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Product Review for CLASSICAL Tungsten Carbide Men's Plain Dome Wedding Band

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Rating: 4.9 / 5 , based on 559 reviews.  
Great value!
I bought this a month ago and, although it hasn't exactly been put through the "wringer", it still has the same exceptional shine and not one single scratch can be seen even after purposely banging it on hard surfaces and dropping it on hard concrete from a few inches to listen to the high-pitched tinging from the exceptionally hard carbide metal alloy. This is the same stuff they use in saw teeth and snowplow blades (or so I'm told) and will last indefinitely in a wedding band, and at an exceptional price!
, Minneapolis -

Great ring at a great price!
I received the ring in a timely manner. I compared it to other tungsten rings sold by retailers in shopping malls and found that the ring I purchased through Titanium Kay was equal in quality. I was able to save a considerable amount over purchasing from a mall retailer. The rings holds its ability to shine and present an elegant appearance. It also has done well in terms of resisting scratches.
, Bloomington, IL -

Great buy
I bought this ring in 2009 and have worn it every day for the last three years. It has been a fantastic purchase. The ring still looks as new as the day I bought it; and as someone who has attempted to scratch it on concrete (to show off to friends), opened multiple beer bottles with it, lifted barbells with it on (I had to stop doing that because I developed a blister), I feel qualified to tell you that you cannot deface this ring unless you throw it into a volcano or vat of acid. Even then I'm not entirely confident the ring would actually be destroyed. Yes, I do show off this ring to friends. It is typically about five times heavier than everyone else's ring, and it has a more solid feel to it. And it's always shinier. I haven't taken it even once to a jeweler for maintenance. The price is far cheaper than anything I could find locally at the time. I dug up this link because I wanted to buy this same ring, only bigger. See, my wife has succeeded in expanding my waistline, and ring size along with it. Seeing as how the price hasn't increased, and it is still the cheapest of its kind, I have no reason to not buy it again. I figured I'd write the review while I'm here. The only drawback I have with this ring is that it is not possible to re-size it--due to its chemical makeup, it will shatter if you try to re-size it. So if you weigh 170 pounds and buy a size 9.5 and marry a woman who can make unrealistically incredible ribs, be prepared to buy another ring in a couple of years. I ain't even mad, all things considered. A++++++++++++ will buy again
, San Antonio, TX -

An Answer to a Prayer
My husband and I were married in 2008. We had found him the most gorgeous ring... dark tungsten... beautiful. Well, as life happens he lost it in early 2011. I searched the internet for a while with no luck. The store where we purchased it stopped carrying tungsten. So I gave up. Then, a couple of weeks ago I decided to start the search again. I found your site and this gorgeous ring. It looked so much like my husband's original ring, I decided to order. I ordered on a Monday and by Friday it was sitting in my mailbox. I opened it and almost cried. It is perfect. The color is dark (which we wanted), but it is such a handsome ring. My husband was floored that he finally had "his" ring back. Needless to say, I wond the Wife of the Year award...haha. Thanks to the amazing customer service department for answering my crazy questions. I will definitely spread the word about this site.
, Florida -

The Best!!!
All I can say is the fit was perfect the first try and the ring is BEAUTIFUL. It looks like silver. Thanks so much. Customer service is also the BEST!!!
, Saugatuck, MI -

great ring
, -

Great Ring
My husband loves this ring! He says it's very comfortable and he hardly notices that it's even on his finger. The ring looks really good and has a nice shine to it. My husband is very active with boating, jet skiing and fishing and he's amazed that there's not one scratch or scuff mark on the ring! This was a great purchase! I also recommend this company. I ordered this ring and got a shipping confirmation the next morning and the ring was in my mailbox the day after that! Now that's great service!
, Huntington Beach, CA -

Beautiful ring, impeccable customer service
Ring is absolutely gorgeous! It has an amazing shine and never, ever scratches. The customer service at Titanium Kay is best I've ever experienced on the internet. Ordered on Sunday night and the ring arrived on Thursday - from California to New Jersey! Would definitely buy from them again.
, NJ -

I purchased this ring for my husband to mark our 30th wedding anniversary. I am not presenting it to him until the end of June but I am sure he will LOVE it! It matches his new watch perfectly! Hopefully the size is correct but through prompt and courteous emails, I have been assured if there is a need to exchange for size, there will be no issue. I received the ring quickly and am quite pleased with my interactions with Titanium Kay. So much so that my newly-engaged daughter had decided to buy her future husband's wedding band from them! Thanks for such a pleasurable experience!
, Yorba Linda, CA -

Exactly as Promissed
This was exactly as promissed! The regular shipping time is impressive too! I will definitely buy from Titanium Kay Again!
, Iowa -

great ring
great ring fits great shipped fast thanks
, -

The ring
It is tungsten, and I have had it for a week, and you want me to review it? It hasn't broken yet, nor been scratched, not that I feel that it is likely.
, -

Durable Ring
My husband likes his ring. He's never worn any jewelry before the wedding ring but he says the ring is comfortable, durable, still has the same finish (course it's only been about a week) and he'd also like the note that his finger has not fallen off. =P
, Dallas, TX, US -

Classy & indestructible
I lift weights 4-5 times a week. My yellow gold band was shredded from gripping barbells. I want to work out with my wedding band on so when I heard about tungsten carbide, I had to give it a try. Titanium Kay is the first website I stumbled across and after comparing it to several others it seemed the clear choice for making a purchase. I am delighted with my ring--looks almost like white gold (a bit darker but very handsome) and after three weeks of abusing it in the gym I can't find a single nick or scratch.
, OH -

We LOVE our rings!!
We wanted good looking but durable wedding rings that came in both our sizes. I'm a prefer simple style .. no diamonds, my husband has a lawn maintenance business, and we are both very hard on our hands (and rings for that matter). These rings hold up to our test day in and day out, and still look as good as the day we got them in the mail. We get compliments on them all the time. We would definitely order from Titanium Kay again if & when these rings wear out =)
, Millbrook, AL -

eye catching
i've had the ring now for a number of months and i wanted to wait to see if the ring would keep it's shine - it did. i've purposely tried to scratch it and it's still keeping it's luster lol anyway good buy - looks great and it's a classic - can't go wrong!!
, new york, ny -

Love it
I have never had wear a ring before in my life, and now I need a ring for my wedding. I tried many rings at the local jewelries but most of them were expensive and not fit me well. I then turned to search online and found this ring. It fits me comfortably and nicely. My fiance and I love it.
, Minneapolis, MN -

Better than gold
I have a gold ring that is bulky and has designs. I never liked the gold ring and subsequently never wore it. This tungsten ring is very comfortable and is almost unnoticeable. Would highly recommend this ring & the price is outstanding. Found a similar ring in a jewelry store for $500 but they didn't know what binder metal was in theirs.
, Denton, TX, US -

Great ring!
Great Ring
, Cleveland, Ohio -

Awesome rings
Great metal and fast shipping
, Edmonton,AB -

Great ring!
I have this for my wedding band and wife wanted a matching one. This is great! Shiny and new always.
, Atlantic City, NJ, US -

wedding ring
Good quality and fast delivery. Highly recommanded.
, Vancouver, BC -

wedding ring.
It is very difficult to find size 4 ring for my wife. I am happy that Titanium Kay has the right fit and impressive quality. I am very happy with the ring.
, Vancouver, BC -

My husband is allergic to nickel so his wedding ring that I got him in the first place was breaking out his finger. So he had to stop wearing. It bother me that he couldn't wear so I had to find something. This ring is GREAT it doesn't bother his finger. Shipping was FAST did not even take 4 days to get here. Pretty sure same day delivery!!!! I would defiantly recommend...
, Clinton, MO -

Great ring at a good cost
I love the ring. I purchased another TK ring but it cuts his finger, so I just got this to replace the nicer one...he says it is nice, but he continues to wear the one that cuts his finger. I think it looks more traditional, and I'm a traditional kind of wife :-)

Great ring
I ordered this ring again b/c my husband lost his during work...I have one of my own in a size 6 in 4mm and I love it. We're both not fans of gold so much and these tungsten rings were right in our price range. Not only do they have a sophisticated and classic look but they don't scratch or damage easily which is a great plus!!! :)
, New York, NY, US -

Terrific Ring!
Just LOVE this ring. Great dome, shiny, great weight to it. You can tell right away that it is quality at a fabulous price. Highly recommended!
, Pylesville, MD -

fantastic ring
I ordered the tungsten ring comfort fit for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It looks a lot more expensive that what it really costs. I would recommend it to any one.
, nc -

Love it
Always shiny, will never scratch. Perfect for me. And the price was unbeatable!
, NY, NY -

Great wieght
My husband loved it. Great quality and finish arrived well before the scheduled date. I will definitely reorder from them in the future.
, Texas -

Love it !
This is the second time I have bought this exact ring for my husband.... (he lost the first one) He loves it, says its comfortabe, its just a great ring !
, Montana -

wonderful ring
i love this ring its husband loves it
, milo,maine -

Awesome Ring!
Most comfortable ring that I have ever owned. The pictures really do not do the ring justice. Really good quality and an excellent fit. The service was outstanding as well. Absolutely no complaints here!
, NH, USA -

Fantastic ring
I ordered this for my boyfriend and it fit wonderfully. The ring arrived very quickly and we are extremely happy with service and quality. I definitely would purchase from Titanium Kay again!
, Toronto, Ontario -

GREAT ring!
We are engaged, getting married this fall and my fiancee wanted a Tungsten Carbide ring. We checked our jeweler and talked to a few friends that just purchased tungsten rings and I found Titanium Kay online, GREAT prices, GREAT selection for the same rings that other places had for double to triple the price! Our ring came, it is great! I love the box it came in and the quality is fantastic! Thank you!
, Pittsburgh, PA -

GReat PUrchase
This is the second ring that I purchase in titanium kay and I can’t be happier. The price was excellent, the quality is amazing, and it just looks great. I highly recommend this site to purchase any ring.
, Puerto Rico -

Color off
I really like the ring they are both nice but the color is a lot darker then it appears in teh photo. Photo makes it look more like a silver or white gold but ring is much darker.
, West Palm, FL -

Beautiful ring!
After my husband of 3 weeks, lost his rather expensive wedding band, I found this one of the same material but at a better price! I love it! It is so shiny and looks good on his finger! Thanks!
, -

great ring
Bought this ring for my husband about a year and a half ago and it fits him perfectly in the summer or if his hands are swollen, but it's a little too loose in the winter. So I decided to order him a half size smaller so that he could switch the rings out when he needed to. Half size smaller was perfect. Both of the rings look GREAT...can't tell which one is the new one and which one is 1 1/2 yrs old with out actually trying them on! Love this ring and would definitely recommend it.
, Germantown TN -


Loving it
Wore for a week 24/7 even at werk, No rash No scratch, blinks all the way. Weight and size are all perfect. Engraving was beautiful.
, Singapore -

right on the money
the classical tungsten ring i ordered in 6mm is great and all my friends say "is that white gold" due to it being so shinny and all. i bought this ring for myself then ordered one for my wifey. with me always working with hand tools and fixing guns this ring i do not have to take off to do my work for fear of damage which is another plus of tungsten carbide rinds so order true to size and you will be fine.
, detroit -

GREAT product
Hello. I first purchased my husband's wedding band in the two weeks before our wedding and received it SO quickly---and we LOVED it. We bought a size bigger than we needed because my husband's hands swell as he was building our house (i know, TMI). But, with his hands returning to normal, the ring slipped off and he lost it. I ordered our second ring, AGAIN getting it super fast, and it fits PERFECTLY. SUCH A GREAT RING! and a GREAT value! THANK YOU!! Kiersten
, washington state -

The ring I ordered arrived quickly and is exactly what I was looking for. After searching all the jewelry stores locally I turned to the internet and found your extensive selesction of products. Lo and behold there was exactly what I was looking for.
, Key West, FL -

Classy, comfortable ring.
I bought this ring as a replacement for my Zales comfort-fit band purchased over umpteen years ago. This ring is very high quality, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. I can't tell the difference vs. my old ring from Zales. Highly recommended!
, Davis Junction, IL -

The delivery was very quick, engraving looks great, extremely quick responses to questions via email!
, -

Great company, great ring
I ordered this ring on a Sunday and it came on a Friday. It is very nice - fits true to size, and is comfortable. Thank you!
, Pennsylvania -

Great Wedding Band
My fiance loves the ring!
, Phoenix AZ -

Tungsten Ring
The ring is beautiful, my husband loved his anniversary ring and I would definatly order from your company again! Thanks
, New Jersey -

Great ring and service
The ring looks great and fits perfectly. The service was excellent. I ordered to different sizes and they both came quickly. I returned one and it was quick and painless!
, Indianapolis, IN -

not bad
i am a guy so i am going to make this short. its what they said, a good ring for a cheap price. i would definately come back.
, TurlockCa -

For price ring is Ok
I bought this ring for my husband after he lost his expensive wedding band. For the price its a great ring. I wasn't happy about the color of the ring. Online it looks silver or like white gold, but in person it has a grayish black tint to it. It didn't look like the picture online. I am not sure if something is wrong with the one that was sent to me or if that is the color it is suppose to be.
, -

Got this ring for father's day. It's beautiful and hubby loves it. I got the Devon ring for myself and it matches my husband's perfectly. I have been showing off my ring at work and everyone is surprise at the price! Thanks. A ring worth more than what I paid for. A real quality jewel.
, Cordova, Tn -

Wonderful ring
I was very impressed with the amount of time it took to recieve the ring. It was delivered in less than the 5 days! Ring looks perfect and my fiance likes it too. Thank you
, Nebraska -

Great Product
I can't say I was surprised because all the reviews I read said it was a great ring, but I was definitely pleased when I received my ring. The note to size down a 1/2 was right on as my ring fits perfectly. A great value for guys like me who don't like rings and have to replace a lost wedding band. Should have gotten the original here and used the savings for more honeymoon time.
, San Jose, CA -

Exceeded Expectations
I bought this ring for my Husband after he lost his white gold wedding band. Tungsten was new to us and I was a little hesitant to get a ring that was so inexpensive. Simply thinking it wouldn't seem as special if it only cost $55. Boy was I wrong! This ring is simply gorgeous. It has a nice weight and the fit and finish is of the highest quality. My family used to own a jewelry store years ago and I wish this material was around back then. The ring looks much more expensive then it is. I read a lot of great feedback on the site which is all true. Yes, the ring is darker then pictured, but it's a handsome looking ring either way. Also, when my husband was trying on rings to check his size, he was comfortable with size 12 which is what I ordered. These rings he tried may not have all been comfort fit. Plus the ring sizers are flat and can't give you a true comfort fit ring size. Trying on rings and wearing them in every day life are 2 different things. His size 12 we ordered could easily come off with a couple shakes of his hand. As stated in a lot of others posts to order 1/2 size down from a regular ring size, it's good advice. I had to exchange it for an 11.5. It fits perfectly. The exchange process was easy and fast! And most important, my Husband loves it!
, NJ -

Very pleased
Purchased tungsten carbide ring for a fifth of the price I saw elsewhere. The ring is beautiful, of equal quality seen anywhere else. You guys also processed a last minute change of the ring size. Very pleased with everything. Thanks!
, Antioch, ca -

EXCEEDS expectations
This ring is SOOO nice, I bought it on a tight budget and showed it too my "expensive" friends who guessed I paid over 300 dollars and was SHOCKED when I told her how much. Now she can't wait to buy her hubby a new ring!
, Washington State -

I love the ring
I purchased the ring for my future husband's wedding band, we wanted something durable, and he loved the ring in the store for a ridiculous price. We found Titanium kay and had no hesittaion, we love the ring , the site and how incredibly fast it came with regular delivery. Thank you titanium kay!
, Staten Island, NY -

