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Unisex Wedding Rings for Every Style of Marriage

As one would expect in a new century, the concept of marriage is evolving and the jewelry designers of wedding bands are keeping pace. When you want to wear unisex bands on the day you marry, you have a greater selection of styles to choose from than ever before. From the ultimate in elegance to heart-warming simplicity and charm, it's easy to find beautiful designs that can be worn by either gender.

This is a fairly new idea in jewelry designs, especially in wedding jewelry which have traditionally been distinctively created with elements that are either feminine or masculine, even in the classic gold ring; the woman’s ring is created at a narrower width than the man’s ring. Creating a unisex design is an exercise in balancing these two elements so that they work together harmoniously.

Today, the array of choices has expanded in the way they are created and the materials used to bring the design to life as well. Jewelry designers are using more than the classic metals and jewels in their unisex designs; titanium, ceramics, tungsten carbide, and cobalt chrome, are all being used today to convey the meaning of commitment.

Designers have also moved beyond metals and have used innovative techniques to incorporate leather, wood, black zirconium and mokume gane along with rose, white and yellow gold, palladium and platinum to produce fantastic variations on the theme. The aesthetic appeal of these rings almost supersedes the fact they can be worn by men and women alike.

Rings accented with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and the semi-precious stones such as garnet, have been joined by a dynamic new contender cubic zirconia which presents the diamond with the most viable challenge to date. Since its introduction the technology to produce this man-made jewel has advanced rapidly, causing it to gain broad public appeal for its remarkable similarity to the sparkle of a genuine diamond. Cubic Zirconia is available in virtually every hue of the rainbow as well as dramatic black producing a breathtaking effect when set against the gleam of titanium.

Couples today who are searching for an extraordinary symbol of their commitment for their wedding day may be overwhelmed by the outstanding number of titanium and tungsten carbide unisex wedding bands for their selection but are sure to find the perfect complement to their 21st century marriage.