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A Wedding Reception Essential: Escort Cards

After you and your partner exchange marriage vows and wedding rings, it’s time to celebrate the beginning of your new life. Planning this festive part of your wedding revolves around your guests; your wedding reception is where you show your guests how much you appreciate them for attending your special event with delicious food, beautiful atmosphere and great entertainment.

This is a day full of excitement and at the same time you want it to be as stress-free as possible. One way you can ensure that everyone stays in a relaxed mood is to provide your guests with escort cards so that they know exactly where they are seated during the reception.

While place cards are used to show the guest their actual seat at the table, escort cards are used to direct your guests to their assigned table. There are many ways you can incorporate the display of escort cards into your wedding theme as well as make this a fun way to start your wedding reception.

Escort cards are displayed outside of the reception area, in alphabetical order so that it’s easy for your guests to find their card. But that doesn’t mean they have to on a table. These cards can be displayed in placeholders, frames or hung from the branches of a tree. The idea is to present the escort cards as decoratively as suits the theme of the wedding. Another way to “light” the way for your guests to find their table is to label small votive candles with their name and table number.

The wording of escort cards is according to their status; if they are attending alone, with a companion or if they are a married couple followed by their table number.

If your guest is attending alone, the wording should be their full name and then their table number Scott Oliver, Table 5. For a married couple, the wording should be as in formal address, then the number of the table where they are seated for example: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harrington, Table 3.

When the invited person is accompanied, state the name of the person who received the invitation and the word “guest” followed by the table number, for example: Beverly Thomas & Guest, Table 14. Matching the design of the escort card to the place card makes a lovely memento of the occasion for your guest.