Perfect match
After losing my original band, I thought it would be awhile before I could get another. A friend led me to Titanium Kay. The same rings that I was in jewelry stores were 1/2 price! I was able to replace my lost ring for just over $50 with free shipping and received it within 3 days. Thanks!
, St. Louis -

Beautiful ring
This ring is beautiful. Keep in mind that it is a darker then the actual picture but my fiance still loves it.
, San Diego -

Love It!
Love the ring. It is just what we wanted. Living so far away from where the ring would ship from I was surprised at how fast the ring went back and forth for engraving. Very pleased with the whole experience.
, Massachusetts -

great service
I ordered the ring with normal shipping and it came with in two days. The ring was perfect and there were no surprises. I will use the site again to purchase products.
, sacramento ca -

Great product!
Hey, just a quick note to say the quality and service are fantastic. I received it in the mailbox the day after I ordered it. My original ring is 2 years old and I just ordered a smaller size, and I have absolutely no complaints. Thanks a lot!
, Los Angeles, CA -

Outstanding Ring
I just love this ring. Everyone that I'v shown this ring to don't believe how much I paid for it. They all think I paid hundreds of dollars for it. Outstanding ring!
, Houston, Tx. -

Love the ring
The ring is beautiful and very sturdy. Can't wait to see how it handles everyday wear and tear. I loved working with this company. I ordered and two days later I had the rings! Highly recommend.
, Delaware -

great ring, great price and fast delivery!!!!
, Puyallup, WA, USA -

Great Quality
I'm always a bit nervous when I buy something important online, but we love the ring. It's a heavier weight and a nice color, though a little darker than pictured online. It's exactly what he wanted and for a great price! Thank you!
, AZ -

Georgeous Ring!
The ring, price, service were all fantastic. The ring was shipped quickly and my husband and I couldn't be more happier with the quality! Thank you!
, Reno, NV -

Awesome ring
I love this ring! And Titanium Kay was so professional. I had to send the ring back to get a smaller size and even with doing that, I got the final ring about 1 1/2 weeks after ordering. They are quick!!! Would recommend to anyone!
, Texas -

Love the finish & durability
Very happy with this product
, Australia -

Great ring
I'm allergic to most metals (even those listed as hypoallergenic), I've worn this ring nonstop for the week that I've had it with NO reaction. It's impervious to damage from what I've seen so far, I love it, and so does my wife.
, Caddo Mills, TX -

Was a little skeptical when I ordered this ring, but it an awesome piece of jewelry. Liked it so much, I order my wife the 4mm version of this ring. You can't go wrong with this purchase and it even had free shipping.
, AL -

Great ring
This is the second tungsten ring I have bought from TitaniumKay. They are both wonderful, and I haven't had any problems with shipping. My fiance LOVES his rings.
, -

Perfect Ring!
This is the exact same ring that we found in the mall jewelry store except $200 less! Could not be more satisfied
, Lake Forest, Ca -

Smooth Transaction
I ordered this ring obviously for my fiancee for our wedding. I received it sooner that I thought I would, and the ring looked even better than it did online. The price was also great, it beat any other site or store. I would definitely recommend Titanium Kay to anyone looking to save on a ring. You are saving your money without comprimising quality. Thank you!
, Winter Park, Florida -

ring was perfect!
This ring was exactly like the one I found for more than double the price in stores. It was exactly what we wanted, delivered quickly and best of all a fraction of the price! Could not be happier!
, -

Nice ring
Great ring. Fast shipping. Overall, a very good experience!
, Sydney -

Perfect ring
I bought this ring for my (now) husband because the finish ans shape is a perfect match to my platinum setting but without the platinum price. The ring has weight to it which my husband likes. If you want something light then you will want a different ring. His ring fit true to size. He says it is comfortable and wears it every day. The order process was easy, shipping was quick, prices are amazing. If I ever need another ring for my husband (or perhaps a future husband) I will be back here again.
, New York, NY -

Nice Looking Ring
The ring is great, however I read a lot of the comments about how this particular ring was sized a bit larger and to order about a half size smaller. I had to send the ring back and order his normal size! So I'd try the person's normal size first before ordering a different size despite all the comments. The ring and exchange process are great though!
, Virginia -

Very Happy
This ring was everything it was advertised to be. We are very happy with this purchase. It looks great and he says it feels comfortable. The EXACT same ring at local jewelry stores was twice the cost. We are very happy with this purchase.
, Fayetteville, AR, US -

WOW- A++
The service on this product was fast!!! The product was better than described and fit like a glove. I would recommend this product to anyone! It is certainly better than ones I looked at at the jewelers. Solid as a tank,easy to wear; and great service you can't beat that ! A++
, Greenville, SC -

Great Rings
Have gotten 2 in the last 2 years. Allways shipped promptly and have gotten before expected.
, Yukon, OK -

Excelent Ring
Congratulations for the quality of the products my girlfriend was very happy with the alliances and everyone agreed it looked compared with a gold and she pretty much
, Sao Paulo Brasil -

Great ring
After getting the correct size, this is a perfect ring for my husband. He wears it all the time after not wearing a wedding band for years. Thanks!
, Montana, US -

The Best Ring Buying Experience
Mark was so helpful to ensure my engraved ring for my soon-to-be husband turned out perfect. The fastest shipping too! Would definately order from Titanium Kay again!!
, Beverly Hills, CA -

Great ring
I am very happy with the tungsten rings I have ordered. Excellent choice and my wife is happy as well.
, Stockton, CA USA -

Just what I wanted!
Excellent customer service and very fast shipping! I wanted the classic wedding ring but in a darker silver than white gold. This is exactly the ring I was looking for. Great quality and very reasonably priced.
, Georgia -

Simple and Elegant
I found this ring to be the perfect simple wedding band. It's not too 'blingy' or fragile to wear, and is quite comfortable. I found that I needed a half-size smaller than usual due to the 'comfort fit.' Quite nice.
, South Carolina -

Great ring
This is an exceptional value. The ring is perfect for those who don't want to worry about scratching or bending a ring. It can take lots of abuse and still look as shiny and clean as the day it was purchased. The one thing you have to be aware of is the appropriate sizing. This ring runs a little bigger than what you may expect. If you are debating what size to get make sure you go with the smaller of your two choices. I am on my second one of these because the first one slipped off my finger without me knowing it. My new one is a 1/2 size smaller. Shipping and handling with Titanium Kay was great!!!
, VA -

Very shiny
Bought this for my fiancee and we both really liked it.
, Anchorage, AK -

Ordered the ring almost two weeks before the wedding. Received it sooner than expected (phew! cuz I was cuttin' it short!). It was and is beautiful! It fits my husband well and is very very handsome. We have already gotten a lot of complements! So, easy ordering, FANTASTIC pricing, and OUTSTANDING man's wedding band! We couldn't be happier! (we just may order another one!) Thank you, Kiersten
, Washington -

Couldn't be happier!
We were very impressed with the speed that our rings arrived, and their quality. Couldn't be happier!
, Austin, Texas -

Excellent Service!
We ordered this ring at 3pm EST, and by 6PM, I received an email that it had shipped! I only ordered standard shipping, but my ring came within two days. We ordered the wrong size and exchanged it for a different size and slightly different style. The turnaround time was amazing! We are very impressed with the rapid service and the quality of the ring. We love it!
, Florida -

Superb styling
My fiancee and I were looking for a Tungsten wedding band for me (the Groom) at an affordable price, and we found that here. We love the look of the polished dome band. I ordered 1 half size lower to compensate for the "comfort fitting" and it fit perfectly. The gun-metal look is amazing. It is a fairly heavy and bulky ring, so if you have slender fingers this may not be for you. Also, Titanium Kay's service is excellent. I hope to return for other products someday! Thank you.
, Boston, MA -

my husband and I were looking for comfortable rings that last, he works on cars all day and his first ring was Titanium and was completely scratched and dull...this ring though is shiny and beautiful everday!
, Otis, OR -

The one ring to rule them all
I purchased this ring as a wedding band and i love it! The luster and scratch resistance of the tungsten are just two of the wonderful qualities of this awesome ring. TKay did an awesome job delivering it with no delays and no mix-ups. Thanks Titanium Kay!
, Russellville, AR -

He LOVED it!
My husband loves his ring! We were both surprised at the lovely color (it is darker than pictured) and the shine that it gives off. Great value, and it's very modern, but sill has a very classic look. Considered engraving it, but decided against it, as it shows up so faintly. It isn't too flashy, and we both love that he can't scratch it at work!
, San Diego, CA -

The ring is beautiful. My fiance loves the way it fits/feels on his finger. It looks just like it does in the picture online and it arrived VERY quickly!
, Memphis, TN -

Fantastic Buy
I was squeamish when my fiance told me she had ordered my wedding ring on line. I was worried about the fit because I know Tungsten Carbide cannot be resized. I was pleasently suprised when the ring arrived. It is a beautifully masculine piece of jewelry. It's high gloss shine will never dull and it is perfectly true to size. The price was about half of what they wanted for plain tungsten rings where I live. Thanks TK!
, Mexico MO -

Excellent purchase
Excellent purchase. Served as a replacement ring for my husband and will be able to sustain his work environment. Color darker than I expected, but great purchase.
, Orlando, FL -

Loved the Ring!
We're very happy. My fiance loved his wedding ring!
, Morristown, TN -

Great Ring
Just what I wanted, and it looked just like the picture. I came right away (3 days) via USPS, too.
, Rochester, NY -

Just what I ordered
The ring was exactly what my wife and I wanted for my wedding band. It is comfortable and fits perfectly.
, New Hampshire -

great ring
comfortable and good quality at a nice price
, -

I love this ring. I was having problems ordering a Tungsten ring from WALMART. They don't have any larger than 12 and they can't be ordered. Tungsten rings can not be resized so, I finally found This ring in a size 13. My Fiancé LOVES his ring. He works for a beer distributing company, he wanted a ring that could with stand some hands on work... This ring should be perfect. Right now it sits in the box. But after Sept. 21, 2009 it will be on his finger for good. I can't wait to order more from your site in the future. Thanks for everything. Melissa
, Fayetteville, NC -

Perfect ring!
I am very pleased with my purchased from Titanium Kay! The ring is just beautiful, and fits perfectly! Exactly as advertised...and probably better! Thanks Titanium Kay!
, Denver, CO -

Perfect Ring
So my fiancee let me pick out what ring I wanted and I am really glad! I am a mechanical engineer and with all the hands on projects in myfield, I knew a tungsten carbide ring was the way to go. I was suprised how light it was when I got it even though it is such a strong ring. The colors pretty cool to. And at this price, definently a good buy!
, TX -

Great ring
Very simple, durable and comfortable ring. Well made and sure to last forever. Great price too!
, New York, NY, USA -

Simple, Elegant Ring
The color of the ring is slightly darker than it appears in the photos, but it has a beautiful shine and is very comfortable. It was also shipped to me faster than expected.
, Brooklyn, NY, US -

The ring was perfect and came in less than a week.
, Chicago, IL -

Great Quality and Service!
My fiance loves the wedding ring I bought for him. It arrived very quickly and the quality is excellent! The first ring I purchased turned out to be too small. I sent it back and recieved an email announcing the new size was on its way! Two days later, we had the correct sized ring. I've never experienced such excellent service before. The only drawback to our shopping experience, was the ring is a little darker in person than shown online.
, Arkansas -

Fiance very happy!
Fiance was very happy with the quality of the ring. It looks great!
, Tulsa, Oklahoma -

Nice ring for the price...
The ring itself was fine and well worth the price, but I was looking for a whiter finish. The gunmetal was too dark for me...but all in all very satisfying experience.
, Chicago, IL -

Beautiful Ring
The ring is well constructed and the price is unbeatable.
, Waxahachie, TX -

Great Buy
I recently purchased this item to replace a white gold band I had lost. I was hesitant to order because I was concerned the band would fade or be scratched. I overrided my common sense, ordered the ring and have been wearing it close to a month now. I am happy to say it remains very shiny, eye-catching and without fade or scratch. I am pretty obsessive compulsive about perfection and I have to say this has been an excellent buy. I don't see myself owning another ring. Not really an cons to report at this time. The purchase arrived on time and as promised.
, Phoenix, Arizona -

I want to thank everyone at TitaniumKay for providing such outstanding service! I ordered my fiance's wedding band on here bc of the price, and I go much more than just a great price! I recieved his wedding band a week earlier than I was expecting and it is perfect! Exactly what I wanted and saw in jewelry stores but over $100 less! Thank you so much for your great service and beautiful product!
, Columbia, SC -

Wonderful Ring
The ring was exactly what i wanted and it was at a great price. Thanks so much for getting me exactly what i needed for this special day.
, -

This ring is gorgeous, and was delivered very promptly. I had to send it back to get a half size smaller, and the new ring was delivered right away. Great service, beautiful ring!!
, New Hampshire -

Great Value
I was very happy with this purchase. While the color was a little duller than I originally wanted, I've grown to like it. I was very glad this website was recommended to me by a friend. The finish looks very good. I've gotten many good comments about it.
, St. Louis, MO -

simple & classic
this ring is just as described. its a rich dark tungsten with a great polished finish. i love it and so does he! i think i might even get the smaller one for myself! the sizing was right on target... what an amazing price!!!
, College Station, Texas -

Great ring
A great ring at a nice price. It keeps it's shine forever.
, Cleveland, OH -

Very Happy
Thank You so much for a great ring and sending it so fast!!! I will definately check your site out for future jewelry needs.
, Virginia -

Love it.
The ring is perfect. We love it, and it fits! I was very happy with my purchase. Plus, I saved a lot of money over what I would have paid for similar rings in local shops. The tungston is a very attractive metal with a beautiful polish. Thank you.
, Vancouver, Canada -

Great Great Ring
Loved the service and quality of TItanium Kay. The ring came fast, and it's so good looking. Awesome website.
, Utah -

Great service!
We had gotten the wrong size and they were so quick and helpful in getting us our replacement. Ships fast and great service. Loved the ring very much!
, Maryland -

Exactly as advertised
Very happy with the appearance and finish of the ring. True to size. Very pleased.
, Tennessee -

Men's wedding band
The sizing is a little big. He was sized as a 9 at a couple local jewelry stores and we ended up having to exchange. But the exchange was sooo painless and we had the new ring within days. It's perfect and way cheaper than the exact same ring when we looked at it at Jared. They wanted almost $200 and we paid $60 through Titanium Kay.
, Rancho Cucamonga, CA -

Titanium Kay was perfect. If you are hesitant to order rings online- don't be. Transaction was smooth, shipping was fast and my ring was perfect. The tungsten carbide wedding band is very nice and heavy (but comfortable). I highly recommend this ring to anybody looking for a nice solid wedding band. It is very scratch resistant also as advertised. I actually dropped mine the day I got it on our rough cement patio showing it to my buddy and watched in horror as it rolled and bounced into the grass. Picked it up- wiped it with my shirt and couldn't believe there wasn't a scratch to be found. Very cool.
, Wheeling WV -

The ring was perfect and was shipped and received immediately. Would recommend to everyone.
, Orange County -

awesome ring
Fast shipping. Fit perfect. Great ring for my farmer husband.
, WV -

Great Ring
I am very pleased with my new ring and can't wait to show it off when I renew my vows for my 25th wedding anniversary. Thanks for a great product with great service.
, Fayetteville AR -

Tungsten dome
the ring is well made and everything I expected. TK has excellent service even to Iraq (I lost my band in Kuwait)I think sizes run big but they sent another very fast. I recomend this product and this company
, Iraq -

Great Ring
Will buy from again. great service.
, Los Angeles -

Better than I expected
Ring fit perfect and much better quality than I expected for $55. Im usually pretty hard on rings, and this one isnt even scratched after being dropped, rammed into stuff, etc. Very well built and heavy. Slightly darker tint than white gold - more like 'gun metal' but holds its shine alot better. Just think, they line missiles with tungsten so it will penetrate buildings (less refined of course)... so imagine that in a ring...
, Tampa, FL -

