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Avant Garde Black Wedding Bands for 21st Century Marriages

Couples who are shopping for wedding bands that are out of the ordinary today don't have to search far. For the ultimate in elegance for a black tie affair, it's difficult to deny the beauty of black tungsten carbide or black  zirconium rings. Jewelry designers from around the world have discovered the creative freedom these two metals provide to produce rings that reflect a unique, individual style.

If you desire a truly extraordinary ring, you have three things to consider; your lifestyle, the material it's crafted from and how it's designed.

Start with your lifestyle; do you need a ring that can stand up to rigorous activities without damage or will you only wear it on special occasions?

The answer to this question can help you chose from the diverse array of metals and gemstones that can be used to craft your ring.

Black tungsten carbide and black zirconium are by far two of the best suited materials for creating jewelry that will be worn everyday.  These two  futuristic metals along with titanium are used to craft wedding bands that can handle whatever activity you can imagine.

Jewelry designers are pairing these metals with gold, palladium, sterling silver and platinum for visually stunning engagement or commitment rings.

In addition to these metals, ceramics and stainless steel are used to produce cutting-edge styles for couples who want to totally break away from the traditional mold in wedding rings. This jewelry is  ideal for the 21st century couples who have decided to become life partners.

The finishing details of black tungsten carbide or black zirconium rings include laser engraving, inset diamonds or metal inlays all combined in visually appealing concave, dome or ribbed shapes.

As exquisite and breath-taking as these designs are, satisfaction comes from knowing that the beauty of these rings will endure. Year after year, your wedding band will look as dramatically stunning as the day you said "I do."