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Refreshing Wedding Trends for 2012 Grooms

One of the most interesting developments for grooms-to-be in 2012 is regaining the confidence to be true to themselves as men. For quite some time, wedding planning has been the domain of the bride, her family and friends.

However men deserve to enjoy the wedding celebration as well as be responsible for the purchase of the wedding rings. Now they are involved with everything from the ceremony to the reception. Here's a look at what the grooms of 2012 are doing:

100% Male Bachelor Parties

For the past two years, the "bonafide" bachelor party has begun to re-surface after years of being tucked away out of sight. Men are beginning to enjoy the attributes that testosterone provides and making no apologies for it. Today grooms-to-be are thoroughly enjoying the full spectrum of activities befitting a man who is about to settle down with one partner.

More often now the best man arranges for all the bells and whistles that will make the night full of male bonding, revelry and activities that send the groom off to married life with a smile on his face. The grooms-to-be of 2012 has reached a balance point between being in-touch emotionally with his partner and himself. After years of almost apologetic behavior for the presence of the 'caveman' within persona, men are now taking their masculine qualities in stride.

Strictly Classy Attire

While colorful weddings have been popular for some time, not every man has been excited about the prospect of wearing a pastel colored wedding suit. More often nowadays, men are opting for immaculately tailored tuxedos accessorized to the hilt. There is no lack of choices for informal weddings either, in this case men are choosing designer suits in classic black, navy or charcoal grey.

Meat and Potatoes on the Menu

Traditions are strong motivators when it comes to wedding receptions, and the menu is no exception. With the increased focus on health, there has been a shift to lighter meals that include fish or vegetable entrees. However red meat such as lamb and steak are making a comeback to satisfy a man’s hearty appetite.

The Groom's Cake

The groom’s cake is also becoming more popular and the groomsmen are enjoying their own version of the activities that were once only for the brides cake such as wedding pull tokens for good luck.

In general grooms are beginning to enjoy the process of getting married a lot more than in the past. Choosing wedding rings for themselves that are just as elaborate in detail as the brides and even wearing engagement rings are now commonplace.

For certain, there are men who still prefer not to deal with the details of organizing their wedding day, but more frequently now couples who plan to wed approach the task with an equal share of the responsibility to make it a success. The groom’s participation in the process ensures that a good time will be had by the men and women alike.