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Wedding Favors Share Your Happiness and Good Fortune

The announcement of an engagement is the beginning of whirlwind events and organizing details for the wedding day. With the general feeling that "true love" is hard to find, it's easy to see why marriage celebrations have always been associated with good fortune.

When two people are "lucky in love," the wedding favors they give is one way they can share their good fortune and send a bit of happiness home with the guests who attend their joyous celebration.

Choosing your wedding favors is just as important to the theme of your celebration as your attire, wedding rings and invitations. Every aspect of your marriage ceremony becomes a precious memory and this is the essence of what yours should convey.

More than just a memento, they have a significance just as other  marriage traditions. Centuries ago, delicious confections were tucked inside a small porcelain or metal box  called a "bonbonniere" and sent home with the wedding guests. The five pieces of candy or sugar almonds represent the five wedding wishes of fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity.

Today in addition to sweet confections, couples use many traditional and modern symbols. For example, in Irish traditions, the horseshoe, shamrock and pot of gold are considered lucky symbols. In Asian culture Buddha, cherry blossoms, bamboo and the elephant represent good fortune. In America, many feel that love is a "gamble" and when they hit the "jackpot" they use poker chip or "lucky seven" dice favors.

But of all the favors related to luck, it is the ring itself that holds the highest place. There are thousands of them crafted with this universal symbol of love and eternity.

A replica of an individual ring or a pair of rings can provide the perfect accent for the simplest wedding favor: a charming way for your guests to carry home as a bit of luck and remember your special celebration of happiness.