Great Ring!!
Thank you Titanium Kay for your quick shipping and wonderful now husband loves the ring...Great Prices!!!
, San Antonio, TX -

Nice ring
I had lost some weight recently and then lost my gold wedding band. The price of gold is much higher now than it was when I first purchased my ring so I was looking for something different. I ordered the Classical Tungsten Carbide plain dome wedding band because it was a similar design to what I had and was an excellent price. Because I had to pay postage to Canada I decided to include the Titanium Carbon fiber inlay band in my purchase as well. I absolutely love both rings and was please how quickly the shipment arrived. I only wish I included more items in my origonal order. I will be certainly be a repeat customer and have recommended the web site to several people at work.
, Regina, Sask. Canada -

Great product
Nice ring. I lost mine and this is exactly what I was looking for. Engraving is great. I received this very fast too. (I got it shipped with the engraving. Usually they will not do it until they make sure it fits but in my case I KNEW my size and wasn't worried.)
, MS -

No Problems
Like most people, I was a bit skeptical considering how low Titanium Kay's prices were. I got my ring quickly and it looks great. I needed to get a 1/2 size smaller and that was no problem either. Just sent it back and got my new ring back within a week.
, Chicago -

Wonderful ring
I am very please with the ring so far. I like that it is made out of strong material and it looks so good. My husband is in construction and he needs a ring that can with stand that type of work. He said that he is please with it and he likes how it feel. Thanks for checking. Beryl,
, Baton Rouge, LA -

WOW! great for men!
My husband works in the construction industry and the tungsten ring is perfect for him! It still has no sratches and its very shiny! Its almost too good to be true! Thanks for the great price...if your looking for a tungsten ring-go cheap because they are all the same! Thank You!
, Montgomery, AL -

So Impressed !
Wow, I followed others sugestions to order a 1/2 size down and we recieved the ring very quickly, it fit perfectly and my husband loves it ! He says that it is very comfortable, he works in construction and so far it has held up, no scratches or problems, I highly recomend Titanium Kay, they are wonderful to work with, have the best prices around and have a great product!
, Montana -

This is the second ring we ordered from Kay. The first one was a black tungsten and it was beautiful, but was scratched and scuffed very easy. We purchased this ring because my husband lost his black tungsten and decided that we would buy the shiny one to wear everyday and then order another black one for special occasions. We loved both rings! Shipped fast and I love the shine! THank you!!
, Utah -

great experience
I ordered matching rings for me and my fiance. Mine didn't go well with my engagement ring, so I had to return it but my fiance loves his. We did have to exchange it for half size smaller, so I will recommend ordering smaller ring then you thing you need, they really do fit bigger. We ended up returning one ring and exchanging the other and the whole experience was wonderful. Both transactions were processed in few days. Excellent customer service.
, San Jose, CA -

wedding ring
Everything about working with you was good! You were quick to ship and quick to answer questions. Thank you so much!
, St. Louis -

Great Service
I ordered this ring on a Friday and it arrived at my in-law's place in Missouri by the next Monday. The ring is excellent, and lots of people have commented on how much they like it. If I buy the same type of ring again in the future, it will be from this place.
, Provo, Utah -

We ordered this ring because they make large sizes and the quality is remarkable. We received the order in no more than 7 days! My husband loves his ring and loves the price for the quality. Thank you! We would definitely recommend you to our family and friends.
, New Jersey -

Nice ring
I love this ring, it is just as depicted in the photograph. I would reccomned to anyone! Thanks Titanium Kay
, MO -

She loved it
My wife wanted a Tungsten Ring comparible to mine after seeing me never take it off while building our house. I got her one. She loves it. It keeps its shine without a scratch through garden work or house work to a night out.
, Knoxville, TN US -

Awesome ring
This ring was perfect. I wanted my fiance and I to have matching wedding bands, but needed something that wouldn't scratch because I work at a machine shop. The polish on the ring is perfect and it's actual pretty light for a tungsten carbide ring. I'm very happy with the product and glad to have this as our wedding bands for the rest of our lives. Two thumbs up!
, San Diego, CA, US -

Awesome Service!
I ordered this ring about a month before my wedding, I was wrong about the size I needed, and sent it back, asking for smaller size. Again, I over estimated...Titanium Kay did not judge, and sent the new ring no questions asked, and it came within days! thanks!
, Detroit, MI -

Great Ring
I was very happy with this ring. I bought a ring for myself and my wife had to have one also.
, Dallas, TX -

Tungsten Carbide ring
VERY satisfied with the ring AND the customer service. I had to return the first ring because it was too large and had quick turnaround. Now we have a great ring that fits! Thank you. I will recommend you to others!
, Virginia -

not impressed
the ring is not what the discription showed or discribed. Will not do business with this company again! Guess you get what you pay for!!!
, tennessee -

Exactly what we were looking for!
I came across this website when looking for a tungsten ring for my husband. He's had so many white gold rings and they all got ruined because he works with his hands all day. This ring is absolutely perfect. It is still perfectly smooth and flawless and he has even intentionally tried to mess it up. The service has been great. We got the ring in three days and even though we had to send it back because it was slightly too big, we still got it the right size back within a week. Thank you Titanium Kay!
, Las Vegas, NV. -

Exceptionally Perfect
It came right on time, actually a little early. It looks flawless. Great Price and a better buy than any local jeweler. Thanks a lot!!
, Orlando, FL -

Great Great Ring
Loved the ring, fits great, great price, great quality. Would absolutely buy from them again
, Chattanooga, TN -

Great Ring
My husband and I saw this ring in a mall and it was at least twice as expensive as here. Really like the ring. However, when ordering had to order 1 size smaller. Also, it came really fast (in about 2-3 days). Very pleased!
, Denver, CO -

Great Ring
Very fast service and true to its description. I was happy with the engraving as well.
, -

Great ring
We like the ring we ordered from your company. Fit great and looks good on. THANKS!!
, Raleigh, NC, US -

Great Ring
Definitely great for a man's wedding ring, very tough and sturdy. I am very satisfied with this band.
, Tobyhanna, PA -

I love the ring I got for my husband. Better than that he loves it! It's so durable and believe me I think he tries to stratch it LOL. Only because we like to put things to the test. That ring passes with flying colors. Thanks titanium kay
, -

Fantastic ring
Hi everyone, we ordered this ring for my fiance as all the standard white gold rings did nothing for him. I emailed Titanium Kay with his english ring size and they recommended the correct US ring size, it was that easy. All we can say is that it is an amazing ring, beautiful shine, perfect width and just fantastic overall. As for the service it was outstanding, we ordered the ring on the Thursday evening and we had it in our hands on the following Tuesday morning. Being in Ireland I had some reservations about ordering his ring online but with Titanium Kay I neednt have worried. What a fantastically smooth, quick and efficient service offered by these guys. They come highly recommended by us, both for such a quality product and the perfect service. Again many thanks.
, Ireland -

wedding band
Ring was great, service was wonderful, ring was send in only 4 days, website site is very detailed and clear, would wreck amend this site.
, nb canada -

Beautiful Ring
I bought this ring to replace my husbands first wedding band (which I also bought from Titanium Kay). I love the look of this one, better even, than the first one I bought him. He also says that this one is more comfortable to wear.
, MD -

WOW!!! We could not be more pleased with the carbide ring we ordered, and received within a week. It's beautiful, and looks just like the picture. I was worried that it would be too dark, but it looks very close to white gold ( Classic dome comfort fit band). WE LOVE IT! iT'S PERFECT!
, North Carolina -

Perfect Ring
I went to a couple of jewlers looking for the exact ring I bought at your website. I could find any the exact way I wanted plus anything close was about 3 times as expensive. Thanks for a perfect ring!
, Salt Lake City, Ut -

Beautiful ring. Excellent customer service. I ordered the wrong size, but exchange was very simple and smooth. Would buy from titanium kay again.
, 91709 -

Beautiful Simplicity...
My fiancees and I wanted something simple yet elegant, traditional but not stereotypical. These rings were an absolutely perfect match. The laser etched inscription inside the bands were exquisitely done. The deep, lustrous sheen is as enduring as our love. We couldn't have been more pleased! =)
, Pittsburgh, PA -

Tungsten Men's Ring
I bought this ring for my husband to replace his current gold one. The gold ring we originally got married with is too soft and now has scratches all over it from him going out on range (he's in the army). I looked all over for a new ring that was affordable but strong enough to endure his hard work, so i purchased this ring. He loves it, I love it, and best of all it was affordable, shipped quickly, fits perfectly, and can endure the work he does!!
, Kentucky -

Much better!
Got the right size this time around... and the style definitely screams "I'M MARRIED" due to its traditional design. Solid, comfortable, and visually appealing.
, Southern New Mexico -

So beautiful
I am highly recommend any one to buy rings from titanium Kay...very friendly approach and high quality services...I like this classical ring, it is so cute and so comfort and simply Amazing...
, Saudi Arabia -

Comfortable and beautiful!
I needed to exchange my husband's ring from 8.5 to a size 9. No problem and very quick shipping. He loves his ring and I love that our rings match and will last (and shine!) forever.
, Boulder, CO -

Gorgeous ring!
I love the ring I purchased. I ordered a size 5 and I'm 5'5" and it looks perfect on my hand -- not too wide. I've been wearing it non-stop for about a month and it seems indestructible! I've worn all kinds of gold and silver rings and they always scratch immediately. I tend to be hard on my jewelry so tungsten carbide is a godsend for me. Super shine, very comfortable, and easy on the wallet! Thanks!
, Boulder, CO -

Perfect Ring
I originally had purchased a black tungsten wedding band, but when it arrived it was too big and to me it didn't look like a wedding band. So I sent it back a purchased this simple, yet elegant wedding band and am VERY pleased with it. It looks like white gold, but won't scratch and won't lose it color. Titanium Kay were great throughout the whole process and the shipping was very fast. Highly recomended.
, Newfoundland, Canada -

This is definitely a great choice when you're looking for a quality, traditional wedding ring. Comfortable, good amount of weight, and a perfect sheen.
, Southern New Mexico -

So simple, so good
I ordered a fancier ring and didn't like how it looked, so I opted with this classic shape. I love it. The beauty and robustness is worth a lot more than the 54 dollars I paid!
, Northwest US -

Great Ring for Price
We ordered the tungsten carbide men's plain dome wedding band, with engraving, and it was perfect. My fiance loves it, and it is a great deal!
, Baltimore, MD -

Very cool
Inexpensive, VERY nice quality. Feels great. Awesome exchange process due to a mis-sizing.
, Austin, TX -

Gorgeous rings
The rings are gorgeous and heavy with a lovely dark metallic sheen that I love. We went half a size smaller than we were sized as per the recommendations, and they fit well and are extremely comfortable. Love the look and the weight of it!
, Australia -

looks great
the ring is a little heavier than i expected. I wish it came in 1/4 sizes.
, Wilkes Barre, PA -

excellent quality!
I received my fiance's ring in perfect condition and very quickly! The quality of the ring was absolutely excellent. I will definitely buy from you again!
, Guam usa -

We looked at rings just like this one but they were priced one or two hundred higher! He works on a farm so he can't wear it much! He loves the look of it!
, Missouri -

We love our rings. They look better than gold at a fraction of the cost.
, Michigan -

Great ring
The ring was priced right and looks fantastic. I received my ring just a couple of days after I placed the order. Breat service and a great ring!
, Calfornia -

I've recommended Titanium Kay to friends and family and would shop here online again.
, Midwest -

Beautiful ring
I ordered another ring from another company to match my wedding band and the Mr. didn't like it and wanted something more plain. I looked around for a ring that would suite his style and still be able to withstand the abuse it may incur. I found Titanium Kay and they had just the answer. This ring is plain (like him lol) and withstands a darn good beating. I would recomend Titanium Kay to anyone needing a ring to stand up to everyday wear and tear.
, Urbandale, IA -

Just ok
The ring itself is very nice and the service wonderful, but I found the ring is very "thick" so you can´t put your fingers together. It is not very comfortable.
, Mexico -

Excellent Ring
The ring is so beautiful, and my Husband loved it and thinks it is so comfortable with the comfort fit style.
, Virginia -

Good ring
The ring quality is good. Maybe just a little too heavy, but got used to it.
, Edmonton, AB, Canada -

Loves it!
Justin loves his ring - the first thing he did when he got it was try to scratch it on some bricks and it is still as shiny and gorgeous as ever - not a scratch on it!
, Wichita, KS -

Very pleased!
The service was great. The ring was high quality yet relatively inexpensive. I had ordered the wrong size and exchanged it with ease. The shipping and correspondence was very efficient. Overall, I am very pleased.
, Midwest -

great purchase
I bought this ring for my fiance and he loves it. It fits perfectly, is true to the given description, and is very shiny and comfortable. Customer service is great and the ring arrived quickly without any problems.
, -

great ring
very nice ring.. for a terrific price! thanks!
, tulsa, ok us -

Very sharp!
We originally ordered the "Prometheus" ring but after deciding that it looked too bulky on my fiancés finger changed our order to this ring. Not only did it arrive in perfect condition, the trade between the two orders went perfectly smooth. I highly recommend Titanium Kay for your wedding band purchase!!!
, Minnetonka, MN -

Great Ring
The ring is perfect. Fits great and looks amazing also. Had tons of comments and questions asking where I got it from at the wedding. Thanks!
, Florida -

awesome ring
I am very happy with the ring I ordered, my husband to be was very happy with it and it is very comfortable for him to wear. It is very attractive and shiny.
, Colorado -

Great ring
I had lost my original wedding band and wanted a replacement. The original one was a stainless steel ring which was purchased for $100 at a local jewely store. I honestly wasn't that disappointed when I lost it because it didn't fit all that well and I kept taking it off because of that. Also I would wear it to the gym and it would get scratched from lifting weights. I came across this attractive ring on the Titanium Kay website and liked the bargain price. I wasn't too familiar with tungsten but after reading some reviews about it I knew it would suit my needs perfectly. I am happy to report that after wearing if for 2 weeks so far I could not be happier. It feels comfortable wearing it and I wear it to the gym and not one scratch on it! I highly recommend ordering from this website.
, -

My first wedding band was titanium and because I work with my hands, the ring was pretty banged up the first few weeks. I ordered the tungsten carbide model and it has maintained the same luster through my heavy work days. Perfect ring, perfect service, perfect experience.
, South Florida -

Nice ring just know your size
It was pretty cool, but I had to exchange it for another ring because it was a half-size too big. Since regular (free) shipping it takes a while to get the ring back. The comfort fit is great!
, Champaign, IL -

Great Ring
I recently ordered two rings from TK. I couldn't be happier. Shipping was lightning fast. I even ordered one of them in the wrong size. Sent it back and received a no hassle free exchange. My questions were answered quickly and professionally. And the quality of the merchandise is outstanding A truly great experience
, Augusta, GA -

Everything went great
After receiving the first ring I ordered, I had to exchange it for one smaller--but I have never dealt with a company before that made the exchange process so simple, fast, painless, and just overall an easy experience. The ring is pretty much indestructible--just for fun, I ran it over with my car. Not a scratch on it. Awesome product, fantastic customer service, will buy from again :)
, Corvallis, OR, US -

Perfect ring
I found the perfect wedding band on this site. It will take the abuse I will inevitably subject it to as a hands-on scientist and will remain as shiny as the day I wed my Page.
, Denver, CO -

Great ring
I am extremely happy at the product and service I received with Titanium Kay. This was exactly what I was looking for in a ring and the price can't be beat. I've gone to a few jewelery stores looking at the same ring that was 4 times as much as not as nice! Thanks for a fantastic ring!
, -

My Fiance loved it. It has a nice weight and looks beautiful. Shipping was very fast, and what a great deal. Thanks!
, Holyoke, Ma -

