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Celebrate Your Union with Matching Wedding Ring Sets

Every couple faces hundreds of decisions when planning their wedding, but few have the long-term effect as the choice of the wedding rings they will wear throughout their marriage.

Typically when an engagement ring is purchased, this decision is made without the other party being present. Quite often this is easy to do if the couple has visited a jeweler together and noted their preferences in style and design of the engagement ring.

When a couple decides that they want to wear matching wedding bands, the choices become a bit more complicated. For if the engagement ring is to be worn with it, the designs of both must complement each other.

This is the logic behind the creation of the traditional engagement ring bridal set: the typical style is a diamond solitaire engagement ring paired with a plain band. Another style is the ornate diamond setting for both the engagement and the band. The drawback with choosing this bridal set is that the ring for the groom is not included, however many jewelers can customize one to match for the groom.

In addition, couples today have dual and triple band set options. Naturally, the more elaborate your choice of style and setting the higher your investment in your wedding rings will be. Nonetheless, there are many splendid sets to suit every couple's taste as well as their budget.

For brides who will tuck their engagement rings away after they marry, wedding sets are the perfect choice. This style provide rings for both the bride and groom, hence they are often referred to as "his and her" sets. When you purchase a titanium wedding set, it removes any doubt of the rings matching as well as ensures the long-lasting beauty of your jewelry. In this case, it is the engagement ring that must be coordinated to the band.

The "triple set" which includes the engagement ring and the wedding bands for the bride and groom is an ideal choice for couples who want all of their rings to be perfectly matched to one another.