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Wedding Reception Trends: Smaller is Spectacular

When you begin planning a wedding one of the first questions that couples have to think about is:  "Who will be on the guest list?" It's quite natural to want all of your family and friends to be there, but with the cost of everything rising, few couples can afford the cost of accommodating and feeding hundreds of people. Especially when you consider the fact that today, families often live very far apart from each other, attending a wedding can be an expensive venture for many people. Selecting your nearest and dearest is one way to make sure that everyone has a marvelous time.

Reception food is notoriously expensive and the cost alone does not always guarantee high quality food. While there are many choices available in large cities, sometimes the selection is limited in smaller towns. When it comes to a wedding reception, the food and entertainment are the main attractions. Doesn't it make sense to go to a place where their main concern is excellent food and a relaxing atmosphere?

So what to do? Many couples are choosing to hold small, intimate receptions at restaurants that have a reputation for excellent food. Many restaurant owners will arrange the seating to allow for a band or DJ stand and dancing. And your guest will be treated like royalty during your private party.

Small wedding receptions give you several advantages; both you and your partner will be able to spend more quality time with each of your guests, you will be able to be more relaxed and show off your wedding ring which is always one of the first things people want to see up close and personal.

Choosing a restaurant that is in tune with your wedding theme makes it easier to turn your wedding reception into a spectacular event. Couples who want to celebrate in style without spending a fortune can have the best of both worlds by choosing to focus on the quality of their reception rather than the number of people attending.

Once your wedding band is on your finger, the last thing you need to worry about is how you will manage to meet every person at the reception. An intimate reception at a high-quality restaurant can ensure you have a day to remember, without the stress.