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9 Key Trends for 2011 Wedding Style-Part 2

To ensure the success of your wedding celebration, no couple can afford to overlook the trends that are setting the tone for 2011. Today one the hottest trend in weddings is Do-It-Yourself: now couples are putting their personalized touch on everything from the wedding décor to making the gifts for their wedding guests. Here are four more important key trends to use as focal points in planning your wedding:


The weddings in 2011 will generally focus more on quality than quantity in all things, including the menu. While the décor of a wedding reception is seen as simple and elegant, the menu is focused on the eating style of today. Fresh, traditional food selections presented with a respect to your guest’s preferences is a pretty way to acknowledge their unique personality. For example, including food selections that is in sync with their cultural heritage such as sushi or stir-fry vegetables.


Handmade elements in a wedding not only give it character, but show appreciation for your guests as well. Your wedding reception decorations can include country flowers, using small, recycled glass mason jars or tin tea cans for containers are vintage elements that create a rustic-chic atmosphere that’s original and charming.


Wedding photography is also taking on a more vintage feel; couples are now choosing to create wedding albums that evoke the feeling of the past century. For example, staged backdrops of textiles and screens are an easy way to get your wedding party and guests to relax and smile for the camera.


The wedding cake table continues to be the center of attention after admiring your wedding rings and this too is being revisited by the magic touch of yesteryear. Tall, elegant cakes are still to be found, however now the cakes will be more like your grandmother made with luscious butter cream frosting replacing the sophisticated fondant. Wedding cakes are now being decorated with tiny, delicate natural edible flowers or glazed fruit instead of larger than life spun sugar flowers. And fun details that show the personality of the bride and groom should be included to top off the finale to your celebration.

What connects all of these trends together are you and your partner's character, personality and heritage. Make your marriage celebration as unique as you are by translating your emotions of the day into memories you, your partner and wedding guests will always remember.