Love it!
My ring is very comfortable and gorgeous. I have worn it non-stop for over a week now and not a scratch. Wonderful.
, Michigan, US -

exactly what i was looking for at a great price
, tampa, fl -

Classic Ring-Great Company
Not only is this a great looking classic wedding band but this company is really wonderful. My husband tried several different rings before deciding on this one. Titanium Kay was willing to work with us until we found the right ring for us. The engraving is also a nice touch. Highly recommend this company and will be a return customer in the future.
, Oregon -

1 cool ring
Great ring at a great price. Minimal wait for arrival.Thanks.
, Helena Mt. -

Titanium Man's Ring
My husband and I both absolutely fell in love with the ring. Had to send back for smaller size and engraving, but completely satisfied. Will continue to place orders through Titanium Kay for special occasions.
, Orlando, Florida -

just right
It is perfect! Just what we wanted and I am so glad I took the risk of ordering over the internet! Thank you!
, -

Great ring and great service.
Flawless and looks just like picture. Comfortable to wear. On-time delivery. I called to change the order right after I placed it, and it was no problem. Both ring and T.K. are highly recommended.
, Chicago, IL -

Awesome service and a great value! When I lose my wedding ring again for the third time, I will buy another replacement from Titanium Kay!
, SoCal -

Ring review
The ring I received from Titanium Kay was gorgeous, although I had to exchange it for a different size.
, -

Wonderful Ring
My husband loves it and the smooth fit of the ring. even his co-workers ask where it came from
, virginia -

Great deal
I had done a lot of research and found your website to be the best. I saved $145 over the retail price! Ordered the ring on Sunday night and had it on Wednesday. The quality of the ring is outstanding. I would recommend Titanium Kay to anyone looking for a quality ring at great prices (which would probably be about everyone)!
, Charlotte -

shiny men's band
I purchased this ring for my husband for Christmas and he loved it! It was a little too big in size, so I returned it and ordered a half size smaller. Now, it fits perfect and he loves it. It is very shiny and a beautiful ring. I was so impressed with the ease of return and the fast return to me! Thanks so much. I will definitely order again. I have told all of my friends and clients about you!
, Poughkeepsie, NY -

My girlfriend got me one for Christmas, and I love it! It feels great, looks amazing, and really doesnt scratch. I do everything with it on. I had to go with a full size smaller then normal with this one, so its a good idea to go smaller. Buy it, you'll love it.
, Beaufort, SC -

Wedding Ring
Everything was perfect - the ring was beautiful. thank you so much!
, Nipomo, CA, US -

nicely done
I was looking for an alternative to over-priced brick and mortar retailers. I was impressed with the results. Thanks!
, Milwaukee -

Great ring
You can't beat the price. My husband lost his first ring so it's nice to know if he is absent minded again he won't be wasting as much money this time :)
, South Florida -

Fantastic product
Extremely helpful staff answered my questions on the phone and shipped the ring immediately. Will definitely order from TK again!
, Bloomington -

Great product
I ordered this for a ring for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it! its very shiny, and very durable. It arrived very quickly, and in a cute box! Definitely would recommend
, USA -

Better than you can imagine!
I cannot say enough about this ring, and the unbelievable service that I received from Titanium Kay. First, the service ... the ring I had ordered for my husband on 12/14 was sent out immediately but because of very slow holiday mail, I still had not received it by 12/22. I called TK and they told me not to worry at all ... they would send another ring out "overnight" at their expense so that I would have the ring for my husband's Christmas! No questions asked! And I could just send back the original ring when it arrived. EXCELLENT SERVICE. Okay .... the ring .... my husband LOVES this ring! He works as an electrician, so he needs a ring that's comfortable and won't get in the way of his work. He hasn't taken the ring off his finger since it went on! It is SO shiny ... he gets TONS of compliments on it all day. Do not hesitate to buy from Titanium Kay.
, Modesto, CA -

Great ring
The ring is wonderful. The price is cheap but it does not look of feel cheap! The box that it came is is pretty cool too. I think my boyfriend liked the box just as much as the ring!!
, Adrian, MI -

The rings is great and looks real sharp.
, Capitola -CALIF -

AS described
Shipped super fast, and is what the jewelry stores say cannot be. Great rings at a great price.
, Independence MO -

great ring
i was really happy with this ring. i did over night shipping and i got it the next day. i was very satisfied over all.
, baltimore, MD -

beautiful ring
The ring is beautiful and my husband loves it-my only problem is I ordered it to big. The delivery time was super fast thank you for getting it to me before Christmas.
, montgomery il -

Beautiful ring, great price!
We had shopped for my wedding band several local jeweler's and couldn't understand why they wanted so much money for a plain men's band. I did an internet search, found Titanium Kay and got a great price with all of the nice upgrades like compfort fit, and got it at half the cost. They also had it at my door earlier that promised. Titanuim Kay is definately the way to cut the high markup on jewelry!
, Decatur, AL -

Great Ring
Great customer service, fast shipping, and a stress-free buying experience! My husband was very pleased and absolutley loves his ring. I would recommend this company to anyone.
, FL -

Ring is durable, stays shiny regardless of abuse. I work in construction handling dirt, masonry, tools, etc.... not a scratch. Fast shipping.
, PA -

Great Deal
Can't beat the deal on this ring. Shiny, heavy, and comfortable. Even though it isn't quite as bright as platinum (it's a little darker), the price is right.
, -

After finding this ring in the jewelry store for $199.00 I came home to try and find a better deal. What a DEAL I found. This ring is wonderful and the price is unbelievable. Highly recommended!
, Muncie IN -

men's wedding ring
I purchased this beautiful shiny domed wedding band for my husband for Christmas because he lost his original wedding band over the summer. It is absolutely beautiful and he loved it!!! It is so shiny and he says it's very comfortable on his finger!!! It was a pleasure to order from Titanium Kay. I received the ring in 3 days after I ordered it and it came in a beautiful gift box. No worries at all! I can't wait to order something else!!! Thanks so much!
, Poughkeepsie, NY -

just as described. shiny, smooth and comfortable. very prompt exchange service and delivery.
, Tucson, AZ -

The ring I purchased is beautiful. It is everything the website says plus more. My boyfriend loves his ring and says it is so comfortable. Next time we shop for rings this website is our primary choice. Thanks for everything.
, Los Angeles, CA, US -

Very happy with ring and transaction. I have worn it for 2 weeks now and it still looks brand new. It is very durable and I anticipate that it will last forever
, -

Titanium wedding band
I ordered this ring for my husband and I was nervous about it. It came priority overnight and it was in a nice box-The ring itself was excellent quality and luckily a perfect fit. It was so easy I recommend it to everyone.
, Los Angeles -

Perfect Wedding Band!
My new husband just loves his ring. The ring is immaculate and has a good wieght so he knows he's wearing it yet not to heavy to bother him when he does his carpentry work. We both just love it!
, MA -

very nice ring
very pleased. super prompt shipment. we needed an exchange, as we ordered wrong size and we had the new one within days of returning.
, Tucson, AZ -

, Buffalo, NY -

Fabulous fit!
Can't believe the comfort of this band! Although there were no women's bands to choose from, I chose this smaller band to wear to the gym and while doing housework as to not ruin my diamond band. now I wear this band more than my original diamond set! I love it!
, FL -

Great ring!!
We love it!! Got it as a second ring b/c the one we bought (that costs WAY more)for the wedding scratches easily. This one is great for work. Little darker in person than it looks online, but like it a lot:-)
, -

I have to say that I was impressed with the whole thing when dealing with the purchase of the wedding band I purchased. I ordered the wrong size and sent it back and received the new sized ring in less than a week. My fiance loves the ring and hasn't taken it off since he got it an tried it on. We get married in May and he likes it so much that he put it on and won't take it off. He says it's very comfortable and he just loves every thing about it...!
, Michigan -

Great Ring
We were a little hesitant to buy a ring online; however, once receiving it, we were VERY pleased. This is a very nice ring... Looks great, and is true to size. We would definitely buy again and recommend to others.
, Indianapolis -


Beautiful Ring
My husband needed a durable ring that he could wear to his warehouse supervisor job. This ring is beautiful, and durable. It is very functional! We both love it!!
, Fort Worth, Texas -

great service
I had to return my ring two times before I got my size right.and the rings were always shiped super quick.the ring its self perfect.I work with my hands and I have yet to find somthing that will scrach it.thanks alot guys!!!
, fort worth,tx -

My husband loves his ring! As for me, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the customer service. I had to return the ring a couple times due to sizing issues, but the process went so quick, I was really suprised. I would def. send anyone I know in the market for a modern, beautiful ring to this website. You really can't go wrong!
, Southern IL -

Wonderful Experience!
My husband LOVES his ring. Titanium Kay was so easy to work with, and so fast! We had to exchange his ring twice to get the right size, and we never had any problems at all. Wonderful price, wonderful service, wonderful product!
, Dallas, TX -

love it!
We purchased this ring for my fiance. We ordered his normal size, a 6, and it fits perfectly. It arrived within two days. We are very pleased with the purchase.
, Indianapolis, IN -

We love the ring! The quality is fantastic and we received it within two days of ordering!
, Tulsa, OK -

Classy Ring
We love this ring. It looks very classic yet very modern. It is a little darker than it looks on the web site but it still looks great. We needed a ring that is durable as we both work using our hands and we are very happy with it and would definetely recommend it to others...
, NY -

Great Looking but Allergic Reaction
This ring was beautiful. The shipping was fast. I like how they sent the ring out for a fit test before doing the engraving. I even traded it in for half a size smaller and it was returned quickly with the engraving completed. Sadly after a few days of wear the ring caused an allergic reaction on my finger and I can no longer wear it.
, Falls Church, VA -

Good looking ring
It is a good looking ring, except that I ordered it slightly too wide. No matter I will exchange it with the 4mm. But the ring itself is nice, it arrives within 4 days of my order.
, Houston, TX -

Great for a guy
I really like this ring, I got platinum for my bride and tungsten for myself - scratch-resistant, heavy, slightly darker, and just a "manly" kind of material, if you ask me. What's tougher and more resilient than tungsten carbide? I can wear this without worries of messing it up, or losing it, for that matter. From an aesthetics and engineering point of view, this ring is almost perfect.
, Palo Alto, CA -

Great Ring
Comfortable great ring. looks nice
, CA -

Love It!
I had to exchange my ring for a half size larger, but tha process was very fast, and I love tha ring! Everything from tha color to tha weight and comfort when wearing, I can't wait to wear this ring for tha rest of my life after tha wedding. Thank you TK for being so affordable and of great quality. An added note; tha customer service I received was excellent. Tha representatives were very friendly and eager to answer my questions. I will buy again in tha future!
, Virginia -

I was extremely pleased with the quality and looks of this ring. I will recommend Titanium Kay to everyone.
, Brookston, In -

Very nice
Have received many compliments on my ring, and it certainly looks a lot more expensive than it is. Better than expected.
, NJ -

Very Satisfy
First of all... the customer service is very helpful, and they are very professional. First I ordered a size 7 but then I have to exchange for a bigger size and they have no problem exchanging it, it was very easy and they answer any question I have, and most important thing is my husband love the ring and he is not a jewelry person and he love the ring. So thanks for all your help with the ring size and advises. I will always be there customer.
, Denver, CO -

Great deal
My husband and I purchased almost the exact same ring from Shane Co., and when this one arrived I was in shock! We paid $295 for the other one and quickly returned it. He's worn it for almost a month now and it's held up great, especially being in the HVAC field. We were a little skeptical of Tungsten since it is a pressed powder and therefore brittle, but it has held up great. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends.
, Portland, OR -

Incredible Ring
We bought this ring after a good deal of research on durable and attractive wedding bands. This ring lives up to that description. It's smart, unique, strong and handsome, just like it's wearer. Very nice ring and Titanium Kay provided expeidiant and really incredible service for the complicated and revised order that we placed with them. We can't say enough good things about the ring or the service!
, Seattle, WA -

The ring is beautiful, it is a little snug on my fiance but I think the 10 would be way too big, but that is through no fault of your website. I love that I could do this online, and the price was perfect.
, San Antonio, Texas -

Great Wedding Band
We were married on 10/10/08 and I purchased your band for my husband. He loved it and so did everyone else. I does fit a bit bigger and is darker than the photos, but still a GREAT buy! Very heavy and shiny-Beautiful. It arrived as stated in a great box as well.
, Brooklyn, NY -

Quality at Great Price
Ring is heavy, highly polished, and has a darker hue (I would still call it silver in color) Good product, Great price, Outstanding service
, Virginia -

Just Wonderful!
I am so happy with the two rings I recently purchased online at Titanium Kay! They are simply beautiful! When I phoned in my order, the gentleman that helped me was so nice and friendly; you don't talk to very many people like that anymore! After we placed my order, I changed my mind with what I wanted the engraving to say and when I called back the next day, they were able to help me out, no questions asked! I will definitely buy more jewelry from Titanuim Kay in the future!! I recommend them to anyone who is looking for good service and great quality jewelry!!
, Arizona -

Perfect ring!
Tungsten carbide is the perfect ring for my fiance. It has a masculine appeal and it's scratch-proof.
, -

Great Service
Exchanging my finance's band for a different size was extremely easy and quick. This is the only place we could find the style he wanted for a reasonable price. Great product, great service!
, Dallas -

Awesome ring
Got it for my husband who doesn't wear jewelery and he loves it. I love the fact that it is durable and long lasting.
, Boise ID -

wonderful ring
he was very pleased with the ring and how it fit and looked
, cross south carolina -

Fabulouse ring
i love my ring, it fis perfect and no scratches or anything. shipping was very fast. thank you
, Ladera Ranch CA US -

Awesome Ring!!
I ordered this ring for my fiance's wedding ring and we love it! It looks amazing and we have gotten so many compliments on it. We had to exchange the first one for another size, but that was so easy to do.
, Lawrence, KS -

Tungsten Rocks!
Hi, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we love my ring. It's classic, yet tough almost unbreakable style is exactly what we were looking for in a commitment (and probably wedding ring in the future) ring! In addition, your order fulfillment was quick and seamless. Keep up the great work!!!
, Gerlach, NV -

Lovely Ring
He loves it! It is comfortable and a wonderful color. The engraving process was easy - fast shipping both ways and it looks great.
, Maine -

very nice ring
rings are just as described and very attractive. they seem to run maybe 1/4 size large. I really like mine and my wife likes hers too.
, ohio -

Very Comfortable
This is a very comfortable ring! It is a bit darker than it looks on the internet, and I found it to be beautiful. My wife and family love it as well. The comfort fit is fantastic. I work with my hands, and have already whacked it several times very hard, and it hasn't shown a scratch or dent at all. It has also held up well to several different chemicals.
, San Diego, Ca -

Great ring!
I bought this as a wedding ring for my fiance. It came really fast and is great quality. I used the laser engraving option and it came out great. The ring was done in no time at all and back in my hands before I knew it! My fiance loves the ring and can't wait to wear it once we're married. I did a lot of comparison shopping and found this to be the least expensive high-quality ring on the internet. The ring looks a little darker in person than pictured, but it is just as shiny and beautiful.
, Huntington Beach, CA -

Great value
We received our order in a timely manner and were really pleased with the quality of the item. Love, Love, Love it.
, Palm Bay, FL -

Very Patient
The experience I had with Titanium Kay has been great. Their customer service made my experience very easy and enjoyable and they were patient with me when I had to exchange a ring for a different size-no hidden fees!
, NC, US -

Great ring!
This ring is great and lives up to the billing. Showed up very quickly, is beautiful and being Tungsten, can not be scratched or damaged and I work in an area that can do some damage. Will definitely by from this company again!
, Ninety Six, SC -

Tungsten Ring
My fiance and I are very impressed with your outstanding service. We had to send the ring back twice to get the right size and we were amazed at how easy the transaction was and how fast the new ring was shipped. I also had it engraved which came out perfectly. We would highly recommend Titanium Kay to anyone looking for quality jewelry and outstanding service.
, Ventura -

