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Wedding Attire: The Ultra-Formal Tailcoat

For grooms today, the choices in wedding attire has never been greater; from tailcoats to tuxedos to formal suits there is a style to "suit" every preference from steampunk to classic traditional. And speaking of traditions, some couples are choosing to go luxe, with ultra-formal evening weddings that allow them to really pull out all the stops when it comes to the way they dress to celebrate their marriage. For the man of the hour, the attire is the tailcoat.

While today's trend is toward a "dress-down" attitude, a wedding celebration gives you license to dress "to the nines" and in wedding attire, that translates to mean a distinctive design with attention to details. The experience of wearing a tailcoat along with the accessories that make it sparkle is unforgettable.

In the book: "An Introduction to Gentlemen's Clothing of the Regency Era" by Lord Scott, the tailcoat is described as "the de rigueur article of clothing" for men of society.

In its classic design, the tailcoat could be either single or double-breasted; it was cut to be high in the back of the neck, fitted in the back, chest and abdomen. What made this article of clothing distinctive were the long "tails" at the back of the jacket and the wide “M notch” lapels. In addition, the front of the tailcoat was cut high so that even when the jacket was buttoned, the waistcoat could be seen.

It is no wonder that this design was the standard for groom's attire for years and today is still considered the epitome of being well-dressed at formal events; the attention to detail extended to fabric covered buttons for a completely polished and classic appearance.

Over time, this design has been modified in hundreds of ways, yet this version remains the one that stands out as the unique interpretation of style that can be accessorized to reflect the groom's personality.

This traditional formal attire makes an incredible impression as you say your vows and exchange wedding rings; it underscores the importance of the moment like no other. And for the reception, if you are planning a wedding "ball," the tailcoat is the perfect way to enhance your appearance on the dance floor, adding a flourish to your steps and providing an elegant profile for your wedding pictures.