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An Elegant Elopement: One Romantic Way to Get Married

To prove that romance is still alive and well, there are thousands of love-struck couples that elope every year.  There are as many way to marry as the people who are in love: an elopement is just one of them. But if you are a romanticist, the idea of running away and getting married still holds its charm.

While Las Vegas and Reno instantly come to mind when the word 'elope' is spoken. You might be surprised to know that all across the United States marrying couples on the spur of the moment is done on a regular basis.

The idea of getting married is simple, but the process has become extremely complicated with a thousand details.  Depending on your preferences, a wedding today can easily cost over $15,000. Comparing this to the cost of a simple elopement at $4,000 is easy to see the allure from a financial point of view as well as the excitement of doing something unexpected.

But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice elegance and all of the delicious aspects of a traditional wedding day.  With just a tiny bit of planning you can "have your (wedding) cake and eat it too!"

For couples who want to forgo all of the pomp of an orchestrated wedding, and have some impromptu fun instead, this wedding style can become a real adventure. For those lucky enough to get swept off their feet in a whirlwind romance, an elopement to the romantic Old World charm of New Orleans or the exotic beauty of Bali, Indonesia can provide you with the excitement of wedded bliss without the stress.

This gives the two of you a lot more time to concentrate of finding the perfect wedding rings. For example, active couples that want wedding rings that they don't have to pamper can find excellent choices in titanium and tungsten carbide wedding band rings. With a luster that makes white gold and platinum jealous, more couples are discovering the beauty and value of these two metals.

Many people consider the idea of an elopement quite naughty, and perhaps a bit selfish, but it really depends of the couple, the family and friends involved. And with the idea of adventure and true love at its center, some couples turn their elopement into a destination wedding with family and friends in attendance to enjoy a mini-vacation in celebration of their love.