Heavy Duty
I work in an automotive shop and my old ring took quite a beating and got a lot of nicks and scratches. This ring takes a beating, and keeps it's nice shine. Has a nice weight to it and a lovely nice slightly dark metallic color. I am really enjoying the ring.
, Palmdale, CA -

Wow! Nice ring! I ordered the classical wedding band for my fiancee. He works in the blue stone business and needed a ring that would stand up to the abuse. We received the ring quickly, and he LOVES it! He can't wait to wear it. I catch him trying it on often. Thanks for a great product at a great price. We are actually going to order another one a half size bigger because when it is hot, his fingers swell and the 9 is a little tight. We found the fitting to be about perfect without changing the sizes by the 1/2 that was suggested by many. I Can't wait to put it on his finger for good! I will definitly recommend your company!
, Montrose, PA, US -

Tungsten Ring
Nice fit, beautiful grey metallic color matches my rolex watch & band perfectly. Great price. Thanks.
, Birmingham, AL -

Very Happy
Thank you for the prompt service with this order. I had a great experience with this company.
, -

Awesome Ring!
Pretty sweet!!!
, Gardena, CA -

My husband's band
This is such a beautiful dark metal band. It's wonderfully polished and fits perfectly on his finger. I bought a 4mm for myself, but that's another review.
, New York -

Fantastic ring
This is exactly what I wanted, and at 1/8 of the cost of what the jewelry stores charge.
, York, PA -

Nice ring
The ring is great. I look forward to wearing it the rest of my life after I marry the love of my life.
, Ellettsville, IN -

super shiny
Great product, fast shipping, great price...would highly recommend.
, Blacksburg, VA -

Perfect ring
The ring is perfect. Just as ordered. Beautiful.
, Florida -

wonderful ring
I love the ring it will look so great on him and I have told alot of people about this website thanks
, berea ohio us -

Be careful with Tungsten
Even though Titanium Kay states that their rings contain no Nickel, they do. I ordered a Nickel test kit and it gave positive results when testing my Tungsten ring. TK will not return/refund the ring because it has been engraved. I am stuck with a ring that I am allergic to and can never wear.
, California -

Great ring
I loved the ring, it was exactly what he wanted. Just order one size smaller than you normally would. :)
, Gordon, GA -

The ring is a little darker than the picture but overall the ring is a great weight, size, and fits my husband wonderfully.
, Conneticut -

My husband and I were hesitant to purchase over the internet. We wanted something unique without paying the mark ups at local jewelers. This same ring was $400 at Robbins Bros. We are very, very satisfied with our experience. My husband purchased the 7mm CLASSICAL version of this ring and it is perfect as well. Interesting story, we purchased two sets of each ring because the first set ended up at the bottom of the Tule river. My husband's ring slipped off his finger on our wedding day. As a statement of unity, I took mine off and threw it in to join his. We ordered the new set (a half size smaller for him) on our wedding night and the replacements were on our fingers two days later! Thank you TK!!
, CA -

High Quality and Excellent Customer Service
We bought my husband's ring originally at a jewelers and he always complained that it was “uncomfortable”. He was constantly taking it off when he was at home and would wear it only when we went out. Not long ago he lost his ring and after several fruitless days of searching we bowed to the inevitable and began the hunt for a replacement. We chose Titanium Kay because it was the most affordable – it was 3 times less expensive than the local jewelers and ½ the price of anywhere else on the Internet. When I find a deal as good as that it makes me nervous especially when I realized that there was free shipping. There was no need to worry - we ordered the ring on a Sunday and we received it on Wednesday. The best part is the quality; my husband finds this ring much more comfortable than his old one and he hasn't taken it off since we received it. I have never had such an easy online order before and have recommended Titanium Kay to everyone I know.
, Tulsa, OK, USA -

Great customer service
This ring is better than I expected and the customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Titanium Kay.
, Normal, IL -

Excellent Customer Service
I love the ring and the engraving, but I was even more pleased with the customer service. No shipping fees and quick turn around.
, Seattle, WA -

wonderful ring
perfect price was awesome received ring promptly and engraving done fast completely happy will return as a customer and recommend to others!
, seattle, wa -

Lost wedding band
I lost my wedding band while water skiing and they shipped a replacement one to me asap.
, Dallas -

i am very satisfied with my purchase! its was better than i expected, and it looks more expensive than anyones ring that i've seen, and they paid wayyyyyy more than i did! 5 stars from me!!!! thanks
, fort worth, tx -

Fantastic Service
I was looking for a Tungsten ring for my future husband and came across this site. I was a be leary on ordering it because it was less expensive than the one at the jewlery store. To my suprise, the ring quality is the same, and the Service this company provides is outstanding.
, Mechanicsburg -

Most of the jewelry stores near here were asking as much as $200 to start for tungston bands. I was pleased to find it priced at about three-quarters less that price. In addition, the shipping process was quick and, most importantly, free. Thanks.
, Metro Detroit, MI -

Better than seen
I bought one for my fiancé and one for me and they are really wonderful. I was surprise when the package arrive very soon in fact in the US it only demorate 24 hours, awesome. Thank you very much.
, Naucalpan, MX, MX -

Great service!
Ordered a 6.5 and it didn't fit, returned it and got a 7 back in about 4 days. Great service! The ring looks amazing!
, Monterey, CA -

Wonderful ring/ service
Thank you so much for the wonderful ring. We are both very impressed with it and the world class service we received from your staff. Shipping and exchange was much faster than expected. Also the prices can't be beat. The ring is perfect and he will enjoy it for a long time to come. Originally we ordered a size 8, which was too big. we debated exchanging it for a 7.5, and when it finally came, it was much better and fit wonderfully. Both of us were very impressed with the quality, price and customer service from TKay and will highly recommend your website to our friends and family.
, Ann Arbor, MI -

I like it
I like the weight, the hardness of the tungsten, the shine, the color and the price. It's a good deal. I had to change sizes and the people were fast and efficeint. The ring looks good and receives compliments.
, Santa Cruz -

Excellent Quality and Customer Service
The ring arrived just as described! The overall quality was escellent! The ring was too big, and the customer service department expedited an exchange with no hassles and fast return! I would definitely buy another item from Titanium Kay!
, Winston-Salem, NC -

Wedding Band
Thank you for such a wonderful ring. I found this ring at our local mall and fell in love with it. I didn't know anything about the metal so before buying I went online and did research which led me to Titanium Kay. Your customer service is outstanding - with a quick turn around when you send an email. The shipping of the product exceptionally fast. Thank you again my fiance can't wait to wear his ring. Thanks again!
, Garden Grove CA -

Great Ring
Excelent customer service and quality, highly recomended.
, NC -

wedding band
My husband loves his ring. It looked even better in person.The service was great too.
, Little Rock, AR -

The Best
This has got to be the greates ring that I have ever had. The quality and over all look is amazing. Thank you, It still looks like I just bought it!!!!
, Colorado Springs -

Great Choice
I bought this for my husband he is a United States Marine and he works out a lot so his original ring was really taking a beating. We initially bought the 8 mm, he said it was too large. So we returned it with no problems at all and received the 6mm right away he raves about how tough it is. And I think he looks hot with it on!!
, South Carolina -

Very high quality
I first ordered the PROMETHEUS only to find that what other reviewers had said was true - the shiny bands on either side of the ring were barely visible when worn. so I tried this ring and it is perfect. Shiny - but with a darker tint than white gold or silver. Heavy, but not uncomfortable - more substantial. Fits very well and is comfortable to wear. I love that it will never be scratched. Also price....perfect. Recommended highly!
, Florida -

Wedding ring
Timely shipping, good price, perfect fit.
, CT -

The first ring i sent for got lost in the mail. I called on thursday because i needed it by sunday. I spoke with Mark and he replaced the ring, not only did it come on time but it was the most elegant ring i've ever recieved. they sell top quality rings without a doubt! titanium kay is amazing!
, San Diego,CA -

Love the color, the shine, it's PERFECT!
, Hawaii -

Beautiful Ring
Fast shipping, Great ring,Perfect fit.
, Al,USA -

Precious Ring
my precious came in a timely manner-it's a wonderful piece and I could not even bare to part with my precious even if I wanted to. Great purchase, so when I lose it sometime in the future-I will be back.
, Gainesville, GA -

Gorgeous Ring
The ring was exactly as described and gorgeous. We are really pleased with the overall service and also quality of the ring. Thank you for everything.
, Royal Palm Beach, FL -

Love it!
, Austin, TX, US -

loved it!
fast delivery & a great looking ring!! the boy toy loves it & so do I! Thanks!
, Chicago, IL -

Stunning ring. Very heavy too! Whatever size you think you need, get a 1/2 size smaller. The weight pulls it down your finger. Exchange and laser engraving service was done within 2 weeks total. Mailing back and forth and everything else. They also pay the shipping back to them. Wonderful experience! Thanks.
, NJ -

arrived quickly and as advertised
, Alexandria, B+VA -

Perfect Ring
This ring was exactly the right size, I received it 3 days after ordering it, and it looks perfect. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
, Saco, ME -

Love the Rings
We absolutely love our rings! We got them in four days and they are beautiful! Your service, quality, and prices are amazing! You have a lifetime shopper! Thank you for making our "rings of power" Wedding bands so beautiful!
, Stillwater, OK -

Wedding Band
everything went so smoothly with this ring purchase. I was extremely impressed by the great service. I have had a few rings during our 41 year marriage, but this one is the very best.
, Idaho -

great quality
I recently purchased this ring for my husband as a "work" ring! Loved the quality - the Tungsten ring was heavy and looks as if it will hold up to my husband's job as a Machinst. Very Happy both me and my husband.
, Pennsylvania -

Simple and Beautiful
My soon to be husband wanted a simple ring, something classic. When we received the ring in the mail we were very pleased. It is very durable and shiny.
, Baltimore, MD -

Excellent Ring
This ring was simple and beautiful. Titanium Kay had the best price we could find. It was a great deal! We got a half size smaller as recommened by friends and we had to exchange for a larger size. The exchange process was super fast and easy. I would definately recommend Titanium Kay to a friend and would not hesitate to use again in the future.
, New Hampshire -

Great Service
Excellent service, fast shipping and quality product. Will surely recommend.
, Miami -

awsome customer service
ordered the ring and it looked great but i was incorrectly measured and it didnt fit correctly.. returned it and had a new one less then a week later.. the total transaction took less then 2 weeks from time of purchase to recieving a fitting ring... awsome customer service will love to do business with again in the future!!!!!
, new jersey -

Gorgeous Ring!!!
Very good quality ~ Nice packaging & fast shipment!!! I'm vert satisfied with this ring and the color is a much shinier polish than most Tungsten bands~ Would most def. buy from Titanium Kay again & again!!!
, South Carolina -

best thing ever
well i am currently a mechanic in the army i wear my ring all the time whether im just doing everyday things or im out training and well i havent had a scratch on it yet and it never needs polishing just a quick wipe with even just my fnger i highly recomend this ring or any tungsten ring for anyone who wants a great looking no hassle piece of jewelry
, Anchorage , AK -

Awesome looking ring
Very awesome looking ring - my husband said he hardly feels like he is wearing a ring because it is so comfortable!
, Seattle, WA -

tungsten ring
I thought that the ring was great and my fiance loved it. Its great that it doesn't need any dipping or anything like white gold. great product. Very happy. Mailed quickly. Good price
, Mesa, AZ, US -

Awesome Ring
The ring is exactly what is on the picture. I thought it would be dark but it looks so shiny... Very fast shipping... I would recommend this website to all of my friends.
, Lincoln, Ne -

The ring is exactly what we wanted. Great quality at a low price. TK got the ring to us the next business day. When we had to send it in for a new size, they had it back to us within 3 days! I would reccomend TK to everyone!
, Florida -

Great ring, Great service
We are very pleased with our ring purchase from TitaniumKay. Arrived promptly and looks wonderful. Will definitely purchase from this website again.
, MI -

FAST ring
After i ordered the ring, I expected it to arrive in about a week. I was surprised when it came in the mail the very next day. It is more beautiful than I could have ever expected. Now I am waiting to propose with it!
, -

The ring was shipped to me so fast! I got it a day before I was supposed to receive it! Amazing Company, I will for sure purchase from you guys again! THANKS!
, Vermont -

Excellent Service
Excellent service. First ring was exchanged for smaller size at no additional shipping charge; prompt service and notification of transactions.
, -

Good Stuff
I have two rings from this company. They are gorgeous. You have to order one size smaller, but no problems otherwise. I don't care for expensive things, so the price is well worth what we paid. If you buy anything other that tungsten, you are vain.
, San Diego, CA -

tungsten wedding band
Excellent product, and even better fast shipment and great service
, Washington, DC -

Tungsten wedding bands
My husband and I recently chose Titanium Kay to purchase our tungsten wedding bands from. We couldn't be happier. It was so much easier than I ever hoped for, and the rings are perfect.
, -

Tungsten Carbide
I am very impressed with the ring. It is great, especially for the price. The low price does not reflect the superior quality of the ring.
, Midwest -

Great, manly ring
This ring is awesome ... especially for a guy who is oooober manly. The fit is perfect and so far no scratches ... it remains shiny and new looking even with 'that guy' wearing it. He loves it too and keeps showing me his hand. :)
, Oahu, HI -

great quality
The ring I purchased and received is a great quality Tungsten Ring for a very low price. The shipping was very quick and I would highly recommend Titanium Kay.
, Coxsackie, NY -

good quality
solid and durable. If you are not sure about color or finish, check the local stores for similar designs, but come back here to order. the quality from T Kay is the same for a much better price. There service and turnaround time is great too. I also ordered half size smaller for both. I went from 9 to 8.5 and fit me perfectly... However, my girlfriend's ring which went from 5.5 to 5... was too tight... Maybe the size differences that everyone mentions happens at the larger ring sizes only. T Kay shipped the replacement ring back in 3 days. I mailed it back on a Monday and received the replacement ring on Thursday.
, Los Angeles, CA, US -

My experience was terrific. From the ordering process to the product. Everyone was great. I had to exchange once, and my second ring came very quickly. I couldn't be happier. Will shop with you again.
, Atlanta ga -

The ring I received from you was great the price was the lowest I found online and the ring was perfect! I was replacing one that was lost and I paid a lot more for it and it was the same exact ring!!! And I received it 10 times faster! Thank you!
, Redford, MI -

Tungston Carbide Wedding Band
Dear Sirs: The ring which I received from my wife for our 22nd wedding anniversary, a tungsten carbide wedding band, is a very comfortable and handsome piece of jewelry. The finish is flawless, and being in the steel treating business for 15 years, I am sure the durability will far exceed any punishment I will inflict upon it for many years to come. Chuck Thompson
, Indianapolis, IN USA -

Very Pleased
The ring looks great and the shipping was fast.
, BC, Canada -

Great set of rings
Bought two of these rings, one for myself and one for my husband, because we are very tired of always having our 14K gold bands polished due to excessive scratching. The tungsten rings are beautiful and the shipping from TK is very fast. We even had to exchange the originals because we ordered 1/2 size smaller, yet needed our actual sizes and the replacements also arrived very quickly. Very pleased and highly recommend!
, -

Fast shipping great ring
I really like this ring it's dark and very smooth. The shipping was so fast I had it all done including the engraving in 16 days WOW I thought I would have to be worried at the last minute but now I have it a month ahead.
, Bend OR -

Excellent Ring
I order this one for my brother who is getting married this summer. It looks really good and traditional. Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings ring ^_^. Not as shine as the pic but it still looks really good. He loves it! He thinks I but it for $250.
, CT -

love it!
At first I was unsure of ordering online, but the process was simple! Also, I am so glad I went with Titanium Kay because the same ring was at a Mall Jewler for $200 more! I couldn't believe it! Suggestion: definately get it a half size smaller. I read that in a review and I'm glad I ordered it smaller. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE!!
, Marietta, GA -

I was a little nervous about ordering stuff online, but I got the ring in about 4 days and it was perfect! I was and still am very impressed with the ring and the service.
, Brea, CA, US -

