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A Simply Elegant Wedding at Home

There are numerous wedding magazines and websites that provide thousands of ideas to make your wedding unforgettable: a wonderful reflection of you and your partner. However the process of organizing a wedding today has become a full time job for many people and quite expensive as well.

While the activity lists in the wedding advice columns are accurate, the bride to be who uses these guidelines and takes on the task of organizing her own wedding has her work cut out for her. The idea of “Bridezilla” is a pretty common picture of what happens to women as they organize their wedding. Sometimes "bigger" is not always "better."

Depending on your social status, a large wedding ceremony and reception could be unavoidable, but even many celebrities have begun to choose to marry with only their family and closest friends present. A simple and private wedding ceremony with a large lavish reception is another variation on this theme.

For many couples famous or not, the central theme is that being in love and deciding to get married doesn’t have to be anxiety producing affair, if you keep it simple and marry at home.  Taking this approach gives you the opportunity to make an investment that will have lasting value for you, your partner and your families.

When done according to the wedding planner guides, on average a wedding cost between $19,000 and $24,000. Just think how much of that money could be use to create a beautiful environment in your home? In the past couples would make their marriage ceremony arrangement with the church Officiate and after taking their vows would return home for the wedding feast. Another way couples are exercising their option to marry at home is with a garden wedding instead of going to a church.

Having your wedding at home can significantly increase the amount of time you have to attend to the other responsibilities of your life and decrease the overall expense by simplifying the process and streamlining the guest list. Organizing a simple, elegant wedding provides you more money to select the wedding rings of your dream, the most important symbol of your marriage. And by choosing this option your perspective is focused on the essentials and helps to reduce being overwhelmed by the number of people you must meet and greet. You and your partner will be able to relax and enjoy your special day surrounded by the most important people in your life.