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Your Wedding Stationery Checklist

Beside the selection of your wedding rings and attire, your wedding stationery is one of the most important and memorable parts of your wedding. There are several different items that are part of the wedding invitation suite which stationery printers call a “wardrobe.” Depending on the size and formality of your wedding, you can choose the elements that are right for your special day.

Save the Date Cards

This is the first “official” announcement of your wedding day. It doesn’t have to match the invitation and it’s often sent as a postcard. It must have the name of you and your partner, the wedding date and the words “formal invitation to follow.”

The Wedding Invitation

Your guests will use the invitation as a guide to your wedding. It should have the names of the hosts, the bride and groom, the day of the week for the ceremony in addition to the date, time and location.

Enclosed within the outer envelope of the invitation are:

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Usually the groom's parents are responsible for this invitation and it doesn’t have to match the wedding invitation.

Wedding Programs

These small bound booklets with the couple’s names on the front are used as wedding keepsakes. They include the date of the wedding, the names of bridal party members and their relationship to the bride or groom and the order of events.


A menu card is used at each setting for a formal, seated dinner at a banquet table. For individual tables, you can have just one menu at each table. They should include a description of what will be served and a list of beverage choices.

Seating  Cards

These tell guests at which table they are seated. They should include the person’s name and table number.

Table Cards

Are placed on each table with a name or number to help guests find their seats.

Place Cards

Place cards tell guests their assigned chair, usually this is place at the head of each place setting.

Favor Tags

The tags include a personal message, the couple’s name and the wedding date.

Thank You Cards

Used to respond to early gifts, and to thank your bridal party and the person who hosts your bridal shower. These notes have the words “Thank You” printed on the front and include a handwritten note inside, along with your new address if you are moving.