I did what others recommended and ordered a size smaller and it worked out really well. He loves it and so do I.
, Grand Rapids, MI -

Fabulous ring
I love the weight, color, and finish of this ring. It's a great value and the service is excellent.
, Bloomington, IN, US -

Nice ring
Great look, comfortable, great price. I recommend this ring highly.
, -

Great service
I ordered a wedding band from Titanium Kay. I ordered the wrong size twice and sent it back each time. They very quickly sent the new ring each time. They provide great service and are a great company to buy from.
, Alabama -

great service
...and they had my ring size, too! Moreover, I received my ring sooner than I expected! Quality product to boot.
, Montgomery, AL, USA -

I could not have asked for more in a ring. This ring is high quality and very attractively priced. I had a titanium band before this one and did not like it because it scratched somewhat easily. The Tungsten band however is much more scratch resistant. Shipping was very quick and I had the ring within 4 business days.
, Tigervile -

Tungsten Wedding Band
Great product. Excellent and fast service. The sizes, however, are definitely 1/2 size larger than industry standard.
, Roanoke, VA -

I got a titanium "mangagement" ring from another company that is nice, but has a light-weight, functional feel to it. The engraving was scratchy and the silvery color quickly dulled to flat gray. I decided to get one of these for my wedding ring and it is beautiful. It has a substantive feel, the finish is a little more gray than in the picture, but started out and remains shiny and scratch-free. The engraving is crisp and legible. I returned the ring a few times to get the right size and for engraving and it always came back quickly and in perfect shape. I also called a few times with questions and spoke directly with a knowledgeable, helpful person each time. I order stuff online a fair amount and I would very highly recommend this ring and Titanium Kay.
, Atlanta, GA -

Good ring, but size questions
I bought a plain wedding ring with laser engraving. The ring is nice. Nice color, nice weight. The engraving was perfect. Uniform, clear, and dark enough to be easily read. Much better than the engraving my fiancee got with her white gold ring. The only problem I have with it is sizing. I went with the suggestions from other customer reviews and ordered a half size smaller than my ring size as measured in a local store. When trying the ring before engraving, that size (9.5) was still large enough that I felt if I shook my hand enough the ring could come off. So I got a half size smaller than that (9.0). That size is almost too small. I don't know if I could wear the ring on extra warm days or for any event that would make my fingers swell. But at the price I paid I am contemplating buying a second ring at 9.5 for warmer weather, and all together I would still be paying less than half of what my local store wanted to charge for one Tungsten Carbide ring. Other than a seemingly large difference in a half-size change, I had wonderful service and value.
, Washington, DC, US -

Great Job. Very Happy.
First of all let me say that the customer service is top notch. I ordered my ring too big and the turn around to get a smaller one was less than a week. Great job. The ring is awesome. Very comfortable. I have been getting quite a few compliments. I would highly recommend this ring as well as Titanium Kay. Cheers!
, Baltimore -

I could not have been happier with the service and the product from this site! My fiance and I decided to go with Tungsten Carbide because of it's durability and because gold is so expensive right now. My wedding was fast approaching so I paid extra for two-day shipping and was shocked to receive the ring the next day. I took the advice of former reviewers and ordered the ring half a size too small and it fits my husband perfectly and is exactly what he wanted. I was nervous about ordering something so important online but upon reading the reviews decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. I would recommend this site and their products to anyone. Thank you!
, Oklahoma City -

Best Deal Anywhere
I ordered my Tungsten ring from you guys for about 1/4 of the price of most other places. It was shipped to me extremely quickly, and looks great. Thanks
, Providence RI -

Excellent purchase!
We purchased this ring as a wedding band for my fiancee. He wanted something different, and not flashy. This ring is darker than it appears in the picture, which is what he wanted. He really likes, and is nw considering actually wearing a wedding band, when he wasn't planning to before. We're very happy with the ring! And we know if he ever loses it, we can just buy another at this price! It does run a bit big.
, Canada -

Nice for the price
-Alittle off in color, more dull in person, compared to website but still very nice looking -Order 1/2 smaller than you need, I did and it worked out well -This is a pretty heavy bulky ring, it is comfortable, but you need a large hand to wear this and it look nice. My husband-to-be won't be wearing it much anyway, just for the wedding and special occasions Overall, I'd reccommend this ring. Hope this helps you out!
, Red Lion, PA -

The ring was exactly as described and very satisfactory! Ordering was easy and fast.
, Canada -

The rings run a bit big but no problems with sending them back for smaller sizes. The Tungsten Carbide rings from Titanium Kay are superb! Heavy weight and high quality! We love them!
, Michigan -

Quality Piece
Absolutely beautiful! We are so very pleased! Much higher quality than any Tungsten we have seen at our local jewerly stores.
, Michigan -

Wedding Band - Great Experience
I ordered my Classical Tungsten Carbide dome band on a Saturday and it was delivered by Wednesday using the First Class USPS shipping. Upon its receipt, I noticed the ring was a bit too big so the next day (Thursday) I shipped it back to Titanium Kay (at a nominal USPS fee) requesting a size smaller. The following Friday I received my new ring...fits perfectly. Titanium Kay responded very quickly and it was much appreciated. Great experience all the way around.
, Seattle, WA -

Great ring
My fiance loves his ring. It fits well. He's not a jewelry wearer but quickly forgot he had it on when he tried it.
, -

Exactly as advertised
Whoever said this wasn't shiny enough must have been expecting chrome or something... This thing is PLENTY shiny and the fit is true to size. Nice and HEAVY and looks amazing. Be aware that the metal is darker than say white gold or platinum but it still looks great and I think the darker color is better for a guy anyway. Does not scratch and is going to be perfect for me since I work with my hands alot. Plus at this price if something DID happen to it I could just order another one. I did have to exchange the ring for 1/2 size down since the ring sizers at Target were not accurate. I went to a real jewelery store, found out I was a half size smaller and I sent the first ring back to be exchanged. A week later I had the right size so I can't say enough about the quick turnaround and great customer service here. Realize that this is not a multi-thousand dollar ring and doesn't pretend to be one but you just cannot beat this thing for the price. Plus it'll outlast those other rings many times over due to the material its made of. This is the perfect wedding band for someone who wants something inexpensive, well made, no frills and will LAST.
, NJ -

Great ring, too big
Was sized at a jeweler as a size 10. After reading reviews of this ring, went down to a size 9.5. Received the product very quickly, but was still too big. Had to return and get a size 9. Be sure to order a full size smaller!! Overall, great product. Very pleased.
, Fort Lauderdale, FL -

Love the Ring!
I bought this ring for my fiance, and we both love it! It is perfect for him. It is smooth, shiny, and pure. Thanks Titanium Kay!!
, -

great ring
the ring turned out to be perfect couldn't have asked for better sizing or quality!
, Michigan -

Exactly what I was looking for.
The ring is darker than it appears on the website, as stated by other reviwers, but I like the unigue industrial look of the metal as compared to white gold. I tried scratching it with a knife, but it wouldn't mark. I orginally ordered another ring from TK which was too big and heavy for my taste; Customer service was great, and exchange was fast and seamless. I had to order a half size smaller than my measured size, as other reviewers have reiterated this as well. I am very pleased.
, atlanta, ga -

We love our tungsten ring from TK! Amazing quality, the ring was flawless and continues to be. I will be buying more in the future without hesitation!
, Jackson, MS -

nice ring
I took your advice and got the ring a half size smaller, but shouldn't have. It's tight on my finger. But it does look great.
, PA -

Wonderful Ring
The ring is wonderful and my husband loves it. It's durable and comfortable. My only complaint is that it took 2 weeks to return it for an exchange and get a different size. The exchanged ring arrived 1 day before our wedding and I was very nervous it wouldn't make it in time.
, FL, USA -

Beautiful ring
I had to exchange it because it was to big for him and I didn't like the finish either ( you could see where it was welded). The second one that I got it was just beautiful and the color. It is just a stunning piece
, West Palm Beach, Florida -

Great ring!
I'm very pleased- the ring-sizer I got in the mail worked perfectly, and the actual ring is perfect. I haven't managed to scratch it yet, and doubt that I will. I'm very happy with my purchase.
, Dallas Texas -

Very nice!!
My husband loves his ring. He said it's perfect! Thank You. Everything went smoothly (except for me forgetting part of my address, which they promptly notified me about). I enjoyed the service and we are both happy.
, Virginia Beach -

Just right!
After some hits and misses with other styles, this one arrived in the mail and is just right! Thanks for the great customer service and wonderful product! - TL
, Florida -

tungsten ring
not shiny as expected will be returning ring
, -

Great ring!
My husband is a fireman and has gone through 2 gold wedding bands in 20 years. One wore away to a thin ribbon and the other cracked. My research told me Tungsten is the most durable ring and we were pleasantly surprised by it's sheen and beauty. My husband loves it.
, Estacada, Oregon -

I absolutely love this ring. It's a bit loose on my ring finger, but I like it so much I'm keeping it for wear on my right hand, and I'm getting another Titanium Kay ring for my actual wedding band. Brilliant. Get one.
, -

Great ring, great service
I lost my original wedding band and had to shop for something new. I decided to try Titanium Kay after seeing the nice designs and fantastic prices (compared to local stores). Not only was the ring perfect, but I needed to try a couple before I found the right one. No troubles at all. My brother also needed to buy a ring and had an equally good experience. This ring was excellent and extremely comfortable. Despite the very high polish, the metal itself is a little darker, giving it depth. Surprisingly, I've received compliments from strangers. I never take it off and seems impervious to scratching. Highest recommendation I can give.
, Portland,OR -

Great ring
Great ring, we purchased this as my wedding ring. Got it exactly the size I wanted for a great price
, Nampa ID -

beautiful ring for the price!!!
I bought this ring as a Valentines Day gift for my husband and he loved it. He wears it in place of his wedding ring. He's had the ring for about a month now and there is no visible scratch on the ring. I also took the advice of others and ordered it a half size smaller than my husbands usual size and it fit perfectly. Love it love it!
, Milwaukee, WI -

I was very impressed by this company. They have excellent prices, and excellent products. The ring is just what i wanted and just what she wanted to get me. Thank you.
, Bloomington IL -

Beautiful ring
My husband loves his new ring, it is polished and scratch free.
, -

Very Nice..
I got this ring as a Valentine's Day gif for my husband so that he had a ring he could wear to work. It arrived very quickly and packaged nicely. I did have to return it for an exchange to a smaller size and I have not yet received the new ring, but it's gorgeous ring and very classic. My husband loves it and can't wait for it to arrive. :) Thanks!
, -

He loves it!
I figured I'd take a chance on this ring and I am so happy I did. My fiance is in the military and we decided to go with Tungsten Carbide because of its durability. I had been pricing the same type of ring at different jewelery stores and they were upwards of 200 dollars. The ring is fabulous, the color is amazing, high shine, and it has a great weight. My fiance tried it on when we got it and it fit perfect and he said it was very comfortable. Super fast shipping! Great job guys! I will definately be doing business with you again.
, Philadelphia, PA -

excellent ring just as described, fast shiiping, very happy
, tampa,fl -

great ring
excellent ring just as described
, Tampa,fl -

Too Big!
The ring fits larger than a normal ring, recommend ordering one-half size smaller than standard.
, Angus, Ontario -

Indestructible and beautiful
The ring looks great and it is virtually indestructible. I had a gold ring before and it looked like hell within a couple weeks. I have done all kinds of things in this ring and it does not have a scratch on it.
, Irvine, CA, US -

Better in person!
We loved the ring. Beautiful color and classic design. I'm very careful when buying things online...but was very looked better in person!
, San Diego -

Extremely Pleased
The ring was exactly as described, if not better. It is beautiful visually, perfectly weighted, and I could not be happier. I would recommend TK to anyone who is interested in quality jewelry. My ring was sized properly, but I also visited 3 jewelers and was sized by them. Each gave me a different size reading, and I settled in the middle. A perfect fit for me. The price was unmatched anywhere else, yet the quality was the same if not better. Bottom Line: BUY FROM TITANIUM KAY!
, Iowa -

Terrific ring, excellent service
This ring is an exceptional value. I orginally ordered it a half size too big and had no problems exchanging it for the correct size. I'll probably order another ring in black for variety. Thanks TK.
, Sacramento, CA -

I am very pleased with the wedding band I purchased for my finacee. This was exactly what he wanted and after some price comparison....this was the best deal for this type of ring. If I wish to purchase any other jewelry for him in the future...I will definately look here first. Thanks!!!
, -

Sizes run large
This is a lovely ring; it is comfortable and attractive. Beware, though; this style runs a full size large. If you are sized as a 10, order a 9.
, Seattle, WA -

Great ring, excellet price
This ring beats what I have seen in jewelry stores for a fraction of the price!!! Their shipping is super fast. Would recommend to anyone.
, -

Nice heft
I love the color and the weight of the ring. This was a replacement for another ring, and I ended up needing a 1/2 size smaller than my previous ring. Also, shipping was fast, and the exchange for the smaller ring went smoothly and quickly. I'd order from TitaniumKay again.
, AZ, US -

I lost my white gold wedding ring in Punta Cana, I wanted to get find a new one that would not scratch and I stumbled across this website. I was worried about the size and style buying online and not being able to see it and try it on. Well I was 100% satisfied with Titanium Kay! They send the ring out right away, it comes with a paid return postage sticker if your not satisfied. I sent the first one back cause it did not fit and had another one in my mail box in three days! The quality is 1st class and the price can't be beat!
, Chicago,IL -

Great fit
I am very satified with this ring. The first one i ordered did not fit so i sent it back and got another one with no ploblem at all. the ring is wonderful and i would do business with Titanium Kay again.
, -

My husband loved it, thanks so much!
, Indiana -

Great Ring
I really love this ring b/c it is on the greatest guy's finger. <3
, Alabama -

We bought this ring as a secondary ring for my husband. He works with his hands so we wanted something nice when we went out. You can't beat the price. The size however is a little difficult. My husbands hand is too small for one size, but too big for the next half size. BE SURE to return it if it doesn't fit. They have excellent customer service. unfortunatly for us my hubby just doesn't have smaller hands.... overall we love it.
, Colorado -

Very Nice
The ring arrived quickly and well packaged. Be cautioned that the sizes do run big. I ordered an 8 but had to send it back for a 7.5. The customer service was prompt, friendly, and very accomodating. The quality is at least as good as similar rings but for 1/6 the price. Buy with confidence from a great company!
, -

Great ring
Great ring, right price Delivery status updates could have been a little better - indicated ready for pick-up for about a week and then showed up.
, West Chester, PA -

Awesome service
This has been the best on line shopping experience I have ever had. I had to return my ring twice because it didn't fit (I guessed my wrong ring size and was too lazy to get sized properly). No questions asked they exchanged the ring both times with no questions asked, and shipped the new ring with no shipping charge. The ring itself is great. For those who want a high quality yet inexpensive ring this is the one. It has a weight similar to platinum (which is the one I lost and needed to replace). Good for those who desire a little weight to their ring, unlike titanium which is much lighter. I have already gotten many compliments and have recommended Titanium Kay to many coworkers.
, Rancho Mirage, CA, US -

Love the ring, increadibly inexpensive. It arrived 4 days after I place the order and that was using the free shipping method. The ring was true to size. I think the other reviews where the ring did not fit just didn't get there finger measured properly. Definitely will work with K again
, Austin, TX -

Great company
Very seamless transactions, ridiculously fast shipping, and simple return policy! Needed a smaller size in another ring, which I really like better, but it didn't come in that size, so picked another; no problem. Don't forget they truly run a 1/2 size larger than most. Beautiful, quality stuff!
, Warrior AL -

Great ring! Great service!
This ring is beautiful! My husband loves it and gets compliments all of the time. And I had to exchange sizes, and it couldn't have been smoother! I recommend the quality and service to all!
, Tampa Bay, FL -

