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What the Best Dressed Grooms are Wearing in 2011

The choices for men who are planning to marry in 2011 have changed dramatically in every aspect from their attire to wedding rings selections. Wedding fashion trends change from year to year, but for decades in the past, men had only a handful of choices when it came to the type, style, design and color of what they would wear on their wedding day. Thankfully, in addition to the traditional gear, there are some fashionable alternatives in all of these categories.

The type of attire the groom wears at a wedding is dictated by the time the marriage ceremony takes place as well as the formality of the bride’s attire. For daytime weddings, the choices for the groom’s suit has never been greater with a wealth of new cuts and designs from contemporary to classic styles.

The most important part of your style is that it fits to avoid embarrassing moments during the wedding ceremony or at the reception. Choose your suit in accordance with your body type; whether you decide to rent or buy be sure to have your measurements taken and wear your wedding shoes for exact pants hem length which should rest at one-third of the shoe. The measurements should be for your waist size, the inseam, chest and for muscular men; the upper arms and thighs should be measured as well. You want to be sure that your suit jacket fits comfortably enough to give you freedom of movement as you will be greeting guests, receiving hugs and dancing the night away with your partner and wedding guests.

Traditional wedding etiquette reserves the tuxedo for formal or black tie evening weddings. However, even in this type of wedding there is good news for the groom. World famous designers are now lending their talents to men’s formal wear and the new takes on dinner jackets, military tuxedos, cutaway morning coats and elegant suit selections is beginning to rival bridal gowns.

Designers such as Armani and Valentino have received rave reviews for their head-turning styles in the new color palette of chocolate, tinged grey and navy blue. Details are everything and these suits have them from all from satin piped lapels to fabric covered buttons. What a groom wears under his jacket is just as important, embroidered shirts instead of ruffled, vests instead of cummerbunds and long, luxurious ties instead of the bow tie are the hot commodities to complete your wedding day look. Adding the finishing touches can include cufflinks, tie tacks and pocket square will put you in the class of the best dressed grooms of 2011.