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Product Review for 2nd Generation Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Ring

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Rating: 4.8 / 5 , based on 37 reviews.  
I was a little worried because I read the one review about it having rough edges. True, it is not all smooth, but it doesn't bother me at all, and I LOVE this ring. Fourth ring I have purchased here (I have lost my wedding ring a few more times that I usually like to admit) and have loved them all, but this one is my favorite. Here is hoping I can avoid losing this one too. Great ring, great shipping, love it!
, Denver, CO -

I purchased this ring for my fiancé a few weeks ago. We loved the design and but I was concerned that it wouldn't be of great quality since it was so affordable! But I was very wrong! It's beautiful and very well made. Extremely sturdy and heavy duty! It's as nice if not nicer than the $500 rings we had looked at! We are extremely happy with our purchase! Thank you, Titanium Kay!
, Fort Worth, TX -

Great Style but has ruff edges
I'm pretty hard on my wedding rings. This is my third, because the others have gotten beat up, scratched and the detail has come off. I decided to try tungsten because I read it could take a beating. This ring is really nice. I really like the thickness, style and it doesn't look like every other guy's ring. On looks alone this ring is a 5. The only reason I did not give it a 5 is the decorative indentations are not smooth and have ruff edges. I catch stuff in them and have even scratched my face. I have gotten use to the edges now, but wish they were smooth. PS- My wife says this is her favorite ring. No more gold boring bands, this ring is very nice and you cant beat the price.
, AZ -

Amazing quality
Ring is amazing! Service is great, and shipped quickly.
, Milwaukee WI -

Great Ring!!
My fiance and I loved the ring. It is manly yet still pretty, it matched perfectly with my ring. He likes it so much, I keep finding him taking it out wearing it. :-) The shipping was great too! Super fast!
, North Carolina -

This ring is even better in person. My fiance loves his ring and wants to wear it now, knowing that we are not married yet. Its is very masculine but at the same time elegant and different. I am so glad we picked this ring.
, Orlando FL -

Aewsome ring
I Love this ring and so does my future husband too! When I first got the package (that we got on day 3 and I thought that was very fast) my man opened it and put this ring on his finger and Smiled, he hasn't taken it off senses that day. He is a extremely manly too, like in the Army for 10 years, loves his motorcycles, and likes shooting his guns. This ring is prefect for him, it's extremely strong and Good looking just like he is! We couldn't be Happier with this company or it's product!!!!!!
, Houston, Tx -

Unique Ring
I bought this for my fiance b/c he wanted a Tungsten wedding band, but also something that was unique. We haven't arrived at our wedding day yet but he tried it on and really liked it! We're both very pleased with the purchase.
, SC -

Very Modern!
I needed to replace my partner's ring, and searched at least 10 different companies. I kept returning to this ring and I'm glad I did! I just gave it to him last weekend and he loves it! He says it fits comfortably, so the sizing (which I just used a sizing measuring ruler that I found online) was perfect! It's got a good weight and the design is Frank Lloyd Wright-reminiscient. He wanted me to add that he thinks the ring is "really trendy and indestructible" and that he has already received several compliments. As other posters noted, the service and the delivery was prompt and helpful!
, Fort Worth, TX -

Handsome ring
I don't wear rings, so I was surprised when I saw this that I felt drawn to it. I ordered it, and if anything it was better looking in person than it was on your site!!!! My GF loves it, and I have had numerous people ask me about it and where they could get one!!! It is a great piece of jewelry with a good weight, and will definely look fantastic on your hand!!
, Central MS USA -

Very comfortable and looks great!
, Amman,Jordan -

Nice Job
Ring is as described and is very good quality for the price. Shipping was super fast. Unlike other users I ordered the ring which I was sized for and it fits as expected. If you get fitted make sure to use a "mens" sizing ring, mens rings fit tighter because they are wider.
, Minnesota -

Perfect Ring
I recently bought this ring and even though I had to exchange it for a different size the ring was perfect. The ring looks alot better up close then it does in the picture. The exchange was very easy and it only took two days for them to return me a new ring. I am very pleased with my purchase and the transaction.
, South Carolina -

Absolutely love the entrensic detail only one slight problem, the side of the rings have a rough finish that can be smooth easily without degrading the stunning appearene. Men and women of all ages love it. Thank you for this wonderful opputunity of quality and durability.
, st.louis -

Ring : I spent a LOT of time looking around at wedding rings on the net but I kept on going back to this ring. I tend to bend and damage rings very easily so wanted one that was thick and at least 7mm width - to get this in gold cost hundreds. The image on the site doesn't do the ring justice, I am very pleased with it and can't wait to get it on my finger. Customer Service : I e-mailed Titanium Key twice asking what may seem stupid, picky questions but the answers were important to me and Tianium Key replied quickly. Also e-mailed after to make sure the ring was OK etc - great customer service. Delivery : This was a LOT quicker tham I expected. Ordered from the US to be delivered to the UK and it took just 4 working days - great. Am in all, both myself and my partner are VERY happy with the ring and I would definetly recommend this site. Thank you.
, Manchester, UK -

