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Announce Your Wedding to the World with Stylish Car Ornaments

If there is one word that describes the essence of organizing a wedding celebration it's "details." There are dozens of things to remember for your special day and transportation is definitely one of the most important. Beside making sure that the best man has the wedding rings the night before the marriage ceremony, it is one of the groom's wedding duties to secure the transportation for the bridal party.

This can take some planning depending on where both the bride and groom live. Timing the trip to the location for the marriage ceremony and the festivities that follow should be done at least 2 weeks before on the day of the week that the wedding will take place. This way you can be sure that you allow enough time for traffic conditions. In addition to selecting the model of the vehicle, there is the option of choosing a car ornament to let the world know a wedding is about to take place.

Although decorating the wedding car with an ornament is not mandatory, it does add a festive touch to your journey and there are designs to suit your personal preference as well as your wedding theme. Especially for large weddings, using a car ornament can help guests to identify the bridal party's arrival and departure.

Designating all of the cars for the bridal party with ornaments can also help other drivers to give the wedding procession sway in traffic. This way all of the cars are able to stay in formation and arrive together on schedule. Unlike the classic tin cans and old shoes that are often tied to the rear fender of a car, the ornament can be placed on the hood or the roof of the car depending on its size and height.

If you choose an ornament for the hood, it needs to be positioned in a way that it will not obstruct the driver's view. When placed on the roof of the car, ensure that it is secured well to avoid being blown off as the car picks up speed. Matching decorations can be tied to the door handles as well as the trunk of the vehicle.

Wedding car decorations can be streamers, flowers, balloons alone or in arrangements with symbols such as wedding rings, doves or hearts. Many times these include ribbons that display the names of the bride and groom. Every culture has their own unique symbols for marriage and more couples today are celebrating their heritage. These symbols are being included as part of the wedding theme with the car decoration as no exception.

While the groom has the responsibility of securing the transportation, and managing the associated fees for the drivers to safely get all of the bridal party to the ceremony and reception, the arrangements for the departure of the bride and groom is usually handled by the best man and maid of honor.

This may include the writing of "Just Married" on the rear window of the car, attaching the traditional symbols for newlyweds to the car as well as making sure the couple's luggage and accessories are placed in the trunk and passenger seat.

Depending on how far the couple has to travel to their honeymoon destination or if they are planning to travel by other means, a "honeymoon starter" kit is often included to help the couple relax and bask in the glow of their special day. This kit can feature soft socks for the bride to wear in lieu of her wedding shoes, an assortment of treats, cards of congratulations from the bridal party and other special mementos from the bridal attendants.

After the wedding rings are given and the wedding cake is cut, when newlyweds depart for the honeymoon the decorated wedding vehicle should be waiting within comfortable distance of the entrance to the reception venue, allowing enough room for well-wishers to send them off in a shower of rice for good fortune and rose petals for lasting love.