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4 Things NOT to Say to the Bride on Her Wedding Day

The bride and groom have been planning the day they would exchange wedding rings and be married for weeks, maybe months and now that the day has arrived, they are looking forward to enjoying their reception as much as the guests. But sometimes one thoughtless remark can ruin the moment, so if you have been invited to attend a wedding, here are a few comments you want to avoid in your conversations with the bride and groom:

"How much did this set you back?"

Beside the fact that this is the one day that business realities take a back seat to fun, the amount of money that the couple spent on their wedding is the last thing they want to talk about at their reception. Avoid making any comments related to the wedding expenses. ANY reference to the amount of money spent on a wedding is in bad form, regardless of the financial situation of the couple.

"I can't believe you really got married! I remember when..."

If you are a close friend of the bride or groom and know their history, their wedding day is not the time to tell stories about their experiences to them or the other wedding guests. Telling off-color jokes and revealing secrets about them is unkind. Keep in mind that there will be guests who know the couple from different periods in their lives as well as many of their relatives, so if you cannot say anything good, say nothing at all.

"Can you help me with...?"

The bride and groom are in the spotlight but that doesn’t mean that wedding guests should ask them for assistance. Remember they are going to be very busy thanking their guests and participating in the events of the reception. The first person to seek out if you need help with something is the wedding planner. In the case where the couple did not hire a wedding planner, then the bridesmaid or groomsmen are the best people to speak to whether you need help or have information that the bride or groom needs to know.

"Why didn’t you invite so-and-so?"

There may be someone that you thought would be in attendance at a wedding that is not present. It could be that they had a schedule conflict or for whatever reason the bride and groom decided not to include them. To question the bride or groom about this puts them in an awkward position and could lead to embarrassment for asking the question.