I got this ring for my boyfriend! and its perfect because hes in the army and its holding up amazingly! i love the color and so does he
, Oregon, US -

Great Ring!
I ordered this ring because I wanted something that would not look too different from my fiance's white gold ring that she wanted, but would not get scratched or dented at work. This ring is perfect! Great fit, looks really nice, and my fiance is happy with it (the most important part). I would happily purchase from TitaniumKay again and will recommend them to my friends. Thanks.
, Jacksonville, AL, US -

Very Nice
This ring was exactly what I wanted. I lost my first wedding band. Found this one and was exactly the same as my first band. Shouldn't have even told my wife that I lost it :-) Price was incredibly low too. Thanks!!!
, St. Louis, MO -

Excellent ring!
This is a very beautiful ring! An excellent finish and fit! The "comfort" fit is the best I've ever worn! I love that it's Tungsten, won't scratch as easy, nice weight, and the finish is unique!! It has a brilliant gun metel hue that is different than ordinary bands. Very eye catching. I did pre-try sizes, so I got it right the first time. Other local Tungsten rings were going for $149 and up. It's the same ring as the local jewelers were selling. An excellent purchase from Titanium Kay!!! Great service, fast shipping! :) Happy customer!
, Peoria -

Great Buy
After numerous hours online comparing products and a visit to a few local jewelry stores, it was apparent that Titanium Kay has the best deal. Great quality at a great price. Customer service is also very helpful and easy to work with. I had to exchange my ring for a half size bigger. I only wish they would offer platinum rings to their selection.
, Raleigh, NC -

Wonderful ring
Put a sizeing chart on the site to determin the sizes of your rings. Recieved a 9 but it is a little to big. Thanks
, Japan -

Love it, just possibly too big
My husband loves his tungsten wedding band! It is the most comforatble band he has ever worn. He has had three wedding bands none of which he felt was a comforable fit. He is just trying to decide if the fit should be smaller. He was possibly wanting to exchange it for a 1/2 size smaller. Is this possible? And what is your exchange policy?
, Wintersville, OH -

My fiancee wanted something durable, but not bulky. This ring is exactly what we were looking for. It's simple sleek design and sturdy construction make it perfect for any man's man. The size that came fit perfectly and we received the ring in just a couple of days. We will order from TitaniumKay again!
, Houston -

Very Nice Ring
My husband loves his ring and shows it off at work. The ring is comfortable and I don't have to worry about it being scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged when my husband is at work.
, Florida -

Loved ring
Very satisfied with the ring my husband loved it. Could not of had better service and the shipping was WOW here the next day. When it arrived I was at work and everyone could not believe the price so my co-worker had me order a different style for her to be husband. Thank you
, Vidor, Texas -

Just what we were looking for..
My wife and I have been back and forth on wedding bands. Over the years, (10+) we just hadn't found anything that suited us. I work in harsh conditions for rings and haven't been wearing a band. Metal work and automotive destroys the finish of a typical wedding band on short order. The Tungsten Carbide bands look great and are expected to hold up. They are simple and elegant with the touch of uniqueness from the Tungsten Carbide finish. She loves the fact that we wear matching bands now. Thanks!
, New Mexico -

Classic AND distinct
The ring is classic in shape and size, yet distinct in its grey metalic color and unscractible gleam. Very handome, a lot of compliments, and EXCELLENT value!
, Los Angeles, CA, US -

Great ring
Quick service and great product for a reasonable price. Can't believe how shiny adn tough this thing is!
, Virginia -

great ring
This ring is truly as I expected: it is nice, not too heavy and it fits! They also has nice customer service. The first ring was a size too big...I sent it back and within the week received a different size that worked perfectly. Thank you!
, NC, US -

Excellent Buy!
My fiance and I are extremely pleased with this purchase! He loves the ring and fit. I loved the price and the benefit of a "no scratch" metal. Titanium Kay has excellent customer service. The first ring was a size too big...we sent it back and within the week received a different size that worked perfectly. Thank you!
, Birmingham -

I was surprised at how fast it arrived and the ring looks great. I will definitely buy from here again.
, Oceanside, CA -

Greatest Ring Ever!
I ordered this ring on a Tuesday, got it on Wednesday. My husband was floored when I presented him with this ring! Its so beautiful and shiny, and depending on the light it has a darker or lighter appearance. My husband likes the weight, and it fits a lot better than his gold band. He's had it for a couple weeks and it looks just as perfect as the first day he wore it. No scratches!! I would definately recommend Titanium Kay, and I would definately buy from them again. :)
, Imperial Beach, Ca -

Stunning ring
The ring exceeded my expectations - it looks great, and arrived really quickly! Thanks!
, Toronto, ON -

Extreamly Nice Ring
This is a great ring, not to wide, not to thin, nice weight to it. Cant wait to get married just so i can wear my new rings. Titanium Kay has earned a customer for life with the great prices, great customer service, the best selection of mens rings I have seen and fast as ever shipping.
, L A -

great tungsten ring
The ring was exactly what we were expecting. Shipping was so fast, I was truly impressed. Great product, good quality and it really doesnt scratch.
, vallejo, ca -

Great experience
We bought a size too big for my husband and they were GREAT about exchanging it for a smaller size. Super fast shipping. We love the ring. It has a nice shine and a deep kind-of smoky color to the metal. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a tungsten ring.
, Austin, TX -

Great Ring
Really like it - durable and inexpensive - can't beat that combo!
, Philadelphia, PA -

I love it. My wife loves it. Many compliments from others. Excited to let others know about it.
, San Diego, CA -

Nice ring
Once i recevie'd my wedding ring it fit good and snug at first but it seems to have lossen up and the ring from the photo dont look the same once you get the ring ang look at it more closely it shows a rise'd edge on the inside that's supose to be for a snug fit well it dont but he ring is a fine one and i would order something else from this company they do have great prices on their jewerly would refer them to my friends.
, Akron,Ohio,USA -

Sexy, masculine ring!
We searched high and low for the perfect ring and found it at Titanium Kay! My husband expressed interest in getting a Tungsten ring and we went to the standard mall jewelry stores but none of them had ones we liked. We soon went online and found a sexy, masculine, simple Tungsten ring that was exactly what we wanted. The price made our jaws drop - hundreds and hundres less than anything we had seen in the jewelry stores. We ordered it and it arrived in 24 hours. It still looks beautiful and we got married a month ago. We look forward to it looking this beautiful for our lifetimes :)
, Minneapolis, MN, US -

Great Ring!
The ring was exactly what I was expecting, and shipping was fast.
, Carol Stream, IL, US -

Very nice
I'd researched tungsten rings and had decided on a simple domed comfort style band. TK has an outstanding combination of price and service; ordered late Monday night, it arrived on Friday afternoon with free shipping. The ring arrived in a small, nearly origami, box. The ring itself is pleasantly weighty, a highly polished gunmetal color closer to stainless than polished hematite. Very pleased, and recommend TK.
, Seattle, WA -

My husband's beautiful ring
I ordered the Classical Plain Dome Wedding Band for my husband, Tony. He doesn't care for fancy rings so this is the one that we both fell for. Tony is a welder so we both knew that it would be useless to buy a gold or silver ring for him but when we found the Tungsten Carbide, we knew that would be perfect. I ordered the ring and chose the next day delivery. When I saw the ring, it completely exceeded my expectations. The color, weight, and size is perfect. I have referred several people to the website and, if sometime in the future I should need to replace my husband's ring, I know exactly where I will go. Thank you for making a beautiful, quality product.
, West Palm Beach, FL, US -

Nice Ring
I ordered this ring for my soon to be husband's wedding band. It is perfect. We originally ordered a 10, but ended up needing a 9.5. The exchange process went very smoothly. You get a lot for the price!
, -

I was worried about buying online. I saved $200.00 on this ring over the retail store I was considering. I WILL buy here again. The ring is absolute top quality. The very best service.
, Portland, Oregon -

Just What I Was Looking For
I purchased this ring to replace my eleven year old platinum band in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of my eczema (a type of skin rash). Not only does my eczema seem to be better, but even if it wasn't I would still keep wearing the new ring. This ring is everything that I wanted it to be. Plain, solid, simple, and with a very bright shine that is impervious to scratches. Unlike my old platinum band, which was badly scratched before my honeymoon was even over, this ring will stay perfect for years at about 10% of the price of platinum. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people noticed the new ring. Please note that even though the metal is somewhat darker than platinum, the shine is so bright that it does not appear so.
, New York City -

Great Value
I was looking for a ring that wouldn't scratch, and was reasonably priced. This ring has exceeded my expectations. It seems impossible to scratch. Everyone thinks it's Platinum, and the price is half what other's are selling similar rings for.
, Staten Island, NY -

Shinning Rin
this ring is awesome after my wedding day we were moving out and no matter what happens to the ring dosent get scratch simply awesome.
, Dominican Republic -

Great Ring - Exceptional Price!!
This is such a beautifully crafted, high quality ring for a truly unbeatable price. My fiance and I found this same ring at a local jewelry store for $500!! Imagine our surprise when he found it here!
, Charleston, SC -

Very pleased! Supreme quality, fast shipping and $150 less than retail! Keep up the good work TK. I will be back! A company that backs up the talk! Rare these days.
, -

Extremely Happy With My Ring
I'm very happy with the look and quality of my ring. I also want to say that shipment was very fast. Thanks again Titanium Kay.
, Reno, NV, US -

loved it
The price can't be beat. Great quality. Loved it!
, UT -

Doesn't get any easier
Received it quickly, and it's great!
, San Diego, CA -

Just what I was looking for...
I work with my hands a lot and my last ring was scratched beyond repair. When I lost it I decided to upgrade technology to tungsten carbide. I've been wearing this ring for a month now through yardwork, moving furniture, and racquetball and there's not a scratch on it. Just give the ring a quick wipe with your shirt and it's shining like new. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the ring from both men and women and am very satisfied with my purchase.
, Seattle, WA -

Great Ring
Exactly as described and can't beat the price
, -

Just Right
This ring is just what we were looking for. My Husband works with his hands and wanted something that would not scrach and was strong. He really likes how the ring fits and the price was unbeatable.
, Montana -

Tungsten Carbide Men's Plain Dome
Excellent quality, good company to work with
, Chicao, IL -

Inexpensive! Great Deal!
My fiance and I went all over the Cincinnati area to find an inexpensive engagement ring for him to wear until our wedding (I have my own diamond engagement ring that I wear as well). Everywhere else wanted $150-$250 for the same material/style ring. This was such a great deal and a wonderful ring. He loves it! Thanks!
, Cincinnati, OH -

Absolutely GREAT
I ordered my ring on a saterday and recieved it on a Monday, how awesome can that be. It is just how it was described, and the same ring the local jewerly store had for $209, here just a fraction of the cost. Love the ring perfect fit. Would diffenently do business with again. robert
, Bristol, TN -

Very pleased
This piece has a classic elegance and looks great on my fiance's finger. It arrived very quickly, and we are both very pleased with this selection. Thanks, Titanium Kay!
, -

very nice
The first ring I purchased for my husband was slightly too big. We had absolutely no problems getting it exchanged for a smaller size, and the turn-around time was quite short. He's had the new ring for about 3 weeks now, and so far so good! The ring is beautiful and he loves the fit. Thanks so much!
, NC -

Love it!!
I initially ordered a size 10 1/2 ring. When it came I could immediately tell it was too big. I returned it the next day and in about a week got the replacement (size 10). Thank you for your promptness. Dr. Hirsch
, Mt. Kisco, NY -

Great Ring
The ring looked great and was at an even better price
, -

Tungsten Carbide Band
Ring looks great but it was a half of a size to small. I have exchanged it for one that fits. Thanks.
, New Orleans, LA -

Great ring, even better service
I got this as a wedding band, but it turned out a bit big. They did a great job of exchanging the ring for a smaller size. As for the ring, it's exactly as advertised. I haven't been able to scratch it yet, and it looks simple and classic.
, -

wonderful ring
the ring is beautiful. and you guys shipped it very fast. i'm very happy with it. it is a surprize for my husband to be, hope he likes it as much as i.
, reno, nv -

Wonderful ring
This is the second ring I have gotten from Titanium Kay and they both have been wonderful and exactly as pictured/described! If I ever need another ring I will look here first! Thank You so much!!!!!
, Bedford Indiana -

Very nice ring
Thank you for a wonderful ring,I really like the quality and the price. Customer service was wonderful and the delivery was fast.
, Sacramento,CA.US -

The ring is perfect and arrived in two days. The one thing I was unhappy with is the box it came in-- not really great for presentation purposes. The gift box looks great on line but it is made of cardboard. I ended up buying another box for the presentation.
, Los Angeles CA -

Great Deal
A great ring.
, Columbus, Ohio -

Men's Band... only men
I ordered this ring for myself and my wife trying to match the rings. The service was excellent, the sizes were correct and the rings were really nice. But the rings were too thick, and on my wife's hand it really didn't look right. If you like this style and you are interested in matching the rings, you may want to look for a matching ring set. This is a men's band.
, FL, US -

Too thick
The service was really nice, arrived w/in 3 days after placed the order. Nice color, however the ring was too thick. Returned the ring, and credit reimbursed. If you like this style, you may want to ask about the thickness b4 placing your order.
, FL, US -

Great Deal
I tried to get another site ( I think it was) who had a price match guarentee to match the price and they said they weren't able to because the price here was below there cost. I think the ring is the same however, and it is very nice.
, Danville, PA -

Loved It
I was alot heavier than i had expected but it was exactly what he wanted. It came in the mail very fast and easy. Thank You
, Chincoteague VA -

Gerat buy!!
The ring came in about 4 days, and was just what we wanted. The size was perfect.
, -

This is a great ring. I got sized at a local jewelry store and saw they wanted $200.00 for a similar ring. The polish is perfect. I like the weight and width of this ring. I have to admit; I tried to scratch it when it first arrived to no avail. This ring is Awesome, and I have more money in my pocket for our honeymoon :) I love telling people it's properties and for how much. It's a man's man ring.
, Cary, NC -

Absolutely Perfect!
I received my ring last week and have been wearing it daily (and nightly) since it arrived. It's comfortable, fits perfectly, and, more importantly, it's absolutely beautiful! I am thrilled with my purchase. Your customer service was amazing - responsive, quick and helpful - and I will not hesitate to send friends and family to your site. Thank you for a great online shopping experience and for a well-made, high-quality ring!
, Kitchener, ON, Canada -

good product, good service
I ordered the ring, it came to my house in the time that was told to me, and the product was as expected, it was a very nice looking and feeling ring. it didn't scratch at all, just as advertised. unfortunately it was a size too small, so I kindly asked if it would be possible to trade this ring for the CORSAL Tungsten Carbide Satin Men's Wedding Ring in a different size, they responded to my email in under 4 hours and gave me the return address. about a week later, I had my new ring. great customer service and great ring
, ATL, GA -

Just we hoped for
The ring was just what we were looking for! We were pleased with the quick service and help when we discovered the first ring was too small. With just a note, we promptly received our exchange. We will certainly recommend your site to friends.
, IL, US -

Awesome Customer service
We ordered a ring, the ring was half a size bigger, we shipped back, right away they exchanged and shipped back the right size, no burocracy. Highly Recommend
, Los Angeles CA -

Great Ring
The ring is awesome. It was shipped fast! Thank you so much. Can't believe what we paid for it through you. The jewelry store around here wanted $300.00-$400.00 dollars for the same ring!
, Owasso,Ok -

Perfect ring
Beautiful design, great fit, extremely durable and forever polished. It is perfect. Keep up the good work.
, Exton, PA -

I love it!
I can't believe I'm so excited about jewelery, but I love this ring. I tell everyone about it. I had my white gold wedding band for about 2 years and it looked awful. It was completely scratched up and very yellowish (and it cost more than double this ring). I held off on doing this review until I've had it for a few months because I wanted to make sure that it really wouldn't scratch. And I can say that I don't have a single scratch on it and it looks as good as the day I got it. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for scratch resistance and I also like the slightly darker color as compared to white gold.
, Cincinnati, OH -

