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The Wedding Planning Website Meets Facebook

The use of a wedding website for couples has now become a standard item on the planning checklist of items needed to make the event a success. It simplifies organizing of all the vital elements that you want for your wedding and this makes it easier to make decisions. However as great as this idea sounds, it has been made even better by using elements of social media. The Wedding "Pre-Party" brings together Facebook-style elements to introduce not only members of the bridal party, but invited guests as well.

There are lots of reasons why the process of wedding planning can become a nerve-wracking experience no matter how simple you intend for your wedding to be. Some of the issues that have been the catalyst for many a nail-biting session is: will your wedding guests get along well? Using this new twist on the wedding website, everyone who will be on hand to witness you give and receive your wedding rings has a chance to become acquainted weeks in advance of your day. This feature alone can go a long way to preventing the dreaded wedding day drama that results from personality clashes.

There are practical reasons why it makes sense to take the time to organize your wedding information in this format. You can instantly update information that is relevant for your bridal party or guests to know. Tracking your Bridal Registry "Wish List" is a breeze and you can even show off your wedding rings if you like. Plus you have access to exclusive, money saving deals that reduce your overall expenses.

For the couple who has a large circle of family and friends, the wedding pre-party concept gives them the opportunity to step up and pitch in when something needs to get done or upload information that can help you and your partner with a sticky detail.

Speaking of details, the number of guests who fail to RSVP by the requested date can be reduced by allowing them to confirm their attendance right on your website. You can also post important links for travel and accommodations for the wedding guests from out of town.

The open format of your wedding website is valuable to bring everyone to the understanding of how you and your partner want your wedding to be. Sometimes your closest family members get so swept up in the emotional aspect of your upcoming marriage that they have a difficult time remaining objective about the motivations for your choices. On the other hand, not everyone is on top of the latest trends and here again the input from others in your social circle can be a valuable asset.

Probably the most important feature for couples who use a wedding website is that it can be accessed via any mobile device. This means you can post and retrieve information directly through your Smartphone from wherever you are. Explore the advanced features of the Wedding Pre-Party service and enjoy planning your wedding.