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How to find out his/her ring size Secretly? The digital way

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Presenting surprise ring gift

"This is for you."

"Oh my gosh...."

"Try it on."

"It's perfect..... how do you know my size?"

Searching for the best method to guesstimate

While picking the right ring style is definitely the most important, getting the size wrong would just make your surprise proposal less than perfect. We know how important it is to get as close as you can to the real finger size. But what if you don't want to ruin the surprise by asking their friends and family. And you can't get a hold of their rings to take a measurement. Also, you find going by shoe size, weight & height or average finger size is too inaccurate. Look no further, we have found a solution for you.

Let go of the past, embrace technology

Technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, except for this "surprise engagement ring planning", until now. Wedding rings monopolised human hands for thousand of years, but smartphones are taking over quite aggressively. With our "digital sizer", all you need to figure out a person's ring size is a picture! Quite simple right! You just need to follow the below steps..

STEP 1: Secretly take a picture

Take a picture of your partner holding a phone without him/her knowing. Make sure the ring finger is not obstructed and you can see directly at the back of the phone, not at an angle.



TIP: Remember to mute the phone so that the shutter sound of the camera won't blow your cover.

TIP: Make sure the shot is facing the phone directly.

STEP 2: Get the dimensions of the phone

You may either measure it physically or do a search online. For instance, if your partner's phone is an iPhone X, Google the term "iphone x dimensions" and you will see the dimensions listed at the top of the search result page. However, if a phone cover is used, you will have to measure it with a ruler to get an accurate size.

STEP 3: Load the picture

To launch the tool, click on the "Launch Digital Sizing Tool" button at the bottom of this page; a "choose file" dialog will pop up. Change the location to the picture folder, which is usually located at "Internal Storage > DCIM > Camera". Then, choose the picture you took in STEP 1. You may change to a different image at a later time by clicking on the "Choose File" button.
TIP: Although the tool works on most phones, we recommend first transferring the picture to a desktop computer so you could work on a larger screen to get a more accurate result.

STEP 4: Enter the dimension

determine ring sizeEnter the dimensions of the phone in the text box, and then choose the unit, in MM or INCHES.

STEP 5: Zoom in

Use the + button at the top-right-hand corner to zoom in to the phone. Try to zoom in as much as possible.

STEP 6: Move/Rotate/Stretch the bars to match the phone and finger

Drag the blue bar over to the finger, rotate it (with the square handle) and stretch it (with the triangle handle) to match the position at which the ring would sit on the finger. Then position the grey bar to measure the length or width of the phone. Now the estimated ring size will be displayed.

determine girlfriend's ring size

TIP: Align the edges of the blue bar with the edges of the finger.


Expanding the idea

Any other object would work in place of the phone. If you have a picture of your partner wearing a Fitbit or holding a mug, that would also help you get a good estimate, as long as you can measure it. Just make sure the shot is facing the object directly and is NOT tilted. Also, the reference object should be at the same distance from the phone as the finger you are measuring.

without her knowing

Final thoughts

As with any tool, this tool takes practice to master. We suggest that you practice using the tool on people whose ring size is already known to you. Here are some ideas on whom you can test the tool.

  • Yourself
  • A friend
  • A celebrity

Since Selena Gomez's ring size was already mentioned here, we grabbed a selfie of her online to verify that she is indeed a size 6.

You should always keep in mind that nothing replaces trying on rings in person. Though this tool offers another way of estimating your partner's ring size, you should not commit to a ring that could not be resized or that is sold by someone who would not exchange it to a different size.