Very Happy
The exchange for a larger size was easy. Very happy with the quality of the ring. $300 cheaper than at the store where I bought my original platinum ring. My orig platinum ring has bent twice and gets scratched all the time in only 6 years of use. Hoping this ring will suit my active lifestyle better.
, VA -

Great Ring!!
The Ring is wonderful, greater than I expected. I would recommend to everyone. I was very pleased that it hasn't scratched yet either. The titanium ring we bought 2 years ago scratched in the first day that he wore it. Very impressive!!
, Grand Island, NE, US -

Tough Ring
When looking for a ring, I wanted something inexpensive yet strong and durable. When I saw the tungsten rings I knew they were the one for me. I did some research and found some more info I liked about it. Tungsten carbide is 4 times stronger than titanium which means the only thing that can scratch it is a diamond. However, Because of that strength it is difficult to engrave or resize. which is okay with me. I hope this review helps.
, Corpus Christi, TX, US -

Perfect Ring
We saw this exact band at the jewelers in a local mall, and it was going to cost about $200.00. We saved almost 150!!! It's the perfect fit..and I recieved it within 2 days. I highly recommend Titanium Kay to everyone!
, -

This ring was way more than what I was expecting. My fiance has been wanting one of these for the longes time and I couldn't believe I found it for such a reasonable price. It was a little heavier than I expected, but over all its just beautiful and we are both very happy with it. Thank you!
, St. Augustine, FL -

Great Wedding Band
I'm very impressed with this ring. The size is perfect and I love the weight of this ring (compared to lightweight rings like titanium). I love that it can take a beating, and I've tested it too! Took a metal file to this ring and not a single scratch. Guys don't really talk about each other's rings, but others have asked me about this one. It's awesome.
, Honolulu, Hawaii -

Great service
Professional, Fast, the ring looks even better than the picture! Will buy from Titanium Kay again for sure...
, Quebec, Canada -

beautiful ring
The ring was great!
, Georgia -

I ordered via Google checkout on Sat with 3 day shipping, and received it on Tuesday. Thanks UPS! The ring is every bit as good as the $300 rings that I tried on at the local jewelry stores. The Tungsten Carbide is holding up perfectly- zero scratches after three weeks, and I even worked under the hood of a car for a few hours today. I've been checking periodically for dings and scratches, but every time I see something, its either a piece of dust or a smudge of whatever material the ring was hit against. In either case, it just wipes right off, with no damage to the ring! Thanks!
, Caledonia, MI -

This ring is great. I recommend it very highly to anyone looking for a sharp looking ring or for someone who works with their hands a lot and needs something highly scratch resistant. Thank
, Fairfax, VA -

Great Service
Thank you so much for the fantastic tungsten wedding band. My fiance is so happy with the look and feel of the ring that he's been wearing around the house b/c he can't wait until the wedding! It was recommended that we order a 1/2 size smaller b/c of the tungsten, but when it arrived and it was too small, the customer service representative responeded promptly with next steps and we received the correct band within a week - very efficient service! Thank you.
, Santa Fe, NM -

Love it
First of all, thanks for the great customer service. I had to return the first ring because I had ordered the wrong size. I received a replacement very promptly and my emails were also responded to quickly. The ring itself is gorgeous: smooth dark grey sheen with a nice heft to it. My husband absolutely loves it. I test-drived it for a day before surprising him with it, and may I say that it was very comfortable and did not feel at all too bulky even on my tiny fingers (I wore it on my thumb). I might get one for myself since most rings annoy me and I rarely wear them. My husband likes the coolness factor of it most and the fact that its one of the most durable material out there and gives him something to brag about. Definitely a great purchase and the best place to get it in my opinion for a decent price.
, Pittsburgh, PA -

Exceptional Service
I ordered an inferior ring from a local jewelry store more than a month before my wedding. I called them the Tuesday before my Saturday wedding and I was told that it had just been ordered and would not be in by the wedding date. I rushed to the computer and searched for tungsten rings and the Titanium Kay website pops up. I wanted a tungsten ring from the start, but they were too expensive at local stores. On Titanium Kay I found the perfect ring for the perfect price. Not only that but I ordered the ring at about 2:30 PM Tuesday and the ring arrived at my door by 1:30 PM Wednesday. Thats less than 24 hours from when it was ordered to when it was delivered, and even with the extra next day shipping charges it was still less expensive than the inferior ring I had ordered from a local store! Thank you Titanium Kay for helping my wedding go off with out a hitch!
, Iowa -

I had been looking for a durable wedding band for my husband for awhile and then I came across this website. I ordered a ring and it was perfect in everyway! My husband is in the army so it's amazing that it still has its beautiful shine and not one scratch! We love it! He loves the darker color and the weight of it. The size was right on. Thanks so much!
, Texas -

We wanted to order a Tungsten ring for my fiance' because he's big into rc cars, cars, airplanes, etc. He's used many drill bits that were made of this material. It's a manly man ring. I absolutely love the color and wish I could have gotten a ring in that color myself. The best thing about the ring is the fact that you can't scratch or scuff it. He's hard on his hands, at least I know the ring won't show it as well!
, Acworth, GA, US -

Wedding band
Chose this for my husband, he loves it. It is very scratch resistent, just like they say about it. And they shipped it to me really fast. : )
, Portland, OR -

Perfect Price/Quality Ratio
Pros: looks great - seemingly outstanding quality - price!!! - good site... Cons: fairly hefty - maybe good or bad, but it's a little heavier than other metals - tiny bit bulky - it is a little bit thicker than other metals... Overall: i am extremely pleased with my purchase! the cons are more of a 'heads up,' then actual complaints...and the pros definitely make it a solid purchase...
, South Dakota -

great little ring
I was a bit skeptical at first after trying on rings at my neighborhood jewelry store. How could Kay offer the same type of rings at such a discounted price? I literally saved a few hundred dollars and got exactly the type of ring I wanted! Thanks a million!
, Philadelphia,PA -

ken was great. first, i sent in the wrong address, then i sent in the wrong size, but he was so patient and kind to me. when we finally got the classical tungsten men's band, we were delighted with the purchase. we love the dark, gunmetal grey and the durability. he's worn it for about a week and a half, and not a single scratch! that says a lot, as he ships granite for a living. thanks to the company for all their hard work, especially ken, for the time he took to deal with my "crisis." i would absolutely buy from titanium kay again, especially since the ring i got here for about $50 costs over $300 in jewelry stores and isn't as heavy or dark. great value AND great service.
, arizona -

very satisfied customer
One afternoon, I placed an order for a classical tungsten carbide dome ring. The order shipped that same day and I received it very promptly. Overall, I am very satisifed and would defintely buy from Titanium Kay again. I read other reviews where people raved about the cool box. I was not too impressed with the cheap foam holding the ring in the box. I put the ring in an old box from another ring before giving it as a gift. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for T-Kay. Their prices and selection are both good and the ring is wonderful.
, Frostproof, FL -

Great price for a fabulous ring
I was very impress to find such a great price on this amazing ring. I've been looking for something different for my Husband to be wedding band. Something simple yet elegant, with out breaking the bank. With this ring I found everything I was looking for and more. I just could not believe my eyes. It took me a couple of tries to get his ring size right and TK didn't hesitate or charge me extra shipping for all my returns. I would order from them in a heart beat. Gladys
, Champaign, IL, US -

I've got to admit, I'm impressed!
I had decided on Tungsten before I found Titanium Kay, but I'm certainly glad I didn't get it from anywhere else. The prices were so low compared to local jewelers that I was a little suspicious of the quality. I was pleasantly surprised. Just a couple of days after ordering my ring, it arrived safely inside its slick packaging. I don't usually rave about things in reviews unless I'm very impressed – but this ring is beautiful. No blemishes of any kind, very smooth and best of all, comfortable to wear. The weight is fantastic - feels like a Platinum ring, and for that matter, it looks similar to Platinum and actually matches my fiancé’s Platinum band quite well. I can’t make any judgment of Titanium Kay’s customer service or warranty service, as I haven’t had to use either of them. What I can say is that the ring looks just like it does on their site, it arrives safely and quickly, the price is ridiculously affordable, and the quality is fantastic. If you’re shopping around and know you want Tungsten, stop looking for a better deal. You’ve found it.
, Vernon, NJ -

Great Service
Great Service Wonderful ring!! We are both so pleased with everything about our experience with Titanium Kay! Thanks for such a great job and fast service!
, Smithfield, NC -

Great Ring
I ordered a Tungsten Carbide ring, the finish, and appearance is excellent. The 'comfort grind' on the inner edges is well done. The ring not only looks excellent, but wears very well.
, Juneau, AK (USA) -

Great service!
The tungsten ring I ordered arrived in less than one week, looked great and fit perfectly! Would definitely order from Titanium Kay again!
, San Francisco, CA -

Fantastic Ring
I am very pleased with the ring! (Tugsten Carbide) Excellent price and service
, London -

Very Pleased
Ring arrived in 4 days after ordering. VERY NICE ring for the money! We looked at a local jeweler who wanted $200 for the same ring. I would definately order from TKAY again.
, TN -

Great Service & Product
Thanks so much for your great service, in returning the ring for a smaller size, and the super fast shipping! We (Myself and my fiancee) Are very happy with the ring we purchased from you. My fiancee thinks it's extremely comfortable, and loves that it won't get "dinged" up! Thanks Again Alanna
, MA -

Wonderful ring - wonderful price. Exactly like the ring at the local jewelry stores.
, MI -

Very nice ring
I am very pleased with the quality of the ring that i bought. Shipping was prompt and the ring was exactly as i expected
, Sascatchawan, Wisconsin -

good service, odd sizing
I ordered this ring, size 10. Ring recieved very quickly, was much larger than the standard 10's that my husband had tried on. I exchanged it for a 9.5, which also came very quickly but was also larger than expected. Customer service was wonderful but there was not time to exchange again before the wedding. The ring was beautiful, sizing was just OFF
, -

Very good quality
The ring arrived in a nice package, which hinted at the quality of the ring itself. I had my friend (who sells jewelry for a large retail chain) look at the ring. I asked him how much I could expect to pay. He said around 300! This is a great deal for such a nice ring.
, Cabot, AR, US -

tough ring
I work with my hands all day as a contractor and inspector. My family heirloom wedding band (gold) was getting scratched and dented and wearing thin. We purchased this as a "work" wedding ring, and I have been very happy with the results. I have yet to see a scratch, and doubt I ever will! It should be noted that this is definately gun metal in color- a dark grey metallic. It appears much brighter silver colored in the photo. Over all, a great price for a great, hard working ring!
, Texas -

Comfortable, no scratches while doing bench pressing.
, Torrance,CA -

My husband is in the field of auto mechanics and can be pretty rough on rings. When I started shopping for his ring, we both agreed on a white gold look. He has a problem with bending rings made of gold so I feared that we would not be able to find the right ring. I finally found this website and the perfect ring. We were told by jewelry stores that tungsten rings would not look like what we wanted. They were shown to us in a rather dull color choice. I was delighted to see the high shine and beautiful look of his ring when it arrived. My ring is white gold and they are a perfect match! Thank you so much for providing a great looking ring that will last and with a great price to fit our rather small budget. I have already recommended this site to all my friends!
, VA -

Love the ring
I wanted a classical mens band. This one is beautiful. Service was outstanding. I will do buisiness with you again.
, Ohio -

Very Nice Ring & Great Value
Very nice, it looks wonderful. Since my ring was a gift I had to guess the size, and it was too big and I exchanged it, the process was very simple and it took maybe a week and a half to get my new ring. It's still very loose, I'd recommend ordering a size smaller then what your normal size is.
, Newark, DE -

Excellent Product
Arrived unbelievably in four days from the US, Product was just as ordered, and fits as sized. Would use the company again. Keep up the good work.
, London, UK -

great ring but wrong size
the ring looks just like i thought it would be. its great but i bought the wrong size so i ordered a second one
, germany -

Great Service
Ring arrived quickly. I ordered the wrong size and had to return the ring. The replacement arrived a few days later. Fantastic service.
, Raleigh, NC -

Beautiful Ring!!!
My husband just loves his new wedding band. He says it is very comfortable and good looking! He needed something strong and comfortable for work and this was the kind of ring we've been looking for. The price is great too! It was a pleasure buying from Titanium Kay - Thanks
, Murfreesboro, TN -

Excellent Ring
Thanks so much for offering a beautiful, quality ring at such an affordable price. We priced the same ring at the jewelry store and it cost $325. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for great jewelry at a steep discount! Jim and Deni McCarthy
, Reading, PA, US -

This ring is absolutely beautiful!!! This company has fantastic employees who go out of their way to satisfy their customers. I give my warmest thanks to the staff at titaniumkay. Definitely will recommend to others
, GA -

I bought this ring for about a third of what was quoted by my local jewelry store. It seems quite absurb in how some jewelry stores price their items. I highly recommend titaniumkay.
, Modesto, California -

great ring
the ring i ordered is beautiful. great service. ring arrived very fast. would recommend to enyone
, louisiana -

Tungsten Carbide
Great ring at a great price. Our local jewelry shop has a similar ring, but it was $400, and it needed to be ordered. Titanium Kay had mine to me in 2-3 days.
, Huntsville, Al. -

Excellent Ring
This ring was to replace my lost original wedding band. It came just a few days after ordering, looks great and had a great price!
, Granger, IN -

Great Service
I purchased my ring after looking for a replacement for several days. I found the same ring that had been offered on several sites at more than double the price. My ring was delivered FAST and as described. Very good service at a very good price.
, Burbank -

great price
This is really a bargin. I bought this exact ring for my husband a year ago for more than double the price I paid at titaniumkay. Amazing!
, ND -

Good Prices
Realistic prices for realistic people Cool Deal!
, new orlean -

Thank You
Got this ring just in time for my husband's birthday. The price was very reasonable.
, -

fine so far
So far so good but I wonder about the sizing. My fiancee went to a jewellers and had his finger sized as 9.5. The first ring I ordered was a 9.5 and was way too big. I exchanged it for a different style in 9 and it is still too big.
, -

This ring rocks!!
Love the simple design, and how it fits comfortably on my finger.
, Pasadena, LA -

great price
The best price for this classic dome style, i really appriciated their fine service. Thank you again
, san francisco -

good deal
My husband bought a same ring from before with a price tag of 3X . Even though their services were excellant, I still feel that this site has a lot more reasonable prices. I still cannot understand why prices between web-sites differ so much. Sweet salesmanship costing 3x for a ring? My advice, shop around before buying. A lot of times, you can get the same items for a lot less.
, -

Good stuff
Excellent price on a nice tungsten ring. The size I ordered was 1/2-size too big and exchange was no the smaller ring within a few days.
, Topanga, CA -

Very Happy
We're very happy with our purchase. It got here in time for Christmas...fits fine and was a very reasonably priced replacement for the one that was lost.
, FL -

I'm very pleased with the ring, and the price was incredible. Thank you for getting it to me before Christmas!
, -

Very satisfied
The ring has a nice heft and a comfortable edge. Sizing was dead on. I like the dark mirror finish of the Tungsten as well. Delivery was right on schedule. I have no complaints at all.
, Oklahoma -

My husband and I are extremely pleased with the ring as well as the outstanding customer service!
, Abilene, TX -

Great Price & Service
I wanted a Regular Domed Tungsten Wedding band, & the local store(s) wanted double the price I got from Titanium Kay. The local stores needs 6 weeks to delivery the ring & I didn't have that amount of time. I got in 2 days from Titanium Kay. After placing the oreder I reread my order form and noticed I had forgotten to select 2Day mail. I call the site & they added it, no problem. I have suggested this to my friends getting married in the near future, and would you this website again in the future.
, Washington, DC -