Amazing speedy service
Ordered The 2nd generation tungsten carbide ring. Ordered a 9 and it was too tight! Ordered 9 1/2 and it was perfect! This whole order including the exchange happened in only 4 days! Very pleased. Thank you and my Fiance loves it!!
, Temecula ca -

Impressive ring
I am 100% happy with the purchase of the Tungsten Ring I purchased for my husband. We have been married for almost 20 years and I wanted to get him a more trendy ring. I was so impressed with the ring when it came. The price was so much cheaper than local jewelry stores and the quality was amazing. I will refer everyone I know to Titanium Kay. The shipping was also very fast, got the ring in 2 days. For sure a customer for life!
, -

Me and my husband both love this ring
We just ordered this ring for the second time because my husband lost the last one. Both times we were completely amazed at how fast and efficient the service was. And we are both in love with this ring! My husband gets so many complements on it. Its a little scratchy because of the edges but my husband said he doesn't notice it at all on his hand and against his other fingers just when lathering in the shower and such. But not even enough to make it uncomfortable just noticeable. But anyways I think its a great price for such a handsome ring and I have already recommended the site a few times!
, -

Love the Ring!
This ring is most definitely an eyecatcher. It's heavy weight, and has just enough shine to make it look sophisticated. After reading previous reviews about sizing, I ordered my fiance 1/2 a size down because others said it ran large. I shouldn't have done that. He needed an 11, which is what the jeweler sized him at when measuring him for his wedding band and other rings. The other thing is the sides of the ring are pretty sharp, and can snag anything that it comes in contact with. Other than that, we love the ring!
, Maryland -

I was kinda nervous about ordering from a website. But I am SO GLAD that I did!! We were looking at other rings in jewelry stores for upwards of $500. And when I found this ring he actually loved it more than any of the rings in the stores!! Which saved me hundreds of dollars! I did order this ring 1/2 size smaller than the size he was fitted in the stores and it fits perfectly! We LOVE titaniumkay and will definately do business again!
, Joplin, MO -

Definitely Recommend.
This is a really nice looking ring, great design, and we both definitely like it. It's really easy to clean, and really comfortable. The ring does run a bit big as far as size so we ordered a half size smaller and it fits perfectly. The process of getting it was really easy and quick and we had the ring in just a couple of days!
, -

Awesome Ring
I purchased this ring for my husband because it looked heavy duty for his line of work. I was so in love with this ring and so was he when I gave it to him. He is a awesome husband and father and deserves the very best.....
, Fresno, Ca US -

Love It
We purchased this ring as a wedding band for my fiance and are extremely happy with it. The only issue is it fits really big so we sent it back for 1 size smaller. We are just now waiting on our exchange to come back!
, Canada -

Absolutely Stunning
This ring was absolutely beautiful, it is very rugged but gorgeous on the hand. I would highly recommend this ring for someone who has a heavy hand; my husband works in IT and uses his hands constantly. I feel that the ring will not suffer and will retain its quality. Size was a bit off, it ran a touch larger. My husband usually wears a size 13, but we exchanged it for a size 12. Other than that, what a buy!!!!
, New York, NY, US -

Having been married a couple of times (which I am not proud of), this is by far the best ring I have come across. Delivery was quick, cost was reasonable and the quality is excellent.
, Syracuse, NY -

Engagment ring
When discussing the possibility of marriage, my fiance-to be said that he was not sure he could wear a ring since they seem unconfortable and don't appeal to him. This is the only ring I could imagine him wearing and is really "him"! I hope he gets to wear it next week!!!! Really unique, incredible details! Although not as shine as it appears on the picture, a little dimmer. Tnx!
, Greece -

The ring is ok has some sharp edges but not too bad.
, NJ -

This is an usual and very beautiful ring - be advised that the grooves you see are a little sharp, and may well prove a little uncomfortable on the adjoining fingers after a while. And order half a size smaller than you normally wear. Trust me on this.
, NY -

So different
we just love the ring - it is different and looks so good on his hand. it is shiny and beautiful while still being very masculine. i'm so happy we found this website!
, Green Bay, WI -

Looks great, very masculan but has sum sharp edges so not the most confortable to wear.
, Qatar, Middle East -

This is a wonderful site. I purchased my husbands ring from a jeweler for $300+, and he said take it back. Saw this one on Saturday, ordered it that night, got it back Tuesday. Our wedding was the Sunday following. He loves it, and I love it. The quality is amazing, and the width of the band is great. I would highly recommend this site, plus who could beat the price. $200 less than the original ring.
, nc -