marriage; set a goal and then do what’s necessary to reach it.

Weddings also involve the uniting of two families and that can be challenging in its own right. The saying goes that ‘the first year is the toughest’ because there are so many new things to adjust to in married life. Pre-marital counseling is a good idea for every couple who is considering getting married, even if they are living together. The legal issues that affect a couple when they sign their marriage license or contract is also important to understand to avoid problems later.

We are all human beings in a spotlight in our world and celebrities in our own right. When a couple decides to get married, their stars glow a little brighter from being the center of attention. More couples are beginning to look to their own personalities for inspiration to create their wedding event instead of living vicariously through others. This approach gives the couple room to relax and enjoy their festivities without anxiety.